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Potassium overload and pancreatic strain leading to diabetes

Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone has experience with the following:  

My mum has Lupus and gout (and used to be hypo-glycaemic), is on cortisone and also ant-acids for reflux.  She has been eating a SAD diet up until about 3 weeks when I convinced her she had to go 80/10/10 high raw vegan, which she has been doing (fairly strictly).  She has been feeling a whole lot better, but went to the doctor and had a whole lot of blood tests yesterday.  Her doctor is now very worried about her kidneys currently, and has taken her off all sorts of meds.  She tells me he totally freaked out at her blood potassium levels, asked her what she was doing.  She told him about the high fruit and told her she should make some changes because it was really stressing her pancreas and she would end up with diabetes.  She told him she was eating about 4 bananas a day plus a few mangos.  He told her that was way too much, that she should steer away from the tropical fruit (too high in potassium) but that other fruit was fine.  She's feeling a bit sad because the bananas and mangos were getting her through to lunch easily and staving off hunger.  

He also told her not to blend the fruits because they were hitting her bloodstream too quickly (which I think is erroneous since blending keeps the fruit fibres thus slowing down the sugars in the blood...

I asked her about her fat intake and she says she is keeping this very low - usually no more than 1/2 an avo a day.

Anyone have any experience or suggestions here?  

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Potassium is not an issue 10k mg/per day is totally fine, unless you have kidney failure.

Most people are p deficient and the rda is set way low:

I dont know anything as helpful as these people may, but I do wish your mother and you the best. I may know nothing to help you, but you and your replies teach me. Thank you for posting.

You said she wasnt, which is great, but even if she was totally stubborn, you should never abandon your mother. 


98% of American Diets Potassium Deficient

Tell your mom to take advice from people who actually know what they are talking above, like Dr. Greger above.

"Her potassium levels were 5.4 mmol/L  (the range is 3.5 -5.0)

some others were:

+Creatinine  142 umol/L  (50-120

My mum has Lupus"

The kidneys maintain the blood creatinine in a normal range. Creatinine has been found to be a fairly reliable indicator of kidney function. Elevated creatinine level signifies impaired kidney function or kidney disease.


About 1 in 3 people with Lupus will get kidney disease at some time in their life.



Her doctor is probably a pill pusher like the rest, and wrong on many occasions, but in this case he/she is right.

Non of those articles say anything about potassium.

We have to ditch fragmented thinking and look at the big picture.. fruits and veg will give the best chance for your body to heal as everything else compared to them will have less nutritional value and higher toxic/digestive load.

Chance is most of her test values are off so adjusting nutrients according to test result decimals makes no sense.

Avoid the foods that got you sick, not the healthy ones.. healthy foods are healthy for sick and healthy people alike..

I'm not saying she shouldn't get tests, medical supervision, etc., but when it comes to nutrition there's no point to take advice from them.

One more, just came out:

"She has been feeling a whole lot better"  This is great - I would say keep moving forward

"He totally freaked out"  Allopathic doctor's are never going to agree with this diet - wouldn't it put them completely out of business?  They are not trained to let the body heal with proper living habits, they are trained to treat symptoms of disease, period.

I would suggest she do a consult with Dr. Graham.

There more potassium in an averaging of hte components of pizza per 100gram than in a banana

you have 1kg of banana people freak, 1kg of pizza? no problem.

and theres a reason i pick the amount of 1kg there, it's cos thats how many bananas are needed to meat the RDA of potassium WHICH IS WAAAY TOO LOW!, the ratio of potassium to sodium should be 8:1, at a sodium intake of the rda of 2300 that means 18400mg of potassium or 4kg bananas 



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