30 Bananas a Day!

we have quite a collection of ar threads here many of which contain some valuable discussions and material. this thread and particularly this regularly updated original post will highlight many of these and hopefully serve as a quick reference.


there is no particular order to the list (though most items are entered following a lifo stack principle). if you have suggestions on other 30bad animal rights threads, you are welcome to post them below.


some links may not work anymore due to the disappearance of the original poster from this forum.


for those interested in an internet activism group with plenty of resources, join 30bad internet guerilla outreach


in friendship,



youtubers: HOT and NOT

Find out who is good and who is not on youtube!


power vegans

These people are not only strong advocates for veganism, they are also strong in their own field!


the bitesizevegan nuggets

Excellent information about veganism produced in compact 5 minute videos by a very talented and dedicated activist!


immy's apology letter to the animals

one of the sincerest and most moving videos made.

Can we stop calling all other animals animals?

A powerful proposition to eliminate bigotry and discrimination towards some of the most vulnerable beings on our planet.



An interesting thread on a much misunderstood item which is often confused with non-violence.


it's not food! it's violence!!

This is the only correct way to look at the corpse industries. There is no other legitimate point of view!


PCC: Personal Choice Convenience

Anyone is free to make a personal choice, but no one should expect to be exempt from facing the consequences of that personal choice.



The secrets of marketing: a must watch!

An absolutely brilliant method which forces awareness upon a stunned audience!



What's your opinion on zoo's?

Comments reveal the problems associated with zoos.



Cockroach is trying to kill me

A cleverly initiated and managed thread on attitudes about so-called 'pests'.



3 Miles from a Slaughterhouse

Some possible approaches on working with a bad situation.



wisdom of the young

A young boy spreads enlightenment by making his stand on veganism.



Petitions for our Harry Friends and emails to the lunatics in charge

A thread where you can sign petitions to help stop animal abuse.

number of animals killed for food has dropped

Corpse industries under attack!

Vegan Vids

A collection of your favorite videos regarding veganism and animal rights on the net.



It's Official Now: Animal and Human Consciousness the Same!

ok so some of have reason to say "you finally figured it out, eh?" well apparently the sensible scientists have. they've even put it in writing!



bekoff blogs

A collection of selected blogs by marc bekoff, phd in the area of animal cognition/emotion/sentience.




An informative thread with many non-lethal ideas for dealing with fruitflies utilizing 30bad principles.



Animal abuse Investigations

This thread will provide a collection of these investigations in one central location.



Dr David Sztybel: Animal Rights Philosopher!

Here is a long-time expert in the field of animal rights, experienced with both the practical and theoretical aspects! Dr Sztybel provides excellent knowledge and exceptional resources.



Stop the orangutan sex trade

Sign this petition against the use of orangutans as prostitutes. Share this with as many people as possible. Your help is of the utmost importance!



Please Share These Facts

I have been trying to raise consciousness of veganism ... I am hoping that I can get like minded people to copy + paste my entries into their own facebooks, twitters and whatever else is out there!  I don't want/ need credit all I want is to get this stuff circulating.



PETA: The Butcher of Norfolk

The title of butcher is somewhat excessively misused and misplaced upon peta by nathan winograd. Time to investigate.



Please understand that 30BAD is a VEGAN site!

Our forum does not tolerate encouragement of anything contrary to HCRV. Nor do we allow endorsement of non-vegan items or practises which involve the imprisonment, exploitation, abuse or murder of sentient beings.



esoldier support

one way we can further the fight against the imprisonment, exploitation, abuse and murder of animals, is to create simple action mechanisms that people can put to use with minimal effort.



how to do animal rights

excellent and free book on the web, it provides a lot of information as well as practical guidance.



outstanding video!!! a campaign in toronto!

a great effort in toronto done in the subway ...



ar vs cityhall

here are examples of how big business and animal exploitation groups coerce government into doing things for them. this matter of course is…



Victories and those that help

I figure I would start a thread on the victories of people doing what needs to be done.



Calgary Stampede and other Stupid Canadian events

I can't believe that people actually pay money and bring families to this type of event.It is simply amazingTime for Calgary to move out of…


Quotes related to animals and there rights, that anyone can use in ...

"Animals have done us no harm and they have no power of resistance. Cruelty to animals is as if man did not love God. There is something so…



amazing animal altruism

The video you are about to see is one of the most surprising collection of interspecies actions.Some humans extrapolate their anthropocentr…

[a very important thread to know about and share]



are humans unique in the animal kingdom?

this discussion was prompted as a result of interesting exchanges in thecan you just eat 100% fruit thread.it is an area that needs to be e…

[follows up on some revelations regarding animal cognition]



The new TRUTHFUL Meat & Dairy product labels I saw today...;-)

[you may find this "irresponsibly inspirational"!]



Enough with this BS increase the punishment and crimes for these th...

Watch this video (it is pathetic that people like this are on the planet)

[this is an important thread dealing and exposing many issues ... even amongst vegans]



calf farm cruelty

this just in from mfa www.mercyforanimals.organd it is an undercover investigation of cruelty at the E6 Cattle Co.



