30 Bananas a Day!

Hi everybody,

I've been reading the posts in the pregnancy forums, and before getting pregnant I wanted to acquire all the prenatal nutrients from fruit and greens instead of taking a prenatal multi-vitamin.

Well, I became pregnant before I could stick to the raw vegan diet.  For the 4th-5th week of my pregnancy, I had compiled all the information from Cronometer of the nutrients I need as a pregnant woman (for example, 27mg+ of iron, 12mg+ of zinc, 1000mg of calcium, etc).  I am 25 years old, 5'7", and WAS 115 lbs...

I bought about 70 lbs worth of fruit and greens.  

In order to achieve all regular, daily nutrients as well as the nutrients recommended for pregnant women, I had to eat around 10 lbs of food, including 10 oz of cooked potatoes (it was the only feasible means of reaching nearly 100% of iron and zinc, etc) EVERY day.  Which was fine, except I gained at least 5 lbs in less than one week, I already looked 5 months pregnant due to bloat, and I had no time for anything else during the day other than eating.  It took upwards of 2-3 hours for me to finish my 1 lb salad sometimes (which, granted, it was difficult to eat anything because I burned my mouth and got about a dozen canker sores from eating too many underripe pineapples!).  It wasn't because I didn't enjoy the flavor, I think my mouth was just in too much pain from the pineapples, and I was so full by then.  Since I had no time for doing anything aside from eating (and shelling sunflower seeds!), my husband suggested I get one of those beer-bong helmets and put each of my meals as a smoothie in it and drink all day while my hands are free to do my other daily activities, haha.  Not a bad idea, for sure.

Here is what I was eating to achieve nearly 100% of all nutrients (and in this order):

60 oz Watermelon

16 oz Oranges (before, it was 16 oz Pineapple, until I burned my mouth from it and can no longer eat it)

16 oz Grapes

40 oz Smoothie of 8 bananas and some mixed berries and mangoes

16 oz Romaine

1 Brazil Nut

1 oz Sunflower Seeds

1 oz Sesame Seeds

0.5 oz Flax Seeds

10 oz Cooked Potatoes (just dry-fried in a cast iron)

This was about 3200 calories a day, give or take.  I don't want to be one of those people that needs to eat at least X amount of calories a day, because I think enough nutrients is more important than enough calories.

I tried at least 1 hour of physical activity a day, but found it difficult with how full I was.

Also, during this time I had a lot of bloat and a lot of stinky gas.  My mom said it was due to all the "stupid fruit" I was eating, and has been trying to convince me to eat cheese quesadillas because I need "real food".  I did some investigating here on 30BAD and tried pulsing my smoothies instead of vortexing them, which improved the consistency of the smoothie but did not improve my gas or bloat.

I also got pain in my abdomen, right above my belly button, when I would eat, and sometimes pain in my mid-left abdomen (around where the actual stomach is).

I got severely depressed because all I could do all day was eat, instead of doing the work that needs to get done and things I wanted to do, and my body image was really bad.  I am a fine art model, so getting nude in front of students was devastating with my perfectly spherical belly full of bloat when I used to be thin and NOT convex, albeit not toned.

I didn't and still don't have the typical "pregnancy cravings", nor nausea and vomiting, BUT I was indeed so depressed that I wanted to go back to what I ate in college of a whole-cantaloupe breakfast, and a lunch of black bean burritoes topped with homemade raw salsa, because I felt great and looked great back then.

Needless to say, I have since backed off this daily intake of food, and have been eating less and taking a prenatal vitamin (which I did not want to do, due to all the negative things I hard about taking the wrong nutrient combinations and synthetic nutrients).  I have been eating fruit all day until dinner time, when I have a cooked meal with my husband, who supports my desire to be raw vegan but who also wants to eat potatoes and eggs.  I have been avoiding eggs, but I will admit I have not altogether been avoiding wheat or cheese.

I really wanted to give my baby the best start at life by being raw vegan and getting all the nutrients from natural sources, but it has been very tough- this is why I wish I had started this lifestyle sooner so that I could have all the kinks worked out before I got pregnant!

