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So, I've been completely dedicated to the Raw Til four thing since 2011, going 100% raw 8/1/1 for a few months in between here and there. I have a family history of heart disease and high cholesterol (father, his father, and his father etc etc all had several heart attacks) and I suppose I thought a low fat vegan diet would keep me clear of any of those problems. I don't eat any fats at all no avocados, no nuts, no oils. I've been eating fruit during the day and smashing in potatoes and rice at night. I recently decided to get some blood tests done to see where I was at and the results blew me away...

Homocysteine: 12.6 umol/l


>Cholesterol 7.1 mmol/L

>LDL Cholesterol 5.5 mmol/L

>HDL Cholesterol 1.0 mmol/L

>Non HDL Cholesterol 6.1 mmol/L

I was shocked to see my cholesterol levels so high! And my HDL is too low.. I went to see a holistic doc to discuss the results hoping I would find better advice than a conventional doctor. He told me I had to cut potatoes (and all nightshades) and rice out of my diet as they are causing a spike in my cholesterol.. 

Now I feel at a total loss.. I can't consume enough calories to succeed 100% raw so where am I going to get my calories from now? I guess I always associated high cholesterol with meat eaters and those who consumed a high percentange of fat... Not low fat fruit/root bats.. 

Anyone else experienced something similar?


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Thanks so much for all the replies guys! <3 Just going to have to sorrowfully cut out the starches for a while and go back for blood tests and see what comes from that. 

I'm not buying that either. How long have you been vegan? Did you have your blood work before you started eating rice and potatoes? My guess is that you don't exercise much and you don't get anywhere close to 2,000 calories per day from fruit. I love rice and potatoes too but if you are trying to fix high cholesterol after eating SAD for years, you really should try raw vegan foods instead of cooked taters. Once your cholesterol is down to where you want it, then you could introduce starches back into your diet it you wanted too. Do you own a bicycle? Do you belong to a gym?

Been Vegan since Feb 2011. I do need more exercise. And no, I struggle to get anywhere near 2,000 calories from fruit even though I eat it all day long, that's why I supplemented with potatoes and rice to fill the deficit. I've started exercising again and I'm slowly cutting out starches..only time and more blood tests will tell though..

Well you are on the right track. Just start exercising a little more each day. Rice and potatoes aren't going to hurt you but just start eating more fruit and salads. If you eat enough of the raw foods you'll automatically cut back on the rice and potatoes. For me to get enough fruit, I have to smoothie it or I just can't get enough. That huge smoothie first thing in the morning just starts the day off right! Good luck Cheynana!


Do you eat lettuce greens and nuts and seeds?  Nuts are a great way to get calories up quickly when going higher raw.  

Peace, PK

Yep, it is true, some people can get high cholesterol on a vegan diet, and many of our Raw to 4 members have high cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipid profiles.  

Good news is that the cholesterol your body makes is friendly cholesterol, and so far, many members who do have higher levels may not have any side effects that we know of yet.  

Reasons include history of being underweight and underfed and body will produce more lipids until genetic weight is achieved,  genetics, medications, and or body reacting to toxins in cooked and starchy foods.  Triglycerides can also increase if vitamin D levels are low.  

May be try to go fully raw, or at least get more calories from raw fruits n nuts n seeds n lettuce greens during the day, and save the rice and potatoes as a treat.  In Asia, rice is often eaten in 1/2-1 cup quantities, and the focus is on veggies and fruit.  

Peace, PK



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