A Chance to End Bullfighting!

Whether or not you are a Ricky Gervais fan, he has done a wonderful thing by making people aware of the upcoming Catalonian Parliament vote…



Seal Hunt in Canada Updates - Learn how you can be part of the solu...

As some of you may or may not know Canada has a brutal policy on animal issues and especially the seal hunt. Something which I am ashamed t…



pigeon shoot in pa

this just in from steve hindi's shark (www.sharkonline.org).the organization paid for an anti-pigeon shoot billboard, but clear channel can…



animal research

there have been a few scattered threads on this important matter in the past. this thread will attempt to draw the ideas together



Gary Yourofsky - Intro to Vegan Speech at Georgia Tech

i encountered gary through a rather amusing set of circumstances. he is one powerful advocate for animals! his website is www.adaptt.org



no country for animals

this is a milestone production for canada!it examines the country's abysmal record on animal rights and is being broadcast on national tv.…



circus elephant beaten and abused

this sent by sarah (www.cfarw.org) about anne the elephant and other circus animals:   Animal Defenders International today released shocki…



Can't bring myself to watch Earthlings...Watched it on 4-1-11 with ...

China Study Update My husband and I watched Earthlings today! Something amazing happened even before we watched Earthlings. My husband read…



Amazing Animal Activists!

Hello all,   I'm here to highlight the efforts of my amazing friends that have dedicated their lives to saving and protecting those beings…



Actively Promoting Compassion - anyone?

I feel for myself that it is not enough anymore that I just don't eat or use animals. I feel that I can not NOT participate actively in sto…




A lot of my friends tell me that in Islam-dominated countries meat is not slaughtered the same, and it is done using "halal" methods which…



save the uvic rabbits

the university of victoria is planning to slaughter its feral rabbit population.they acknowledge that the problem is caused by irresponsibl…



Dog Fighting Not Cool - Michael Vick is a d*#% and stories of coura...

Hi,Michael Vick is a dick but one thing he did do was bring to the fore front what has been going on for some time.Dog fighting.This pathet…



Save the earth? Save the animals? lets be honest folks...

What did comedian George Carlin think about 'saving the earth' ?   I do think it's admirable that there are people in this world who car…

[note: this doesn't work for now since the thread creator took off. it was one of the best threads here though - we'll see if the content can be recovered eventually]



China Bans Animal Act Circuses

this just in from aran and it looks like it could be a big one!   here is the link: China bans animal circuses   the aran email text copied…



tarah - coveguardian

many of you have seen my posts highlighting activists and their work. you've encountered people like sinikka, tricia, bigG, twyla and other…



Should animals be recognized a legal 'person'? how is that going to...

Inspire by me and pradtf debating about animals rights....



fur: a glorification of animal abuse

while much of the world is acknowledging the tragedy of animal abuse, many canadians are flaunting it. we all know about the great canadian…



why will you always be vegan?

this thread is an attempt to assist a wonderful former 30bader that many of us no doubt remember with much fondness: debbie took.earlier to…



failed omnivore

this is a delightful blog post by an equally delightful writer:martha, the vegan feminist agitatori've copied the text below, but do go to…


chambers of carnage

this just in from sinikka (www.defendhorsescanada.org).twyla has completed another undercover investigation entitled chambers of carnage. h…



animal rights into mainstream

this article has been posted somewhere on 30bad i think, but being an important one it should have its own thread:Animal Rights: New Laws T…



The religious excuse for barbarity

Here is an excellent article on why we need to get out of the dogma of religion and become compassionate, for compassion's sake



Rescue Ink - Experiences etc.

Hi,Rescue Ink visited our city. It was something that was hard to believe that a small group of dedicated animal rescue people managed for…



my friend tricia

tricia is not just my friend - she's a friend to all sentient beings who are victims of oppression.many of you have seen her posts here on…



'Animal Rights' songs

Link us to / mention all songs you know of, favorites or not, that celebrate not/speak out against exploiting animals for food, clothing, s…



animal abuse at conklin dairy farm

this just in from nathan and derek's outstanding group mercy for animals:New Investigation: Dairy Farm Workers Caught Stabbing, Beating, an…



'animals are equal to humans' I say, and he says....

Not sure if this should have been in the 'Speak up for the Animals section' but here goes:   After somebody had posted a video on facebook…



veal investigation

this just in from mercy for animals.as you know, they are responsible for some of the most significant and ground-breaking undercover inves…



MFA Hatchery Investigation

the following is from nathan and derek of Mercy for Animals. their recent hatchery expose is making headlines around the world. they are a…



celebrities who oppose cruelty to animals

you can see some of your fav people at the hsus genesis awards:http://www.humanesociety.org/about/events/genesis_awards/themessage from hs…



Ethical vegan - the new dirty word

It appears that the term ethical vegan has become the new dirty word. I have seen and heard it been given negative connotations on several…



A different kind of Holiday - Off to Best Friends sanctuary

In celebration of my wife's 40th birthday we looked and looked for a perfect getaway.HawaiiMexicoCosta Rica etc.Lots of really nice places…



china bans eating of cats and dogs

this notice was received from sarah of the canadians for animal welfare reform.here is the london times article:http://www.timesonline.co.u



should we eat meat thread

appleman's recent thread on the meat argument brought to mind this discussion which was taking place on the physicsforums: Should we eat me…



kosher isn't kosher

this in from peta about the atrocities going on at slaughterhouses.take a look at the information below and use peta's form to send a messa…



Why Hitler was not a vegetarian.

