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Timothy Ferris just released the 4-Hour Body and I received two free copies because of a submission I made for the book (that didn't get included).


WARNING - on page 74 He has RULE #4: Don't eat FRUIT.


His main argument is  "Fructose is converted to Glycerol Phosphate more efficiently than all other carbohydrates.  Glycerol phosphate --> triglycerides (via the liver) --> fat storage."


What say ye about this?  I'm asking because my clients will be bringing this up for sure.

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Hi Lucas. I look forward to hearing what others have to say about this. But this is what I know. I only know of me and one other person on this forum who had elevated triglycerides. There maybe others out there or there may not.

I'm of average weight, was sedentary for a few months even though I have been eating 100% 811rv. She is very thin and walks 5 miles per day and does yoga but said that she did not do vigorous exercise that would break a sweat. We both learned that we were low in vitamin D when we learned we had elevated triglycerides. Also we both ate about 2000 calories per day. Not sure if eating lower calorie ranges has anything to do with it. It doesn't sound like it should.

We both consulted with the same doctor and he was not concerned because our overall cholesterol was within range. I'm still eating 100% 811rv and taking vit D supplements and exercising now and I'll see what happens in the Spring.

Hope this helps anyone else who may experience similar issues. 

BTW: I was reading about triglycerides, HDL and LDL and was wondering if some of the expected numbers should not apply to 811rvs. If anyone has more info on this, I would love to hear it. It seems that HDL escorts cholesterol back to the liver to be processed which is why it is considered "good" cholesterol for people who are ingesting cholesterol. LDL escorts cholesterol from the liver to the body. If an 811rv person is not ingesting cholesterol, then that 811rv's liver will make the needed cholesterol. Should it be normal for an 811rv to have more LDL since food is not a source of cholesterol - the liver is? So an 811rv would need more LDL to escort cholesterol from the liver where it's manufactured to the rest of the body. Also, triglycerides are fats that are produced from carbs. Many health sites say triglyceride levels go up with a diet that is more than 60% carbs. They say that if a person's BMI is 28 or higher their risk factor goes up for having high triglycerides. However, my BMI is lower than 28 and the other person on this forum who had high triglycerides definitely does not have a weight problem ... hmmm ...
people who consume less saturated fat, trans fats, dietary cholesterol and animal protein should have lower cholesterol overall including LDL. like I said there's rare cases of people having both high cholesterol or low cholesterol in spite of what they eat, but for most people this is not the case. I think ultimately the greatest concern is not how high or low the numbers in your lipid profile are but whether you eat a healthy diet and live right, or not. if you're doing everything you can to live heathfully and your numbers aren't perfect you're still a lot better off than someone who eats like a garbage can and has a total cholesterol of 150.. these numbers are just biomarkers, they're not guarantees for good or bad health necessarily.

Thanks for this info, Mmmamey and B.

I may fit Mmmamey's model regarding HDL and LDL levels.  My cholesterol total is ok(160) and triglyceride ok(114) but my HDL is low(36) and LDL high(101).  These levels were after four months 100% lfrv with bmi of 22. I've been at least vegetarian since birth, vegan last 10 years.

don't worry about your HDL. Caldwell Esselstyn's patients typically have HDL below 40 mg/dl, and of course they are heart attack proof. when your total cholesterol goes down so does your HDL. I wouldn't be too concerned about the LDL either, if you're eating & living healthfully your risk for CVD is probably exceptionally low.
BTW, recent tests have possibly shown the same thing for me regarding Vitamin D and triglyycerides.  At the end of last  summer, my Vitamin D level was 70 and trigs 114. Now at the end of winter, Vitamin D is 39 and trigs 191.  I had reduced workouts over winter and had blamed higher trigs on that, but now I'm thinking Vitamin D is responsible.
Thanks for sharing the possible correlation chuckster. I'll keep that in mind when getting blood work. I'll let you know if I have similar results.

good question lucas, off the top of my head, first off as you know if we consume more calories from carbs than we burn (through body heat, activity, w/e), TGs will go up because they are largely used as a storage form of energy. In addition to not exercising/being fit, age may be a factor here. there seems to be a tendency to more easily put on pounds as we grow older.. this suggests to me that we may burn more calories as heat when we are younger, and tend to store them as fat more as we grow older. this assumption is built into most formulas for calculating our caloric needs. this may be more pronounced in some people than others. in any case, we tend to need fewer calories as we age.


