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Is it normal to POOP so much when you first start?! Yikes! My co-workers are beginning to think I'm secretly doing crack in the loo! LOL

Also, I haven't been able to eat all of my calories in one sitting, but kind of snacking all day. Is that OK? Or is it, eat a mono meal (as much as you can), then snack, and lunch and dinner? I'm confused. I just don't want to make my body think that it has to eat every damn minute!

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The idea is to eat your minimum number of calories in one day.  If that's all at once, grazing-style (many small meals), or traditional-style (3 meals), it doesn't really matter.

Your stomach will eventually get used the high amount of fiber.  Fruit also digests quick (20 minutes, vs. 2 hours for cooked food) & goes through your body fast, so there's that.  My stomach does better when I do a non-fruit meal for dinner, whether that's a green salad or a cooked RT4 meal.  It can take a few weeks at minimum, usually.  I also had to urinate a lot because the pressure the food was putting on my bladder, especially in such large amounts, made me feel like I had to go more.  Once you're used to drinking a few liters of water a day and eating a few thousand calories a day, your body will expand &  adjust.  It's the same idea as eating beans - everyone gets gas at first, but once they're a regular part of your diet, they don't really bother you.  Just takes time.

Thank you so much swon! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't making anything worse. I usually do a cooked meal at dinner with a salad. I just cannot believe how much gas one body can produce! LOL. It's embarrassing! hahaha. 

Kuppy - yeah basically stick with it & your body adapts.  I had a lot of weird reactions for the first couple of weeks - my facial skin was SUPER oily (I've never had oily skin, and as a guy I don't wear makeup or anything), my saliva glands were swollen in my mouth because I wasn't used to consuming as much sugar as you do on this diet, and not to get too gross, but I basically had diarrhea for a week.

I would recommend going a week without any cooked food to start out with.  It's hard at first because your body isn't used to taking in as many calories & you're going to be hungry for cooked stuff, but the problem is that you eat cooked stuff, then you eat lots of fruit, and basically the fruit digests quickly on top of the cooked food, which digests slowly, and gives you the worst gas ever.  So you definitely learn about different eating methods!

I do cooked foods sometimes, if I feel like it.  For the first month, you'll feel like it, until you really start eating at least 2500 calories a day.  However, I don't eat cooked foods late - it sits in my stomach forever, and so if I eat late then wake up and half my fruit, I have the worst gas in the universe all day long, and depending on how much I ate, that can include bad cramps, headaches, and backaches from the stomachache.  And that also depends on how active you are & when you eat - if you go out running first thing in the morning & give it time to clear out in the bathroom, then that's different.  It all depends on what you eat, when you eat, how active you are, etc.

You'll also find you start to crave lots of calories.  I was stuck at work late today and I just got home exhausted, so I chopped up half a watermelon, threw it in the blender with some ice, and I'm drinking it now while typing - VERY satisfying, as crazy of a dinner as that may sound!  That's 700 calories of delicious carbs & sugar, and you feel GREAT after drinking it!

So that's why I would recommend going raw for a week - give your intestinal track a few days to clear out all of the cooked food so you don't get gas.  It will be messy for a few days.  Then it will be weird for a few weeks while your body adapts to tons of fiber & fast-digesting food.  I never concerned myself with the word "digestion" in the past because it never meant anything to me - I've always been a big eater, but on this diet, you notice what foods affect you more than others because everything is flowing so quickly through your stomach.  Expect to have a bowel movement at least once a day once your stomach gets settled.

As a side note, it's interesting to see how your stomach flow speed affects your life.  For starters, it gives me an awful lot more energy.  It's hard to explain until your stomach gets regular on this diet, but basically, I had no idea that a lot of my semi-low energy periods during the day was actually my body trying to digest stuff & kind of sapping my energy away from me.  On fruit, you digest the food so fast that you just kind of feel light all the time, it's GREAT!  Again hard to explain until you've been there, but it's kind of like throwing the sandbags off a hot air balloon, when you didn't even realize they were there to begin with.

I've read that a lot of fruitarians don't really get sick anymore.  I suspect that has a lot to do with food not sitting in your gut for days at a time.  I mean, what's the first thing your body does when you get sick?  You throw up!  Then you magically feel better.  I mean, not that I get sick that often or anything, but I haven't been sick since I started this back in May.  And I'm curious to see how I do in the winter with everyone getting colds around me.  Half of my coworkers have been out sick the last week & I just feel great!  I tried not to laugh when people were popping Vitamin C pills & stuff as I sat there & ate 20 mandarin mini-oranges, lol - natural Vitamin C!!

just wondering, what do you mean by the minimum calories? 

elizabeth - 30bad recommends a minimum of 2500 calories a day for adult women & 3000 calories a day for adult men:


That's the minimum.  Your minimum depends on your body's particular fuel requirements - if you're 5 feet tall & weigh 100 pounds, your calorie requirements are going to be different than if you're 6 feet tall and weigh 180 pounds because you have more mass to support.  Add in your metabolism, your daily exercise (how many calories you burn), etc.  I'm between 4,000 and 5,000 a day depending on how active I am.

oh okay i get what your saying now. at first i thought you meant to eat the most minimum calories possible and i was so confused!!!!!!! haha thanks

Oh also, what, if anything, are you doing for exercise right now?  For lack of a better description, exercise (especially cardio), helps to "compress" poop.  When I first got into bodybuilding, I was eating a ton of cooked food but my stomach was kind of having a hard time - I made at least 15 minutes of cardio part of my daily workout & it really helped to just kind of solidify things & move things along in my gut.  Made a big difference in my regularity.  Gosh, I sound like I'm 80 years old haha.  Oh the things we talk about on this board ;)

Yes, who knew that POOP would be such a hot topic. No pun intended. LOL. I noticed that my body doesn't exactly LIKE mangos. I have noticed that it isn't digesting well, coming out like it went in. I guess any fruit helps, not just bananas. And I know what you mean about food, im sitting at my desk right now eating half of a watermelon. Too bad its mainly water, because I could eat this all day. I am not sure if I am ready for just raw foods all day.... I am pretty partial to my cooked food at night. Although, some nights I don't feel like cooked food, and make myself eat it. But next time I will know to just east raw food. Should I eat fruit, or can I eat raw veggies too?



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