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Hello people of the banana world :)

So, I've been completely dedicated to the Raw Til four thing since 2011, going 100% raw 8/1/1 for a few months in between here and there. I have a family history of heart disease and high cholesterol (father, his father, and his father etc etc all had several heart attacks) and I suppose I thought a low fat vegan diet would keep me clear of any of those problems. I don't eat any fats at all no avocados, no nuts, no oils. I've been eating fruit during the day and smashing in potatoes and rice at night. I recently decided to get some blood tests done to see where I was at and the results blew me away...

Homocysteine: 12.6 umol/l


>Cholesterol 7.1 mmol/L

>LDL Cholesterol 5.5 mmol/L

>HDL Cholesterol 1.0 mmol/L

>Non HDL Cholesterol 6.1 mmol/L

I was shocked to see my cholesterol levels so high! And my HDL is too low.. I went to see a holistic doc to discuss the results hoping I would find better advice than a conventional doctor. He told me I had to cut potatoes (and all nightshades) and rice out of my diet as they are causing a spike in my cholesterol.. 

Now I feel at a total loss.. I can't consume enough calories to succeed 100% raw so where am I going to get my calories from now? I guess I always associated high cholesterol with meat eaters and those who consumed a high percentange of fat... Not low fat fruit/root bats.. 

Anyone else experienced something similar?


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Saying rice and potatoes raise cholesterol is complete nonsense. I cant see how you have high cholesterol. You don't smoke do you ?

Don't smoke. Don't drink alcohol. There's several articles on certain carbs (esp. white rice & potatoes) causing increase in cholesterol levels: https://suite.io/melinda-thompson/zbe2ee.


But I don't know if they're all operating on the same flawed belief.. It's kind of hard to ignore blood test numbers though..

Have you been eating NO fat for the past 3 years?  I've heard that when you don't eat anything containing saturated fats (from the good sources, avocados, nuts)your body will produce more cholestrerol.  When you eat at least some, your body will produce less.  Maybe your body is trying to overcompensate??

Hey AndiR :)

It could be that.. I've been told that I must avoid any fat at all costs and I've heard of alot of 8/1/1ers getting by just fine without eating fats :( 

Do you work out and get enough sleep?  Reading that article you posted any extra glucose that is not used by the body converts to triglycerides.  Where you triglycerides check as well?  Are you over eating and not moving enough?

No such thing as overeating on fruit or high carb meals

This I'm still trying to figure out.  It seems everyone has their own opinion on if you can overeat on this lifestyle.  I don't know how I feel about it just yet.  :/

Hey Peter, 

Thanks so much for the reply. What you say makes a lot of sense. Anything higher than 5 is considered too high and my cholesterol is at 7.1. Ideally I want to go HCRV again as I feel best when doing it, just waiting for summer's bounty. In the meantime I guess I'll have to experiment and see what happens to my levels once I do cut out starches and make other changes. Apparently sweet potatoes don't have the same effect as white potatoes (?) so maybe I can try doing that. 

My triglycerides where checked. 1.26 (anything higher than 1.70 is considered bad) So it falls under the bracket which is why I'm so confused?? Sadly I don't exercise as much as I should which could also be playing a part and if you believe in overeating then hell yes I've been over eating :P 

haha well I meant overeating like eating 4000, 5000, 6000+ calories a day along with no exercise. 

unless you puke from eating too much

see my post on cholesterol 217 .
replies sounded to me that certain ppl cant deal as good with starches as others. my cholesterol 15 months ago on rawtill4 but without starches (yes possible) was 169 (no overt fats) and bout 180 with overt fats. now 10 months on starches it is up to 217!!!!

yes. imo certain ppl raise their cholesterol on starches.



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