30 Bananas a Day!

Hey fruity friends!

Do you have any advice/experiences with probiotic supplements (or other, natural sources) for rebalancing gut flora?

Has Dr. Graham ever talked about this issue?

I've had a long history of anti-biotics usage and could really use some healing guidance! Thanks!

With love, DJ

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Hi DJ,

I was using a capsule pro-bitoic for years but much prefer raw organic sauerkraut that I pick up at the HFS now.

I add it to my supper salad instead of adding a dressing. It is TRILLIONS of good bacteria opposed to billions.

If I come off anti-biotics, I will switch and take it first thing in the morn on an empty stomach for a week as to replenish my intestinal flora.




Awesome advice, thanks Mack!

Are there any particular sauerkraut brands/products you might recommend? Most of the ones I've seen contain added salt etc...

With love, DJ

Also, are there certain fruits that are especially good for pre/probiotics? Thanks!

You can make your own if you have time/inclination, it's just easier for me to buy.

Something local at your HFS...read the labels.

I buy a little local brand.


Thanks Mack! :) Much love!

I recently heard from several trusted sources that swallowing a tiny amount of feces (placed in a capsule) from a healthy individual is the best way to replenish gut flora.

Not a step I for one am willing to take, lol

Why not?

It's easy, free and fast.

lol, rawbert!  you're so bad!  ;)  30BaD that is! :D

I know Shell.. but thanks, it's good to hear it sometimes!!! :)

Did you try it? If not, please try and post your expirience.

Can you post the sources please?

Where do you find really healthy individuals today out of 30BaD?

On the street? "Hey Babe, you look so healthy and sexy... could you please... fill this capsule with a tiny amount of  your ..feces"?

I guess you'll never get a kiss in your life again, if you swallow it and tell it to anybody ;)

And i I guess this topic would be a nice rant for Harley ;)

There's no point for me to try it because I don't have any gut issues, but I wouldn't hesitate to try it if needed.

Here's one of the links, go towards the bottom:


The other one was either Dr. Greger (nutritionfacts.org) or Dr. Graham, I'll post the link if I find it.

Of course I'd ask a 30bad member to donate the sample! :)

People eat crap all the time (even raw vegans, bacteria poop) and they are still kissing so I don't see a problem there..:)



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