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do most watch there portions or do they just eat till they are content?

Me? I eat as much as i want. I cant help but wonder if i over eat to be honest becuase I've managed to gain / loose /gain etc.. I might be lean looking in the pic but after almost 4 years on this diet i've up about 24lbs since that original pic. Dont get me wrong its fluctuated in that time back and forth. 

So I wonder if i should excercise some portion control. but to be honest every single time i've done that in the past I'd sit around hungry and pissed off and give up on it within a day lol. 

I cant find a rhyme or reason to my weight gain either. I've tried it all with the exception of staying fully raw for a long period of time. Nothing but mixed results sometimes up sometimes down on the scale really cant put my finger on it to be honest.

All i do knwo is i feel my best eating this way which is why i continue to do so despite the fact that weigth wise i'm not super happy.

I"m 5 foot 7 164lbs. And i'm not some muscular dood I run 40-50 miles a week and never lift weights. and I know some might suggest hey try lifting weights and maybe i will but I dunno that thats a requirement to be a lean bean.

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i got to thinking ya know Over hte last 4 years now that I think about it i've gone through phases where i was routinely throwing around some free weights and doing pushups etc.. I also do situps routinely. And there again really no impact in muscle definition or weight or body fat %..

So I dunno still at a loss maybe this is just the way that it is for me. Or i could drop the running down considerably and do something like a cross fit but thats just not really something I wanna do.


I'm sorry to hear you're still dealing with this Jim, I remember you posting on and off about your fluctuating weight over the years.


What about your hormones buddy? How is your metabolism? How's your thyroid doing? You can take your body temperature to get a steer on things (I can help you with that if you're interested).


I'm sure I don't need to remind you that endurance exercise reduces your metabolic rate, and you do do an awful lot of endurance exercise, and have done so for years. You've mentioned that you run vs cycle for a bigger calorie burn, but viewing weight-loss via the number of calories burnt during the exercise itself isn't really considering the whole picture.


Apologies if you know all this, but just so I can make sure I share all my thoughts: HIIT and heavy weight training produce an optimum hormonal response that'll keep your body burning fat long after the event, as well as getting your metabolism back up to speed so you burn more day-to-day during NEAT - plus of course, any muscle you put on requires more calories in order to be maintained.


Long-term weight management is all about optimising the hormones (which this lifestyle supports via the emphasis on eating enough, getting lots of sleep, getting off medication/contraceptives etc). You want to be in a situation whereby if you permanently stopped doing any formal exercise tomorrow, eating to your appetite would keep you lean. As tricky as it might be to not do so, comparing yourself to others isn't that useful. For example, I train with my hormonal health in mind and am weight-stable at 3k-3.5k calories a day. I have a friend who is exactly the same height and build as me, canes the running in the gym most mornings and burns huge numbers of calories, at least triple of what I do, and is weight-stable on under 2k. We live exactly the same kind of lives outside of the gym. The difference is our metabolism, our hormones.


On the food front, have you noticed that a number of people on the social media vegan scene have come out recently to say their hormones are screwed up from eating a super low fat diet, and are healing themselves with increased fat? I'm not for a moment suggesting you go high fat but have you considered this aspect? My health TRANSFORMED when I went from below 10% fat to 20% fat and I spontaneously lost a few pounds too (which hadn't been my goal) - it was truly like night and day. Is it worth reviewing this just in case? Have you properly researched fat and hormones? Note that I am female though, which may well have had something to do with my requirement for higher fat.


I've really admired your dedication and perseverance over the years however, what you're doing isn't working. If it's not working after four years, then I reckon it isn't going to and things need switching up. You say that none of your situation makes sense, but if you look at your weight gain from the perspective of excessive endurance exercise negatively impacting upon your metabolism, then it actually makes perfect sense.

I think hormones could be where it's at for you, and definitely worth your while exploring, if only to rule this out, but that's just my two cents' worth.

Yeah i've questioned the hormone things too myself. But dunno where to begin really aside from getting a blood draw etc...

I do go through phases where i eat more fat perhaps not a ton more however but I dont really notice much either way. Its funnyt oo because some folks say fat satiates there appetite more. me? it just makes me more hungry go figure. 

I think my body is used to doing what it does and its just easy anymore for it to maintain whatever it is i'm doing. I crank up the miles i just eat more. I drop them I eat a little less it all just kinda happens with little effort on my part aside from making sure i eat etc.. lol.

Its a tough call too I was 275lbs originally lost a ton of weight from a low carb diet but was left with the excess skin etc.. and honestly at the tail end of that diet i was not loosing squat despite the excess flab all over and a 28 inch waist. Course that diet was not the healthiest choice I could have made lol. it was effective I guess. 

Anyhow I dunno I know quite a few folks that Have decided to go high carb vegan and aide from feeling great they all had poor results in the weight loss department. So maybe some of us are just wired different I dunno. 

I just keep going doing what I"'m doing I feel good and I like just assume my body is trying to work this all out but I'm jacked to see my weigth fluctuate liek it does and my BF% go from 11-15 for no reason. 

maybe I just lack muscle etc.. I dunno the other issue is muscle needs to be maintained etc,.. so If i do take on weight training and such it would probably be wise to stick with it. I have not been able to commit to something like that yet. 

might just come down to genetics and hormones in the end and this is just how it is for me.

It's hard to say for sure, but you could still be seeing metabolism effects from that low carb phase.  Of course that was many years ago and at this point you'd think you'd be golden.  You're kind of right on the edge of being overweight, and as long as you aren't gaining I don't think that's necessarily a terrible place to be.

