30 Bananas a Day!

I'm 19 and live in a VERY meat friendly community :(

I have just started the LFRV diet and am consuming large amounts of bananas. I am aware that the potassium levels found in bananas are safe when consuming large amounts, however my parents are concerned. My dad has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and is blessed to have recently received a new kidney. The doctors told him not to eat bananas because of their potassium levels. 

Since doctors told us that I have a 50% chance of getting PKD my parents are concerned that the high levels of potassium might harm me in some way.

If anyone has experience with this or have any findings that could be helpful that would be great!

Thank you!!!!

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The doctors are idiots.

Ask them to show ONE person who got kidney trouble because of bananas. Impossible, because there's none.

Most fruits and veg has a good amount of p and the way it should be.. never worry about the fruit and veg always worry about the 'other stuff' and fix lifestyle choices that got you in trouble in the first place..

Exactly! The way I understand it is that fruits and veg can only do good...

Thanks :)

Not true it's called Hyperkalemia.

Hyperkalemia is a potentially life-threatening metabolic problem caused by inability of the kidneys to excrete potassium. The immunosuppressive drugs cyclosporine, trimethoprim and even adrenal insufficiency are notorious for causing Hyperkalemia. Her dad is probably on cyclosporine to prevent transplant rejection. 

A person with advanced kidney disease due to (polycystic kidney disease) PKD may need to limit some foods and eliminate others. Failing kidneys have a hard time handling  protein, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. She's probably fine (ask your doctor) but her dad is not a candidate for higher levels of potassium.

I was advising Katie not her dad just to make clear. 

In case of kidney failure/transplant constant medical supervision/testing and other special measures are required of course.

Regardless, anything you eat that is not fruit and veg is just going to cause more damage to your body and weaken your immune system so it's a no brainer to me.

Yes, he is on a similar anti rejection medication. Thank you for this info! This will help convince them that potassium will not harm me :)

... and yes Rawbert, I was aware that you were advising me not my dad :)

Yes, they should be working 100%. I have had a couple of kidney ultrasounds, though the last one was over 3 years ago. 

I have been eating only about 6-9 bananas a day so far and getting the remaining calories from other fruit.

Thank you for the advise :)



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