Have you ever been talking about the connection between veganism and world peace and someone asks 'but wasnt Hitler a vegetarian?'. Now you…



"The Cove" filmakers continue their activism-NYTImes article

Oscar Winners Try to Keep Whale Off Sushi Plates  SANTA MONICA, Calif. — It is sport among black belt sushi eaters here to see just how dar…



Animal Abuse as Clue to Additional Cruelties

this in from peta on mar18 (sorry i didn't post it sooner):http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/18/us/18animal.html?ref=todayspapern... there…



Is "animal cruelty" ever okay?

Do you consider it immoral to: -Test a vegan diet on animals? Think of The China Study and any study that has tested a vegan or raw diet o…



57 reasons why to go vegan.

These benefits apply to raw vegans even more so. Its not a perfect list (has wine in it) but most of its great content for newbies. http:/…



anthony marr

This acknowledgement is long overdue, but it may be because so many of you already know activist Anthony Marr. For years he has been on the…



pollard: do we really want to know the truth?

here is an excellent article by pollard. it emphasizes that the major problem in our society is that we wish to remain ignorant. i have co…



Hypocrisy & Meat Eating

I was just thinking about the argument with DR and how it is seen as hypocritical to keep a pet and also to eat meat. I don't understand t…



chinese fur farms

this is not a pleasant subject nor a pleasant video: http://www.peta.org/feat/ChineseFurFarms/index.aspyou have been warned. whether you…



foie gras at elevages perigord

ever want to know what really goes on behind foie gras production? you'll wish you hadn't after seeing this undercover expose. the video s…



equal opportunity violence

do you get picked on because of your diet? do people tease you because you won't eat corpse fare? well, it shouldn't surprise you that man…



why i dont eat honey or bee products...

honey was the last animal product i gave up. i always was cool with it cos i thought it was ethical and the bee's got a house to chill, liv…



Helping out our Animal Friends Updates and current Spotlights

Hi, I think most of us want more energy to do more things right? Hopefully better things like maybe try to help out others, planet and ou…



the vegan survey

m. butterflies katz is a writer and poet, whom i have recently had the pleasure of working with. last year she conducted a large survey relating to various issues regarding vegan lifestyles.



vegan cats

this thread is to provide a resource for people interested in examining the merits of feeding a veg diet to cats. (it is also an attempt to centralize conversations on the matter which occasionally get sprinkled into other threads.)



vegan dogs

the vegan dogs thread was inadvertently deleted.
it will be reconstructed here over a few days from original sources.



more to come over time ...

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All I can say is:  WOW!

Thank you for putting this together for us! 

I have bookmarked this, will link to it in the Banana Wagon Tour Blog as well. 

Peace, PK

P.S.  It has been featured as well! 

why thank you, pk!

i appreciate the work you've done.


30bad has become a strong point for ar ever since freelee started the speak up for animals category a couple of years ago. she told me back then that she wanted to give people a better reason than just weight-loss to go veg! in the past, i've had ar people sometimes think this is an ar site (even though it isn't) due to the activity here to support animals.


in friendship,



This health and weight loss and AR combination is definitely a two edged sword.  It has worked for me.

Peace, PK

Wow this is fantastic Prad! Very nice round up indeed. This has already come in handy thanks a million.



University PradAnimal. I knew there was a higher reason why I dropped out of my Internet Communications degree.. :) Your an amazing creature Prad Merci...

Can you add Vegan Pets, I know I read a discussion about it recently? Something that covers the ins and outs, what to feed, alternatives, reasons etc

Save the earth? Save the animals? lets be honest folks... does not link for me..

Peace and Galactic Rainbow Symphony coming your way.

hi noha! thx for this.

i've added the vegan dogs and vegan cats threads which contain links to several other vegan pet threads here. if you want a specific one, let me know.

the save the earth ... thread was an excellent one, but unfortunately the creator took off and deleted all his work - most of which was top class! however, i may be able to reconstruct most of it as i did with the vegan dogs - just haven't had time to do so yet.

in friendship,


thats awesome & a hell of a lot of work

thanks prad - ill look through it tonight  







Prad I have not gone through them all, but from my end atleast the first 3 do not work/link.. Ning a Ling alert..

well it's only partly the ning system's fault. i should have checked more carefully, so thx for spotting all this. at some stage i may just move the links to a different site, so i'm not restricted to ning's mechanisms - that way i'll be able to update things more easily and the access to the threads will still work as well.

i've fixed the links, but just let me know if you find anymore broken ones. thx!

in friendship,




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