30 Bananas a Day!

Primal website has photo of Freelee and calls her poser

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Called Fruitartian Insanity.




Snippet from comments


This is Freelee. She claims to 'eat up to 50bananas a day' and even has a youtube video about it. What a poser chick!


Yes, they really DO eat 30 bananas a day (or pounds of dates/mangoes/durians/oranges) and then they wonder why their teeth start falling out, LOL!



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Eating fruit to me I am most sane. But I have a friend who if she doesnt eat greens she feels dizzy. I feel that way about fruit.
Anyways I see some friends from GITMR commenting. But you know what its cool. We have to let live. If we all thought alike we'd all be cooked foodists.
Anyways Freelea looks good in the photo. It speaks for herself. She doesnt have to say a word. Just look at her/
That guy must be real insecure with his own diet if he feels the need to be a hater of other people's diet choices. If he was perfectly happy with his own diet he wouldn't even feel the need to judge.
What a joke. I posted
You know that the general consensus was? "Well their pictures don't actually look bad...." No one could admit that we look anything but healthy!
Let them eat their dead animal carcass. They'll suffer in the end.
Exactly. They're just jealous because Freelee is hot as hell.

"I'd punch this guy in the chest, popping some ribs into his organs" WTF? Yeah... maybe if you could catch him, which isn't likely in this lifetime.

Want to talk real life? In a real tribe, "this guy" would be the hunter running down the Gazelle, while your dumb-ass is back at camp gathering rocks for the fire pit and sharpening his spare spear.

These dogmatic asshats are the exact reason I never hung out in the MDA forums. I like Mark and some of the other primal crowd, but I've never seen many of them in these forums either.

Surprised these morons haven't thrown me under the bus there yet. They think just because they bought a some book they are a tough caveman. Bah-Ha-ha! I'm waiting for the day they comment on my pussy boyish appearance. Shouldn't be long.

This battle of the diets is total BS to me. The real war should be against processed food. My 2 cents.
This battle of the diets is total BS to me. The real war should be against processed food. My 2 cents.

you should understand, most people on this site, including myself, believe in vegan first and foremost before raw or even whole foods
Ok, sure. That's your thing... and thats cool.

I guess I just don't understand the personal attacks.
I remember what poser is, its punk rockers from the suburbs who drive to NYC on the weekends and think they are tough
Freelea is one of the most attractive women ever
It's a really good pic of Freelee, which kind of disarms whatever negative point they're trying to make.

Who wouldn't eat 50 bananas a day if it made you look like that?
Haha yeh I am a poser! More attention the better, I need to thank them for the free advertising.

Thanks for the support guys & gals :)

That was great what you wrote Tarah :D



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