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Pre-Diabetic Friend; Another Friend with Colon Cancer


I am a longtime health nut, recent convert to HCRV, and I am exceedingly tolerant of other folks' journeys to health and wellness. I am struggling with how to approach my friends who are older than I, but very important to me, to shed some light on their health struggles.

One friend is a longtime morbidly obese person who has been a family friend for over 20 years. Her doc is all amped up to start pre-diabetes meds and her idea of healthy eating is chicken instead of pork, low fat cheese instead of full fat cheese. I almost sh*t when I saw her line-up of meds.

Another friend literally just got out of surgery (2 hours ago) to remove an enormous tumor from his colon, intestines, and abdomen. His wife and he are BBQ enthusiasts, but "skinny people," and I almost begged them to watch the Chris Beat Cancer series of videos. I didn't want to be insensitive, and they were so thankful for my help, but I have little faith they will go plant-based, even for recovery purposes.

What do you guys suggest? I have never been militant, and I am quiet about my diet choices unless someone riles me. I feel riled. I don't want to standby idly watching people I care about slip away mindlessly while they have the chance to repair and heal themselves--or at least to try to do so.

Tips? Thoughts? 

Thank you, loves--


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Oh my goodness I feel the same way! A close family friend in her early 50s was just diagnosed with brain cancer and my mom's cousin just was diagnosed with leukemia. I have faith that a high carb vegan/raw vegan diet would help them so much and maybe even get them into remission but they'll never go for it. It's like people choose death over changing their diet-it's insane to me…and sooooo frustrating. It makes me worry about my family-sure they're healthy now but if they keep eating meat and dairy….

I guess the best thing to do would be to set aside a time to seriously talk to them. Gather as much evidence as you can (like from The China Study, Reversing Diabetes, and any other books related to high carb veganism) I hope you can get through to them-I wish you luck!

Hi Kelsey,

Thank you so much for your reply. I am so sorry to hear of your own struggles with family/friend health issues--it is so terrifying that changing diet seems to be such a daunting subject for people, even though it could potentially save their lives! I lost an aunt to pancreatic cancer after an astounding seven year battle, and I wish I had known then what I know now, of course, as it might have been a solid approach to remission/recovery.

I often wonder if it is to do with addiction? Cheese and fatty foods have been proven to be addictive by so many amazing doctors, which is probably why most folks cannot see beyond the addiction enough to consider improving their health an option.

I will see how best to approach my former nanny (the morbidly obese family friend I mentioned), and see if simply extending a copy of one of those books might help. She always says (when I have tried in the past, very mildly, to help) "Thank you sweetie, this just isn't the right time for me to do that now." 

I'm all like, then when will it be?! When you're dead? I never say that, of course. But I'm thinkin it!

Thank you again for your thoughts.

I think it's partially addiction and partially habit/culture. People think eating just fruits and vegetables is a crazy idea because that's not how they were raised. I think raising vegan children is the best way to make this lifestyle more common because some people are just too stubborn to change, even when their life is at stake. :(

Yes! Exactly! I am always so surprised that people tell me how extreme eating only fruits and veggies is. I'm always so shocked what people think is "normal" food or "comfort" food. Velveeta? Really? Isn't that just scary food??

Hi Athena,

Although I have been a HCRV for only 2-3 months, I know how you feel definitely. My husband has chosen consistently to eat SAD and he specifically enjoys lots and lots of cheese and burgers. I have tried to influence him to follow this lifestyle by showing him how great I feel on this lifestyle along with persuasion and the consistent 10+ banana smoothies around him, but he still chooses to eat the same since he has "grown up eating this way". He has a family history of heart disease and diabetes and I am worried that he will sooner or later end up that way (but I pray he doesn't!). For me, it has been truly very difficult influencing someone to stop the SAD if they have grown up that way. 

Since I am so far unsuccessful at persuading my husband to follow the HCRV lifestyle, I can merely give you some resources for persuasion:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK6KSKL3HQc - Puss in Milk (and dairy products)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfsT-qYeqGM - How Animal Protein and Dairy Cause Cancer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNCGkprGW_o - A very popular and important-to-watch video about how meat and dairy kills, statistics about this, and why we are not meant to eat meat. Very informative!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Kf-59Gy7FI - Shows how chicken is not 'healthy' compared to beef, chicken has about the same levels of cholesterol as beef (~75 mg cholesterol) in a 4 oz serving.

http://nutritionfacts.org/video/chicken-dioxins-viruses-or-antibiot... - A very informative website with tons of nutrition topics for plant-based diets. Cancer-causing viruses in chicken, along with increased lymphoma risk with chicken, chicken causes lymphoma the most compared to beef, dairy, etc.

http://nutritionfacts.org/video/fecal-bacteria-survey/ - Alarming rates of fecal matter contamination in poultry you buy at the grocery store.

And the best for last: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/poultry-and-penis-cancer/ - Poultry and penis cancer!

Hope these help at least a little bit! Good luck!

Hi Hannah,

Wow, thank you so very much for your reply and for sending all those links. I am a huge believer (and sort of junkie) for nutritional videos and books, so perhaps I should just go back to the basic idea of sending links to friends and family. I did send my cancer friend the Chris Beat Cancer series in hopes that it might sink in. I am sure he and his wife are just so scared right now that not much is really going to look hopeful...

I am sorry to hear you are worried about your husband's diet choices. That must be soooo tough when you are thriving and he is choosing to stay behind, so to speak. I am so thankful my boyfriend is so supportive, even if he is not quite with me on 801010 (yet, I hope someday!). Luckily, he knows I won't buy meat or animal products or have them in our home, but as long as I cook tasty food he is so down. And most guys aren't afraid of "carbs" so when I plop down in front of him a kilo of potatoes he he just goes for it. I am so happy about that!

Thank you again so much for your response! Keep us posted on your progress, of course; I am new, too but totally hooked!


You are very welcome, I love researching nutrition so I have many websites I go to for this information. Mmm potatoes are delicious, I know he likes fried diced potatoes but maybe he will like it if I just saute them with no oil!

Thanks! I will definitely try to keep up posting, and you too!

Hannah, you know what I have found that is soooo helpful?

Steaming! I just steam all my starches now and it really maintains so much more moisture than roasting or even sauteing. 

And you could even saute them with a little water and spices to see how that works, too--no salt, no oil, but just see how that works. Even *less* oil is better than full deep frying for folks who are trying to cut back!

I struggle with others not keeping up sometimes. I'm like, "I have all the answers; done all the research now come with me!" LOL.

nutritionfacts.org has the best in-depth research of why a plant-based diet is increasingly preferred, in my opinion.

**** standing by, we are warriors, get as educated as you can and push it to the masses.  No sense in sitting idly by while people unknowingly kill themselves; I know it is my purpose to push fruits and veggies to the masses.  Michael Arnstein said we are at war and it is true! We are at war with commonly held ideology and people using reductionist science to find components of meat eating that is healthy, we know it is a bigger problem, and the evidence is already there supporting our position on health; the evidence is mediocre at best supporting the high fat lifestyle.  Its time to shatter the illusions of people so that we may help them find health.  Im all about pushing it as best you can, it is an art, and you will only get better.  Do your best and help as many people as you can!

Thank you, Richard. I think you're right. Maybe with slightly more prodding--of the folks I know whose health is dangerously at risk--and they will have no choice but to see I am coming from a loving place. I guess we are at war, aren't we! I just can't believe how vehemently people want to hang onto damaging diets. Thank you for your help!



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