30 Bananas a Day!

How far along are you?

Is this your first pregnancy or what?

What are your pregnancy rituals or habits at this phase in your pregnancy?

What are your plans for birth, etc.?

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Also - the point of all this advice is to start thinking and researching, which, it seems you are already doing, so congrats!

Try to think about things from a naturalist perspective - why would you eat pond scum? Because that's what sea veggies basically are. Powdered or dried, maybe you'd eat them with other foods. But would you ever go get some out of our questionably safe waters and eat it? Nope.


For DHA, like with the fish oil supplementation advice - why would you eat a fish? I mean, physically/mentally - why? And especially during pregnancy. You would never go into the ocean (or river, if we are talking about salmon or something similar) and catch a fish, a slippery scaly fish, and kill it, and start eating it. The scales would cut you. You'd have to create a tool, slice it open, and either eat the insides raw and bloody (and viscerally repulsive to humans), or create fire (a huge task, actually) and put the fish into the fire. ALL those calories you spent getting that fish as food? Not worth your time. Eating some foraged plant foods would be much more calorie-effective, and would suit your natural tastes.

Some people have low vitamin D - both raw vegans and regular people. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so, if you aren't overly soaped and showered every single day, you should be able to absorb some sunlight and make your own vitamin D and store it for awhile. Get tested if you are concerned, and then make a decision to supplement.

Some people think probiotics help digestion. I would say they are harmful in a lactose culture, and ineffective as a supplement since you can't even verify if they are "live". A healthy gut doesn't need outside sources of bifidus and lactobacillis cultures. So first assess your digestion, then see what needs improving.

And omega 3s are important for metabolizing FAT. [Source: Dr. Neal Barnard, lecturing in person] So if your diet is lowfat, Omega 3s are probably already in your diet in reasonable amounts and you don't need extra supplementation.

Hope this helps. I did major in nutrition for a couple semesters way back when, but that was mainstream University/USDA nutritional guidelines, so, I'm no expert. I am pretty healthy and I research stuff ad nauseum, however ;-)

Hi! I'm 15 weeks pregnant with bubba number 4!  Finally over morning sickness and can stomach banana's again. I'm aiming to make this my healthiest pregnancy yet, however I am a bit concerned about calcium and iron deficiencies as I am still breastfeeding my one year old, although I'm trying hard to wean him.  Last week one of my teeth cracked which is concerning, not sure whether I need to get calcium supplements?  My diet at this stage is not perfect, I'm eating a cooked vegetarian diet with occasional eggs and dairy and lots of fruit daily.  During the first trimester everything made me feel ill except fresh coconuts and especially bananas!  Now that I'm feeling good, I'm hoping to transition to a high raw diet and would love to hear tips from other raw mamma's.

Hi, I'm almost 5 months pregnant (and breastfeeding a 2.5 year old! Just 3 times a day, though). I've been mostly raw during the pregnancy (we eat at my parent's house once a week and I may have some steamed or baked veg, my mom uses olive oil on her salad and I eat her salad, my husband made tempeh bacon and I had some... otherwise I'm pretty much all raw). Lately I have cantaloupe or watermelon in the morning, later in the morning a green smoothie - that's the easiest way for me to get in lots of fruit and greens. Often another green smoothie in early afternoon, or fruit, or sometimes a raw veggy wrap.  Lately I'm craving the fat! (ie avocado on a raw veggy wrap, or avocado and raw crackers, or nuts/seeds in my salad dressing, a pesto with nuts or seeds plus basil or cilantro, or chia pudding...) I might not be eating enough fruit in the day, or I actually need the fat, I don't know. I crave it even when my belly feels full after having had a big green smoothie or fruit bowl.

Regarding supplements - I've read a lot about supplementing, and my conclusions are that if you are eating properly - a nutrient rich diet (including lots of raw fruits/veg!) - than you shouldn't need supplements, except for B12. (And there are the arguments that the body doesn't recognize the nutrients from supplements anyhow). That being said, my iron is consistently low and my doctors almost had me convinced to take a supplement - but then I learned (not from the doctors) that you need adequate B12 to properly metabolize the iron, so instead of taking the iron, take more B12 (I know someone who takes 5000 mg per day, not the usual suggested 1000). Also remember to have iron and vitamin C rich foods together, as Vitamin C helps the iron to absorb. Calcium inhibits the absorption of iron. You may want to try eating iron and vitamin C rich foods together in one part of the day (ie. maybe a smoothie with greens/mango/dried apricot) and calcium rich foods separately (i.e. broccoli, almonds, sesame seeds have calcium).

I hope that is somewhat helpful ;)


I'm in week 7 (not so far yet and not even been to the doctor yet) of my second pregnancy and struggling somewhat with the program. I did very well for a few weeks and now suddenly I got stomach aches and was gassy. I also lost my appetite although I was hungry.

I'd LOVE to give birth at home, but my last pregnancy ended by cesaerian :( So to make sure that everything goes well, I wanted to attempt a raw pregnancy. That's not so easy at all, if you don't sit all day long at home and really need to stay focused and productive during the day! The last two days I had cramps and needed to go to the toilet fast while my patient had to wait... (I study dentistry).

I really hope that I will get the knack of it again. Sometimes I make it to exercise, sometimes I'm too weak and dizzy.

I tried the first two days of D Graham's spring meal plan, but that was where I got the cramps from. Maybe it was too much pineapple? Or I just should eat what I want as long it is fruit and greens...

As I've been vegan for 6 years now, I take only a B12 supplement once a week.

Love to hear from your experiences,




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