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Pregnant and a slight fall off the Low Fat Raw Vegan wagon: Advice anyone?


This is my first post.

I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy and knew that this was exactly the right time to commit to 801010.  I love the diet, Dr Graham's book and have noticed the diet changing my everything in the 10 days since I started.  This is my 2nd child, my first is 8 years old and when I was pregnant with him (and until 2008) I survived on fast food, meat, meat, more animal flesh, bread, pasta, more bread, biscuits and anything that resembled the SAD.  I went vegan 2 years ago and automatically gravitated to a high raw diet.  I've been about 80% raw vegan for 2 years during which time I knew I was eating too much fat.  


But I had a slip up today.  I ate home-made popcorn and also some mountain bread (bread wraps here in Oz) with hommus.  I have so many excuses for this: Nausea, hormones, fatigue, pregnancy cravings, pressure to change my diet in early pregnancy etc etc but in truth I know that I just didn't eat enough fruit over the last few days and it caught up to me.  I can feel the salt swelling me up already and its not a nice feeling....  Plus I feel guilty as all get out.  


So I as wondering if anyone could offer some friendly advice regarding:


1.  What's the best way to overcome the effect of the salt consumption? (Apart from the obvious of not eating it in the first place!)


2.  Does anyone have any advice on maintaining their calorie count when they are feeling ill?  


3.  Does anyone have any advice or experience for maintaining 801010 during pregnancy? 


4.  How do you all deal with your cravings when you live with people who are eating cooked foods, albeit vegan cooked?


5.  Does anyone know if B12 supplementation is safe in pregnancy?  


Anyway, I love how friendly this website is.  There really is a great atmosphere here and I hope that I can continue to be involved. 

Many thanks, 



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Hi Katie,

Firstly, congratulations on being pregnant! I haven't experienced pregnancy myself but I can offer you general advice on sticking to this diet and avoiding cravings so I hope this is a help.

Firstly, like you said make sure you eat enough calories or you will definitely feel tired and hungry and end up eating cooked foods. Also, make sure you get a wide variety of different foods and this way you can avoid vitamin deficiencies. Green leafy veggies like kale are highly nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals so try to eat these everyday. They are great in smoothies and raw soups and really fill you up.

In terms of getting calories when you fell unwell, maybe try some homemade orange juice, grapes can be good, young coconuts would be excellent if you could get these and again smoothies are easy to digest. Really just find a fruit that goes down well and make this the bulk of your calories.

To get rid of salt, try a hot bath to sweat it out, drink plenty of water to flush your system, eat juicy fruits, gentle exercise and rest would also help.

I live with people who eat cooked and it can be challenging. The best thing to do is make sure the food you are eating is really tasty and you enjoy it and focus on this rather than what other people are having. Remember why you're on this diet and the benefits of it. Maybe make some dishes you could share with your family too, this way you can still share delicious food.

Hope this is helpful and feel free to ask anymore questions you have,

Take care,


Thanks Esperanza, that's all reassuring and helpful advice.  Especially the idea of OJ when I'm not feeeling well to keep my calorie count up!


Can I ask you about young coconuts?  I assume you mean the coconut water is very nutritious?  Can you explain more?







5. Supplementing with B12 and folate in pregnancy is a MUST!!!

My sister is pregnant and she does it, even her doctor recommends it!

I don't have more info but you can look it up on goolge.


Congratulations on your pregnancy Katie!  :)  First thing I would recommend is to not feel guilty about anything right now.  Do the best you can and if you have an occasional slip up it's not going to harm your baby. 


If you can't get enough fruit calories for whatever reason (food aversions, nausea, etc) it's better to eat lightly steamed starchy and non starchy vegetables than to end up eating something less optimal.


B12 supplementation is safe during pregnancy so don't worry!


The best thing you can do is just ENJOY your pregnancy!  :)

Thanks Karmyn,


Your response and advice  means a lot.


Did you supplement with B12 during your pregnancy?  If so what did you use?





Just be wary of excess folate (supplements).... :)

Thanks Rawbert,


Do you know what type of B12 supplementation your sister is using?  Is it the B12 injections that Harley recommends? There are different ideas on whether or not it is safe in pregnancy from what I can read....  The one point of agreement is that the B12 does cross the placental wall to the baby, so I just want to make sure.




Hey Katie,


Right now she's using sublinguals.

She wanted to do shots but couldn't find any methyl or hydroxo yet and didn't wanted to do cyano.

My raw meat eating friend in Adelaide is about to have a baby. She is eating lots of raw meat, milk and eggs yet she still has a clinical b12 deficiency.


Having kids takes extra cals for sure ESPECIALLY if we want to give our children the EXTRA attention and love they need and deserve to grow into loving beings. Id load up on the boxes of organic bananas and dates from the wholesalers so you always got fuel around that you know makes you feel good after eating it.


Salt? Exercise and high potassium foods like fruit are best for combating the 'assalt'. 


B12 safe? Its undecided in Australian medical literature from what I have read. Vaccines are 'safe' though lol!

Thanks Harley,


No way am I doing the vaccination thing!!! Like you say, its a joke!!!


What are your thoughts on coconut water during times of nausea and vomiting, or in the lfrv diet generally?  Also, what do you think about not eating greens everyday day???  I normally love them but have a real aversion to them at the moment. Not sure why.  How are you getting your organic greens everyday in Thailand?


Cheers mate,


Aloha Katie,


I did use a B12 supplement during my pregnancy.  I also supplemented with iron (I got anemic) and I took a prenatal vitamin.  I used Twinlab B12.


I had a complete aversion to coconut water so I didn't drink it.  If you like it then by all means drink it!


I also couldn't eat the young coconut jelly.  Even the spoon meat turned me off.  The hard meat was too hard!  Rubber meat I could eat sometimes.  Crazy how pregnancy made me so picky over the maturity of coconut, lol!


I had an aversion to raw leafy greens during my pregnancy.  I think I ate a total of 5 salads the whole 9 months.  The funniest thing was as soon as Rainbow was born I INSTANTLY was able to eat them again!



Hi sweetie,


Did you log or write down your diet, feelings, exercise and other experiences during your pregnancy?  I would love to read about that, especially if you managed to stay raw during it.  Am I to assume that you ate some cooked starches at times from your previous post?


p.s. I'm not pregnant, nor does it look like I will be anytime soon-so this is all just out of curiosity.  The little one looks adorable btw.


Hugs to the family from the two of us.





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