Anywho, I was wondering if anyone had any insight on why I may have had the stinky gas, all the bloat and weight gain which made me look further along in pregnancy than I am, and why I may have had pain in my abdomen while eating.  Also, is there any negative effect from eating the 10 oz of cooked potatoes?  I'm wondering if perhaps they weren't being digested properly, and causing my next-day fruit monomeals to putrefy.  Is there any other way, aside from supplements, to get the outrageously high 27mg of iron and 12mg of zinc from raw fruit or vegetables?  My diet that I listed above, minus the potatoes, still didn't quite reach 100% in zinc and iron, as well as the other nutrient boosts that potatoes offer.  The potatoes are the only way I could foresee getting close to those amounts; adding a bunch more fruit or veggies would only add to my daily food-intake poundage.  I'm wondering if I can eat less than 10 lbs a day!  (A side note: the only nutrients I couldn't get close to 100% of were Choline, B12, D, and Sodium- I am not sure how to get 100% Sodium without eating salt or pounds of dark oxalate-full greens).  I had to eat the 2.5 oz of seeds to get the Vitamin E and the Omegas (though I think the Omega-6 may have been less than 100% as well, I am not altogether remembering).

Thanks for reading, I hope there is some advice you can offer, or share your own stories!

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We have two parenting/family groups on this forum you can join for support.


Also www.lfrvfamilies.ning.com is helpful.

Finally see these links from our Welcome Wagon:


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During pregnancy, continue to eat a low fat diet. High fat diets cause increased risks of gestational diabetes, high blood sugar, candida and yeast infection problems,  and or big babies. 

With time, pregnancy will cause an increased need for calories, so if one is eating 811 lfrv, their protein and fat intake will automatically increase as the calorie intake increases.

IMPOSSIBLE to be able to micro manage nutrients when things like absorption, soil quality, produce freshness, food prep, sleep times, training loads, stress loads etc ALL play a role in overall nutrition.

Just eat all the good stuff you want when it comes to sweet fruits and veg! :)

I had just started being vegan (transitioning) when I was 4 months along with my last baby (now I'm about 8+ months with our next).  Once I became all the way vegan I was about 8 months during August of last year and had an abundance of watermelon and still had cooked rice with peas and strawberry/banana smoothies and at least a head of iceburg/head lettuce.  I thought I would get sick of eating the same thing every day, but I didn't.  I had sunflower seeds on/with my salad and about 1 brazil nut per day.  I didn't take any supplements (hate 'em and the ill effects) and got my vitamin d from the summer sun - though I would have taken a d supplement if it were winter like I am now.

Ok, so of all 9 pregnancies I'd had, this last one was the absolute best!  No aches, pains, problems, complications and my average birth was 1-3 hours, hers was 26 minutes with just menstrual type cramping.  I really wish that this baby came during the summer (though I hate being so big when everyone is out and can see me) but to eat as much as I wanted, when I wanted was beautiful - oh, and NO moodiness unless I needed to carb up! :)  I ate between 4000-6500 calories (I would have the rice meal twice per day, usually once for lunch and once for dinner).  I lost the weight I gained in the first 2 weeks (too bad I had an extra 20lbs from all the other pregnancies).  It took two months with my first two children to lose all the weight which I gained 40lbs with and only 20-25 with my baby vegan girl.  Everyone else I never quite lost the weight, but like I said, I wasn't vegan nor did I eat such copious amounts of fruit and veggies!

The more fruit and veggies you eat, even cooked, the EASIER and FASTER you'll lose the extra weight, the BETTER your pregnancy will be and you will have a wonderfully, happy baby as a reward!  DO NOT take in too much sodium/salt...if you need, barely salt your potatoes and that should suffice any lack if you don't get enough from your raw foods.  Drink at least a gallon of water per day, more if you are active.  I personally drink 1 gallon but shoot for one to two quarts more - those are my best days!  If you can dump the breads, do so...they are loaded with sodium and you'll do so much better with fruit.  If you are soooo very able to eat plenty of raw - do it!!  It's SO NOT WORTH eating breads or even "real foods", if you have cravings for them, then you have not eaten enough raw carbs!  Do the best you can, even if you slip, you are doing AMAZINGLY!!  

Any other questions, or if I wasn't clear, please ask or message me.  I'm so happy for you! 

P.S. just wanted to add that I didn't do so well this pregnancy, mainly because our stores would run out of frozen strawberries and they couldn't get our cases of bananas (winter here and we're out more rural).  I substituted with breads and it just caused more problems.  I'm still very swollen, but we've finally been able to get bananas, oranges, grapefruit and strawberries...I'm hoping I can remedy this before baby comes and still lose the weight as quickly and easily as with last baby!  Hope this helps!

all i know is that if u dont consume enough folic acid ur kid can become severely damaged. i forgot whats the name of this sickness is. But u can find it online. And iodine deficiency can cause cretinism in babies. Also if u r gnna breastfeed those two things (many other more of course) have to be a lot in ur Breastmilk. IMO its no Problem to get enough folic acid with this diet. but Iodine is pretty tough to get enough. U dont knnow if ur fruits and veggies/roots r grown in iodine rich soil. And most soils worldwide r depleted of iodine. And i believe in one banana r only 5 mcg ??? But u require probably 150 or 200 mcg (RDA)
i forgot one thing. Also if there is chlor in ur water or fluoride they block the usage of iodine in ur body cozthey appear to be the same.

