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do most watch there portions or do they just eat till they are content?

Me? I eat as much as i want. I cant help but wonder if i over eat to be honest becuase I've managed to gain / loose /gain etc.. I might be lean looking in the pic but after almost 4 years on this diet i've up about 24lbs since that original pic. Dont get me wrong its fluctuated in that time back and forth. 

So I wonder if i should excercise some portion control. but to be honest every single time i've done that in the past I'd sit around hungry and pissed off and give up on it within a day lol. 

I cant find a rhyme or reason to my weight gain either. I've tried it all with the exception of staying fully raw for a long period of time. Nothing but mixed results sometimes up sometimes down on the scale really cant put my finger on it to be honest.

All i do knwo is i feel my best eating this way which is why i continue to do so despite the fact that weigth wise i'm not super happy.

I"m 5 foot 7 164lbs. And i'm not some muscular dood I run 40-50 miles a week and never lift weights. and I know some might suggest hey try lifting weights and maybe i will but I dunno that thats a requirement to be a lean bean.

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interesting points. I tried that oatmeal thing i was ravinous within an hour or 2. oatmeal didnt really sustain me in the mornings. 

I sometimes wonder do i eat out of boredom at night? then when i force myself to not snack in the evenings I wake up at 3am starving half to death so i'm like well? maybe i need to eat more? so i go back to my routine that works and keeps me happy etc..

I think in your case you should portion control. No food after 7pm and no food before 6:30am. You need to get your ghrelin and leptin hormones back in balance. 

Force yourself to 3000 calories per day. Once you hit that then stop. I find when I get over 3500 that I spend too much time eating, bloating, peeing, feeling lethargic, thinking about food, etc. When I get under 2300 calories or so I get cranky, irritable, triggered, tired, hungry, etc. You should revert back to 3000 calories for a month and then really try and find the sweet spot where you are most productive, not caring about food, not bloated, not bored, and have lots of energy, but you aren't irritable, cranky, tired, or hungry. I try to get the lowest amount of food necessary to thrive on my lifestyle, and that usually comes in between 2600 and 3300 depending on how much I want to get done. 

TL;DR - find the lowest amount of calories you can thrive on and go with that. You do not need to eat more.

anyone on this thread been obese 100+ lbs over weight? I just gotta wonder if my years of obesity basicly have caused things to simply still be out of wack is all. It really sounds like i'm doing all the right things or have tried just about allt hats been suggested short of say weight lifting though i've gone through phases where i've done plenty of calstetics worked in a rowing machine and bike into my routine and again no changes in weight or phsyique so I just reverted back to my passion of running. 

Sleep is also another possible problem here. With 6 kids and stress of life sleep is just a tough one for me to get. I do have to wonder if it all boils down to sleep as well. lack of sleep / lack of quality sleep.

It's entirely possible that because of your previous weight you're struggling to maintain a low body fat percentage.  Once you have fat cells they never go away, they just shrink.  Sleep is probably the best thing you can work on improving, but like you said with that many kids it's not easy.

Sleep effects hormones and hormones effect body weight.

Go to bed by 8
Get a sleep mask
No tech after 8
And lay there until morning no matter what in the pitch black.

Only exceptions is getting up to pee, drink or eat depending on how long you are laying there.
Hey Jim! I am still around! Not sure if you remember me,but I was a high protein low carber prior to Hclf. I think my body is still healing from that nonsense. I am just now able to think about running regularly and it has been about 4 1/2 years since leaving that lifestyle. Finally losing the fatigue. I managed to gain around 70+ pounds, but stabilized around 6 months ago. I get it!

wow yeah was wondering about you. 

thats what i keep wondering if i just really screwed myself up with the low carb nonsense. I keep thinkign more and more my gain is muscle or something and not fat. I look the mirror and i swear i look slightly leaner. I think if i was gaining fat i'd look in the mirror and complain about what i see.

I cant deny how i feel too i feel good. just gotta wait this out and see how it goes I suppose.

Wow - I just noticed your weekly mileage. That is a decent amount of miles. Depending on any elevation in your runs, you are burning a good amount of calories. Assuming 1 rest day per week, you are running around 7-8 miles per day. On top of the calorie requirement for men, you should be eating over 4,000 calories just to maintain and fuel your runs. Add in the fact that you have young kids, that takes even more calories! Then, if you are still healing from those paleo days, add in more.

I swear paleo ruined me and I am worried I will never recover. With my extra weight gained, I struggle to run. And my temp drops every time I do, which means it is stressing my body. What to do.....

i saw some stuff online about how low carb you actually loose MORE muscle then you would on a low fat diet. and you know it kind of makes sense. My low carb days make a mockery out of the eat more portein to have muscle lies. All i ate was protein it was the meat diet i swear and in the end i was 150lbs yes but I think my muscle to fat ration was all screwed up and out of balance. 

My theory is you fix your diet and your body goes back into gain mode to put that balance back in check. hence what we are dealing with. I probably have more muscle now then i did then etc... 

but yes in my case all the years of obesity smoking and drinking then a diet that was 24grams of carbs a day for 7 months or so? i mean yeah i lost over 100lbs just like that but i guess something wasnt right.

Yep! I think my body is still trying to balance out from all that protein and fat. And being older is not in my favor at all. I think it takes longer to heal the older you get regardless if your low carb diet was only for 3-12 months. It is just harder to bounce back for someone like me. Frustrating. I wish I knew then what I know now! I would have never gone low carb.

Definitely lift weights, muscle burns many more calories than fat. Don't restrict your portions, maybe just focus on more calorically dilute fruits for some meals 

I would focus on whole foods more, and less calorically dense foods(limit dehydrated fruit, dates, white rice, white potatoes etc) instead you could have brown rice, sweet potato etc. This way you don't have to limit your portions but you still aren't overshooting your daily calorie needs



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