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Hi Guys,

I just wanted your opinion on the seasonal flu vaccine.  I work in Occupational Health at the hospital and our flu vaccination programme starts next month.  We are supposed to encourage as many staff as possible to be vaccinated and be vaccinated ourselves.  I have been given the flu vaccine for the past 5 or more years and am now unsure I want it.  My manager said today how bad it would look if one of our staff weren’t vaccinated and then got flu so I feel slightly pressured to have it, plus the questions as to why I don’t want it.

What’s your view, what are the risks?  Obviously we don’t get told any of the bad information as we are selling it.


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I will never get one.
Apart from the horrible crap that goes into them (& def not vegan), everyone I know who gets one usually gets the flu anyway.
Do your research, in the end it's YOUR body, but my take on it is: poisoning yourself to make the group "look good" isn't doing you any favors.

How long have you been vegan/raw? Have you been sick at all? Just curious because all of the vegans I know here in Australia have made it through winter without an illnesses, while everyone else seemed to be dropping like flies..

I wouldn't inject myself with poisons. Just look up the toxic crap that is in vaccines.

And to any vegans that are vegan because of animal cruelty, you'd be surprised how many animal and human things go into vaccines.

If you're 100% raw, it's totally unnecessary. I haven't been sick in 6 years now, even when around lots of sick people, including kids. If you're not 100% yet, you might still get the flu.


my friend got the flu shot last year and she got the flu  

frack flu shots  its scam to make coin and its known not to be effective

Thanks, I doesnt sound good but I wouldn't want to get flu either.  I'm vegan raw til 4 at the moment and vegetarian 14 years but wasn't consuming a great deal of fruit until the past 6 months.  I'm probably still likely to pick up illnesses like flu but maybe thats preferable to the long term effects of a vaccine.  It's something I always feel torn between when it comes to vaccines, you'd never know the long term effects either way until you do it and by then it's too late. 

It's very ineffective and only contributes to the more rapid mutation of the flu virus, thus creating more severe flu. It's just making things worse for the sake of profit.

my flu vaccination is 10 oranges a day     worked last year for me live in new york city   lots of flu last year here

did you ever read the ingredints? mercury lead etc etc etc hahahaaa all that weard f up ur genes or somthin :) tooooooooooo funny haha went passed rite aid yester day and they gota sign up says flue shota all day everyday had me crackin up :) lots of people drop dead from thoes :) i would rather b shot then be shot with monkey balls bahahaaha :) dont do man monsanto got rape seed in them and it will rape you guaranteed :)

There is a major increase in Alzheimer's risk later on if you get the flu vaccine 5 years in a row or more. Flu vaccine is very ineffective

I just thought I'd give another side to the story. I am in the military and am REQUIRED to get the flu vaccine. I'm younger and in good health, so I actually get what is called the flu mist (a nasal spray). The flu mist is a live culture. This one does not have the egg ingredient that the traditional shot has. (I only did some basic research on flu vaccine ingredients. I do know that the US has a new formula this year in the nasal spray for younger, healthy people). That said, I NEVER get sick. Of course, I eat healthy, but the flu vaccine doesn't make me sick either. Being in the military, I'm around a lot of people that are required to get the same vaccine. The only people that get sick from the vaccine, are those that are conviced they will. They mind is very powerful. And if you do actually get sick from the vaccine, you have a pathetically weak immune system to begin with...

For me, just because we like to eat raw and keep things natural, doesn't mean we should completely shun scientific advances, like vaccinations. I get all my vaccinations, and then some(!), because of the military. But guess what? I never get sick. Neither does anybody else I work with. Be smart. The flu does get around, and studies do indicate that those people that are vaccinated are LESS LIKELY to get the flu. Nothing is 100%, but statistics don't lie. Here, on this forum, you will never see another answer like this. Everyone is going to respond in the negative, as they clearly have in the previous comments.

Now don't misunderstand me, I am definitely not ADVOCATING for the vaccine. I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and actions. But I think a counterargument is always the best way to really see both sides of an issue.

Thanks for that Peter, great to read stuff that comes from someone that knows what there talking about



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