I mean ur body thinks fluoride, chloride (but also bromine) are iodine.

So lets say u r forced to drink a lot of fluorid and chlorinated water plus u r around a lot of bromine (all around us as in fire preventers in plastic, matresses etc etc) then u r most likely to require more iodine.

Also eating cruciferous veggetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli are goitrogenic and block the usage of iodine.

Thanks everyone,

I don't usually eat cruciferous veggies, so I think I'll be fine with absorption.  Folate is absolutely no problem to get enough of.  I also hate the effects from vitamin supplements; I've fallen off the wagon and haven't been eating the giant amounts of fruits and veggies that I was in this post; and as soon as I stopped eating so much, I've been getting nausea and food aversion to just about ALL food.  When you're eating fruit all day, you have no time for cravings!  I regret stopping eating all the fruit, because now I feel lousy, and can't even imagine eating that much food again.  I eat about 1/2 of a watermelon and then feel nauseous and non-hungry all day.  I'll try to work my way back into it!

I definitely don't want to gain a lot of weight like most SAD pregnant people do- it's good to hear that you only gained 20-25 pounds and lost it quickly, Bella!  Thank you for your words of encouragement!

All of your comments mean a lot to me, thanks again everybody!

Glad I can help.  

One note I forgot to say...it's not the volume of food eaten that causes gas/burping, it's that you are pregnant.  It's in hypermode to move things through your body to get the nutrients to the baby.  Obviously, there are unique-to-you things that may cause extra gassy-ness, like for me it was the lettuce and cucumbers, but as long as I ate ALL vegan, NO processed then I really had no problems!  I have gone through cycles of burpiness this pregnancy, but it may be because I have had a more difficult time keeping up on my water intake, strangely enough.  

I eat to fill my tummy, different times it is less or more depending on the amount of room baby gives me and if he is growing this week or not.  Keep in mind that the more raw you eat the better your skin will be, as well, after baby.  I had the softest tummy with no (new) stretch marks, but it went away as last winter approached and I went to mainly cooked foods and little raw I was drier, especially my scalp and my tummy went to "normal" skin for me and not baby soft.

I've also had things make me feel sick and nauseous and actually ate less those days - it's kinda weird.  I just had to find the fruit/veggies that worked for me and if I ate til I was just slightly more than satisfied then I could go with no sick feeling and not feel hungry until it had been 2.5-3 hours.  

If you do the best you can and learn from your own mistakes, then you will do absolutely wonderfully, and so will your little one!!  I can't wait to hear your birth story!!  Best wishes!

Keeping it for how long ??? A few hours? Minutes? Days???? Dont animals usually eat it to get the nutrients / to have more nutrient dense "breast-milk" to give to the baby???

till it dries up of nutrients ..… is optimal.. whole protocol around it… maybe you can find out more details on line.  Heard of one new mom  gave unassisted birth at home and Dad was asked to anoint the placenta with essential oils… lavender was one but I don't think the only one...

My guess is that you felt bloated by the sheer amount of variety in your diet in a single day. Try spreading that out during the course of a week. So like one morning bananas for breakfast/lunch, some dates and apples for a snack, a huge salad for dinner, the following day a melon or two for breakfast, bananas or grapes for lunch, salad for dinner. Next day oranges or a ton of orange juice in the early morning, more bananas, etc. I'd say if you're concerned about getting enough fats try eating avocados, young thai coconut (if you can get organic) and other fatty fruits instead of nuts. Nuts aren't raw anyways and most of the time we get them at the market they are bad because they've been sitting out for too long, unless you live somewhere you can get fresh nuts. That could also be contributing to the gas factor. 

But the biggest thing is DON'T WORRY. Your baby will be healthy. As long as you stay active you will be healthy too. Even if something did go wrong, it would have absolutely nothing to do with your diet and there is absolutely nothing you could do to prevent it. Just by eating healthy your doing way more for your baby than 99.9% of the population. Keep in mind in France pregnant mothers are still encouraged to drink a glass of wine and smoke during their pregnancies. 



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