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Can you believe this rubbish?

I commented - hope it is published.

Richard Wrangham has an interesting theory, however he is favouring the size of our skulls (equated with brain size) over the quality of our health.


The traditional Hunza people ate 60% of their diet as vegetables and fruits, most of which was raw and avoided degenerative disease. Conversely, our modern culture is based on cooked food and the most common
cause of death is degenerative disease. Our nursing homes are full, hospitals
overflowing, mental disease is growing - yet none of these events was linked to
eating cooked food by him, only the size of our cranial cavity.


In the natural world, animals eating 100% raw are far healthier than modern man. Indeed we are the sickest of all species.


Raw food contains enzymes needed for digestion, along with heat-sensitive and health-giving vitamins but all of these are destroyed by cooking.  The enzymes in raw food
break down the food in the upper stomach for 30 minutes then the food enters
the lower stomach where the enzymes are destroyed.


Raw foods also contain bacteria and other micro-organisms that affect the immune system and digestion by populating the digestive tract with beneficial gut flora. 
Bacteria assist in digestion yet Prof. Wrangham says the bacteria are
taking our energy from us.


Prof. Wrangham seems to be suggesting that a raw-food diet means we have to eat chimp food - fibrous, dry and bulky - but we don’t. There is a plethora of wonderfully nutritious food that does not require chewing for
6 hours a day.


Experiment for yourself and see what works. I am 100% raw and feel much better than when I was eating cooked food. Elimination, complexion, immunity, energy, emotional balance all improved. Many studies have
been done on the effect of raw food on diabetes 1 and 2, fibromyalgia,
rheumatoid arthritis and so on. As a race we would be a lot healthier on a raw
especially vegan diet. Bone loss is more likely on a diet high of acid-forming
animal products.


As for human’s evolution, I question that we are evolving at all. As for being the brainiest species, I question that too. We are the only species wrecking the planet single-handedly by causing the 6th Mass
Extinction of all Species. It’s time to drop the anthropocentric philosophy
that puts man at the top of the food chain. It’s time for a shift to a
biocentric philosophy if life on Earth is to survive. The most sustainable and
compassionate diet is a plant-based diet and a raw-food diet gives the most
energy. So far all the people I have met on a raw vegan diet are vibrant,
energetic, healthy and spiritually awakened.


Prof. Wrangham says cooking is a social activity. I disagree, eating is a social activity as usually only a few people do all the cooking. At the rate of eating processed and cooked food the next most social
activity will be gathering at funerals and around hospital bedsides of our
dying relatives and friends.

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Great comments!

There's plenty of different theories as to why we developed our intelligence. Cooked food is only one of many theories, let's keep this in mind. the 'cooked' theory promoters make some good points, but so do the promoters of all the other theories. check out "man the hunted" for an alternate theory, and my favorite - "the red queen" by Matt Ridley
"man the hunted" is excellent
And check out "Left in the Dark" re: fruit, greens, and brain growth / consciousness


Good book. I've got a hard-copy. Don't know if there's really any difference between mine and the linked-to online version.

Some criticism of Wrangham's (cooking made us human) ideas: http://www.ecologos.org/wrangham.htm

Also, check the few other threads already made on this matter.
Nice! forgot about "left in the dark"! I gotta check that one out.
Any links for those Bart? Thanks.
I don't know if they exist as Ebooks, but you can find both books on Amazon.com.
here's a garbage truck to take out the "rubbish" menkit:
(provides some alternate theories as mentioned by bart)

and this is one link to man the hunted:

in friendship,
Prof. Richard Wrangham is the most extreme anthropologist out there on the subject of cooking; his estimate for when cooking was adopted does not fall within the consensus estimates of most experts. He dates it around ~ 2 million years ago, so that it can conveniently coincide with the tripling in brain size in human's ancestors, whereas most experts put the adoption of cooking at < 1 million years ago, typically around 50,000-800,000 years ago, depending on the person. My suspicion is that it occurred around 200,000 years ago because analysis of bone shows a large and negative change in diet around then, and then that this eventually enabled humans to spread throughout the African continent (by 150,000 years ago) and later the migration out of Africa (70,000 years ago). There are a lot of holes in his theory (I've read his book and some of his research studies), and I don't buy it. Unfortunately, he puts out most of the information on cooking that the media publishes :(

Menkit Prince, this is such a wonderfully written. Thanks you!!!



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