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I saw this video and couldn't help but wonder how a women's body would recover from pregnancy if she raw during and right afterwards.

Could anyone here shed more light on this for me? Do raw women have as many stretch marks, do they keep that little pouch they are playing with in the video, and does the decision to breastfeed effect any of this as I've heard that breastfeeding helps the body better return back to normal

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Jinjee Talifiero from the Garden Diet has some videos about this.  In a way, this video really highlights the horrors of our culture for women--excess fat, excess c-sections.  The story at 7:25 where the woman had an unnecessary hysterectomy!  

But the message of the video was beautiful... our scars show us where we have come from and what we have been through, both the wonderful and the horrible.  We should love ourselves and others the way we are.

I have had 4 pregnancies and breastfed all of my children for extended periods.  I have been overweight and only been 100% raw for 4 months at one stretch.  My belly looks a lot like the first woman on the video.  Wrinkly, stretchmarked, poochy.  I reduced my weight on 80-10-10 to 110 pounds at one point, and if anything, my belly was more noticeably wrinkly and saggy, so I doubt I'll ever lose all of my "battle scars."  And that's a good thing.

Wow, to that video!  I do not know if stretch are genetic but I was very fortunate. I gained 60lbs when pregnant and only have small unnoticeable scars on my buttocks. I rubbed coco butter on my breast and belly 2 to 3 times a day but did not eat raw or vegan. I nursed my son until he was 3 and became vegetarian shortly after giving birth. I did drink lots of water and no carbonated or caffeinated drinks. I thought about the health of my baby the entire time I was pregnant and that was my motivation to be kind to my body. I did the Bradley birthing method which had me eating way too much protein so I felt really tired a lot. I would love the opportunity to grow a little raw baby!  

I do have a little extra skin but I am sure I am the only one who notices it, really. My son was 8lbs 6oz and very healthy and happy.  Oh and remember the fat is the first to go and the flabby skin can take a couple years to tighten up but it will tighten up.

I think stretch marks are at least somewhat hereditary or somehow marked in our genes.  I've had three children and so far have been free of stretch marks.  But the fact that they're not there has nothing to do with any creams or special things I did to try and prevent them.  I just never got them.  I also have a long torso though and tend to carry the baby in a way that prevents me from getting a HUGE belly, so that's most likely got something to do with it as well.  Again, genetics.

But I agree that our scars should be worn with pride:)  I think that with severely stretched out skin, there's only so much that can be done, no matter how healthy you live or how much weight you lose.  That sounds awfully pessimistic, lol - sorry if it's not the answer you were looking for!!  Something can definitely be done about fat under the skin, but probably only minimal things can be done for the actual skin that has been stretched (besides surgery of course! Not recommending that though - love who you are (and who your partner is) and the scars on your skin:)

Breastfeeding burns more calories, so that's probably why many women find it helps them to return to their pre-pregnancy weight more quickly.  I personally think it also probably has a lot more to do with than that (like hormonally, physiologically - there's probably a lot about breastfeeding and how it helps the mother recover that we don't even understand yet, and may never will! - I have this view on most things that are obviously natural things for us to be doing (or eating!)- no amount of science or studies can convince me that there aren't more benefits to be discovered!!)

I should add that with my pregnancies, I was not 80/10/10 - nor was I even vegetarian.  So 80/10/10 was not what prevented the stretch marks for me.

My lowest weight eating lfr was 115lbs and I still had that ugly wrinkly skin.  I got them mainly from my first pregnancy with Andrew--I gained 60lbs.  I tried eating an all raw diet but it didn't work out (I'm 0-2 for raw pregnancies, lol).  I gained 40lbs being pregnant with Rainbow and any new stretchmarks blended in nicely with the old ones.

I agree that stretchmarks are genetic because I know of MANY women who aren't raw or vegan who have had multiple pregnancies and don't have ANY stretchmarks.  Many of them also gained a significant amount of weight during their pregnancies.

Some of these women breastfed and others bottlefed and many of these women's bodies snapped back into shape regardless of how they decided to feed their babies.

I don't know enough raw women who have had pregnancies to know whether or not they got stretchmarks and if they didn't if they would have had the same luck eating a cooked diet.

I've been doing experiments on myself to see if there is a natural way to get rid of the wrinkly, ugly skin.  If not I will have it removed surgically.

I wish I could be one of those women who wears the stretchmarks with pride but I'm NOT, lol!

Yeah, and I guess it's easy for me to say to wear them with pride when I don't have any myself, lol.  It just makes me sad to think that some women feel embarrassment or shame because of them:)  

Trust me it's hard to wear stretchmarks with PRIDE (at least it is for me).  I don't know any women who are happy with their stretchmarks.  I was just talking to a friend of mine who's the mother of two yesterday about it.  She showed me her stomach and I showed her mine!  We both share the same hatred for the stretchmarks.  We LOVE our babies but DAMN THE STRETCHMARKS!

A couple of months back I was talking to another mom and we shared the same mutual hatred for our stretchmarks.  She's thinking of flying to Thailand to get a tummy tuck because the cosmetic surgeons are just as good as the ones in the States but charge a lot less.

I really think being at least vegan if not raw vegan greatly influences how your body looks after pregnancy and esp. How fit you are before. All of us 811ers are very into athletics so i really can't see having that much flabby skin after pregnancy. That being said i do agree that these markings are mother natures way of imprinting motherhood on us forever and that is beautiful, however, i hope to god and all things good in the world that my body returns to normal. Im so anal about my stomach and feeling bloated it would drive me cra6,

The FLAB is easy to get rid of but it's the STRETCHMARKS that are more complicated!

these markings are mother natures way of imprinting motherhood on us forever and that is beautiful

Who needs stretchmarks for THIS?  Having my children is sufficient to imprint motherhood forever on me.  Mother Nature's got some explaining to do because I'm a little PISSED at her!

I dont have any pregnancy stretch marks. None. Having a baby sure HUUUUUURRRRRRTTTTT ayyyy mama

Here's the thing about breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding actually keeps those pregnancy hormones at a relatively high level, rather than going back to post-pregnancy, so your body will hold on to your pregnancy a little longer...but statistics show that over the long-run breastfeeding mothers are healthier and they do get back to their weight faster than average.  However moms who are determined to get back to size and spend all hours exercising to do so, will maybe have a flat belly shortly after having a baby, while a breastfeeding mom might have her belly for a year... I know with my first baby I had my pooch for around 6-9 months, of course I was actually undereating with her...my second daughter I had my pooch until she was about 9 months and it was all wrinkly for awhile too, with both babies. 

I kinda still have it...meaning my belly is not like it was before I had babies...I don't focus on my abs and they aren't muscle-y at all.  I always stick my belly out too, not like forcefully, but with intentional relaxed posture, holding no tension, therefore breathing fully and never having a sucked in belly.  So after I've eaten I get comments of *are you pregnant a lot because people see my small frame and then my poochy pouch and so graciously show their respect for my fertility, I guess. ;)  (luckily this doesn't offend me at all)

I never had stretch marks and I think that really must be hereditary.  I've seen lots of thin women who've never even had babies with stretch marks as well as lots of women who are obese with stretch marks. I want to talk to a midwife about this. 

My picture up there was when my baby was almost a year old, and that was right before a meal, so I was hungry. 



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