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Timothy Ferris just released the 4-Hour Body and I received two free copies because of a submission I made for the book (that didn't get included).


WARNING - on page 74 He has RULE #4: Don't eat FRUIT.


His main argument is  "Fructose is converted to Glycerol Phosphate more efficiently than all other carbohydrates.  Glycerol phosphate --> triglycerides (via the liver) --> fat storage."


What say ye about this?  I'm asking because my clients will be bringing this up for sure.

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I personally don't know how anyone takes this guy seriously, this is straight from the Amazon page product description:

* How to prevent fat gain while bingeing (X-mas, holidays, weekends) 

* How to increase fat-loss 300% with a few bags of ice 
* How Tim gained 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days, without steroids, and in four hours of total gym time 
* How to sleep 2 hours per day and feel fully rested 
* How to produce 15-minute female orgasms 
* How to triple testosterone and double sperm count
* How to go from running 5 kilometers to 50 kilometers in 12 weeks 
* How to reverse “permanent” injuries 
* How to add 150+ pounds to your lifts in 6 months 
* How to pay for a beach vacation with one hospital visit


The entire list just screams total bullshit.

Eating nothing but McDonalds food for 30 days resulted in Morgan Spurlock gaining 24 pounds of fat, but gaining 34 pounds of actual quality MUSCLE in only 28 days (or 4 hours of actual gym time) sounds so unrealistic that I'm suprised that anyone would put their reputation on the line by making such a claim. 


Are people really so lazy that when they hear someone claim that they can be fit without having to exercise or eat right they want to believe it so bad that they willing suspend critical thinking to the point that they accept it as truth? 


I personally am at the point where the last thing that I want to think about is working out only a fraction as much as I currently do.   Exercise is something that I have grown to love and cherish and the idea that I could workout far less often and still be getting the same results simply doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.   Exercising is the best benefit of exercising, just as eating tomatoes is the best benefit of eating tomatoes. 

Too quick to judge dude, the informations been available for ages on how to put a lot of muscle on and do it quickly. You can view his own results on his website, and if you think thats unrealistic you should check this out: -

http://www.musclenet.com/coloradoexperiment.htm - its pretty crazy, but just goes to show whats possible.


This itself is goal specific, and if your not looking to add a load of
muscle really quickly then you just wouldn't read that chapter. Another
section of the book is dedicated to strength training and involves a
lot more gym time, theres also sections on running, swimming, injury
prevention, sleep and more, so theres pretty much something for everyone.
Wow, I love that Colorado experiment link.  You seem to do a lot of reading and research and I really enjoy your posts.  I'd like to find out how to do something like that on my own as I have really weak legs and would love to add some muscle to them.
Its not really controversial, its been replicated

Has anything like 2+ lbs of muscle gain a day for 28 days as claimed for Casey Viator been replicated?


The experiment and replication uses healthy diets, not steroids, supplements etc, right?


Arthur Jones was an amazing guy regardless.


Your missing the point entirely. People are able to gain a tremendous amount of muscle mass in a 28 day period without steroids yes. Casey Viator was an experienced bodybuilder who had already attained that mass previously, so gaining like 45lbs of muscle is unrealistic for most, unless you have previous bodybuilding experience. Gaining 20-30lbs is not unrealistic.


'Healthy diet' or not is completely irrelevant, that totally misses the point. Read the Tim Ferris link below. If you don't want to believe it's possible, thats your cool with me.

The claim is 63 lbs of muscle mass in 28 days, not 45.  Of course 45 is impressive as well.


20-30lbs is unrealistic as well.


If there are links to the replication, I'd like to see them, especially to see if they used an accurate bodyfat method.


Of course one can put on good muscle gain in a month.  But what does 'good' realistically  mean for a normal fit person?

Ah so it was 63lbs, I just looked at total bodyweight gain. It's been awhile since I read this :) Even more impressive when you take into account the fat loss.


20-30lbs isn't unrealistic. It is for the lfrv, but its not if you follow the guidelines and you know how to lift weights correctly. For someone who's never lifted weights before jumping into this program isn't a good idea because your dealing with such heavy weight. Spending two weeks learning how to lift is important for everyone who hasn't done this previously (and for most people anyway because few people know how to lift weights safely).


The Tim Ferris link below is a start for replication, I don't have other stuff at hand and I'm not searching through forums again. The information is available if you wish to look, and there will be people in the comments section who have tried it. Also bare in mind that everything in the 4-hour body was tested with other people aswell as himself.


Muscle here is described as 'lean mass'. I don't really understand why so many find it hard to believe

Thanks for the discussion and links, Ste.

My pleasure dude. A lot more info will be available on this soon because the books become very popular very quickly. There will be plenty of further testing and a more accurate average lean mass gain will probably be up about in a few months time - aswell as plenty of info on how not to do this from people who experience problems or undesired results :)

Aww cheers Noa :)

It's gonna be hard to put a lot of mass on following this diet, but still possible. There are some things you need to be aware of though - like getting your testosterone up if you want mass.

Exercises would be goal dependant. For just strength I'd recommend calisthenics, and build up to pistol squats, but for size and strength, deadlifting and barbell squating will get you there fairly quickly - maybe 3 months to add some good quality mass on this diet (then once your there take up calisthenics until you can do pistol squats, and after that focus of which ever you prefer or start adding weight to the pistols). Strengths not all that hard if you know what your doing - never train like a bodybuilder for strength - but adding mass aint easy.

Check these out: -




This book is really good, honest! lol.

Otherwise, Pavel Tsatsouline and Mark Rippetoe (especially Starting Strength if you wanna weight train), are great authors to begin with. If you want to send me an email I'll do my best to answer any questions. :)



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