Eating large meals may cause TG to stay higher for longer periods of time.. eating fewer smaller meals throughout the day is what tends to help here, that is not consuming way more than your body needs at any given time. I suspect this may be related to fitness levels as well.


then there might be rare instances of genuine metabolic anomalies, which may be related to familial hypercholesterolemia, i.e. those who eat a great diet yet still have high cholesterol. high TG can contribute to high cholesterol, which is why I wonder if these conditions may be related. these people may be more prone to a fat storage metabolism due to genetics, or who knows may metabolize fructose differently than the rest of us. people with high cholesterol in spite of what they eat only compose a small portion of the population, though, so these and possibly those with abnormally high TGs are the exception and not the rule. if someone had all the factors I've mentioned here going against them (and possibly more that i may have overlooked) it's understandable how this could happen, and if they make appropriate changes they'd likely experience improvements. in any case, you're always better off eating and living healthy even if your genes have it in for you.

"Fructose is converted to Glycerol Phosphate more efficiently than all other carbohydrates.  Glycerol phosphate --> triglycerides (via the liver) --> fat storage." <--I just wanted to point out that this is also very oversimplified. Fructose metabolism replenishes glycogen before it produces triglycerides and goes to fat storage. If you are being a fruity active being, this will never be an issue to begin with because your body will always need to replenish glycogen in your muscles. Fructose is also the best form of sugar for this glycogen replacement as well. Glycogen is what your muscles use for energy, it breaks down quickly into glucose, which is the fuel ALL your cells live on. Having a lot of it immediately available is essential to high athletic performance. This explains why LFRV people experience faster recovery, their muscles are getting refueled more quickly due to the fruit, but it also emphasizes why exercise is so important for success too.


Fruit is not composed solely of fructose either, but the fruit-fear-mongerers out there like to conflate the two. I agree that high amounts of fructose (especially without the natural fiber and vitamins and water and all the other good things whole fruit contains) can cause problems for anyone eating a diet high in animal fat. I'm guessing Ferris is one of those people. 


That said, I'd like to point out that all studies on fruit consumption (done with SAD eaters, naturally) have a positive health correlation, even the people who do eat a lot of animal fat benefit from the vitamins, minerals, fiber, water, fructooligosaccharides, etc ad nauseum that fruit provides in a measurable way.

The author is clearly fruit-phobic and goes against what all health authorities say.


However, I did have slightly elevated triglycerides in my last blood test in November. I also was working a lot at a sedentary job between August and November and not exercising much during that time. I'm back to being active again so I'll see if my triglycerides go down.


BTW: I never had elevated triglycerides until now. So it was a first. I'll let you know if they go back down when I get my blood test taken again in the late Spring / early Summer. BTW: I've been 100% 811rv since May 20th.



you should be fine now. if you were a sedentary SAD omni consuming the same amount of fructose as you do now, gram per gram, but from soft drinks, donuts, brownies, etc., your TGs would be through the roof, as would your cholesterol, blood glucose, insulin, IGF-1, estradiol, etc. vegos/lfrv tend to have higher metabolisms than SAD folk, simply by virtue of what we eat, which is why we can eat more (of the right things) but weigh less.

Is that followed on page 75 with -

RULE #5: Don't listen to me because I just write this stuff for mammon 4 hours a week and don't actually live it.    ??

A healthy system will utilize said glycerol phosphate to produce triglycerides in just the correct amounts needed by the body.  'Over'production of triglycerides simply won't occur unless perhaps you're a SAD-eater with your regulatory systems out of whack.


DIZZY posts - because the answers aren't always black and white



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