The only other thing I could suggest is upping your vegetable intake and variety.  I know if I haven't gotten enough of a certain nutrient within a day I can still feel ravenously hungry even though I feel full.  It's like my body is trying to find that nutrient by eating more.  By eating a variety of nutrient dense vegetables you can pretty much cover your needs.

Yeah I think yoru right this past week i've tried to diversify my diet more and I"ve noticed a bump in my energy levels and dumped 2lbs i also was about 95% raw all week long as well. 

and yeah I've been patient about the whole thing thought ya know I mighta screwed myself up with that low carb thing and my body just needs to balance it all back out again. I would think that at dang near 4 years i'd be past it but who knows maybe not? 

My BMI has me at overweight and i'm not a muscular person. I suppose I have big strong thighs but outside of that not really. I run with very little fatigue. in any one area. but I know after heavy mile weeks i am just tired over all. but its not liek I sit around going this muscle or that area is sore adn is still developing. with the exception of my feet. I changed to a forefoot strike this past year and I am still adapting to that in my feet anyhow.

The fact that fat stimulates your appetite (when you’re already eating so much) supports the theory that your body needs more fat. Just like low carbers whose bodies are desperate for carbs, and who go nuts once they have one bite of bread, people whose bodies are desperate for fat will be extremely stimulated by fat. The same is true for those with adrenal issues who crave salt. Instinct is a far better regulator than conscious intellect. Do you think your body might be telling you something by reacting so strongly to fat?


It’s not so much about packing on loads of muscle and then having to maintain it - lots of people aren’t into that. It’s about stopping the endurance exercise in order to allow your metabolism to get back up to speed. You can do hill sprints if you want to still run, or take up another sport that you enjoy. You can be very active, be incredibly fit, just without the extreme endurance exercise. This ramps up your metabolism via your thyroid/adrenal health versus increasing your TDEE via increased muscle mass. Any muscle gained would just be a bonus, a boost to your daily calorie requirements, but not the focus, which would be improving your thyroid function.


Have you researched the effect of endurance exercise on metabolism? What do you think about it all? Does it resonate with you in any way? (I’m guessing not if you’re saying that you keep doing what you’re doing and trusting that your body is figuring it all out!)


I just Googled this to see what’s out there and here is the very first link that popped up for me:




That’s you right? Gaining body fat despite hours of cardio, the more endurance exercise you do, the more you gain, huge appetite etc. Sure, this is a random health researcher’s blog, but his sciencing is spot on (saying that, I think I may have actually read one of his books years ago!) and it seems he experienced what you’re experiencing.

You’re right, people do of course have differences in their biochemical makeup however, most everything is within our control (even our genes to an extent via epigenetics) so I would strongly encourage you not to just settle for this way of being if this isn’t what you want. Especially as you’ve already come so far and done so incredibly well losing so much weight…!

yeah its a tgough call but if extreme endurance sports was so bad teh exterme endurance people would all be flabby obese etc.. lol and there all pretty lean beans. But I'm gonna look into what your saying anyhow you got me curious.

I'm not sure about the fat thing when i craved it before from eating it that was back in my low carb days. I dont really have that issue on this diet and just rarely eat fats. I'd say i eat about 1 to 2 avocados a week. then of course greens and such. 

Extreme endurance athletes are thin (lots aren’t actually that lean - two different things - the girls I know who do just cardio are thin and flabby, due in part to the fact that endurance exercisers have muscle mass comprised of mostly slow twitch muscle fibres, which don’t produce the same hormonal benefits, notably HGH, that super fast twitch muscle fibres do, as found in sprint-trained athletes, who tend much more towards being lean and muscular, hence my suggestion to perhaps look at doing HIIT, plyometrics etc) because they consistently burn a huge number of calories and their bodies waste muscle to help keep their metabolisms as efficient as possible. (Efficient in this instance means burning fewer calories at rest and adapting to burning fewer calories when carrying out the same exercise - a lowered metabolic rate). This huge calorie burn prevents obesity, no matter how low the metabolism gets, until complete cessation of the exercise; the athletes are generally thin and have down-regulated (more efficient) metabolisms.


The fastest way to trash your metabolism is to do a low-carb diet. Couple this with excessive endurance cardio and you have the recipe for some serious metabolic impairment.


But anyway, you’ll see all this when you get into the research - there’s no debate on the impact endurance exercise has on the metabolism.


To be clear, I’m very much pro-exercise, and do a lot myself, and many people happily do endurance exercise with no complaints, and having personally done some endurance running, I totally get the addictive high of pushing your body in that way. But given you do so much endurance exercise and are gaining weight (and gain more weight the more you exercise) and come from a low-carb background, and seem to be doing everything else right, I just wanted to really highlight this aspect to you - if only for you to get under the skin of it all and write it off. The process of elimination is often the best way to start with health issues!


Apologies, seems I misinterpreted your reference to fat, I thought you meant that if you ate it nowadays it sparked off an appetite increase. My bad.


Interesting point about the water weight, though I thought you were gaining actual body fat doing all this exercise.

Will you let us know how you get on? You’ve been posting about this topic for a couple of years now as far as I can recall, so it’d be great for us to hear how you’ve resolved it, and so useful for newbies coming to the site. Weight gain/loss is such a hot topic with this lifestyle, the more info we can provide everyone, the better.

my only other kicker with the endurance excercise ruins metabolism stuff is so does this mean i'll be an obese marathon runner eventualy lol? or does it just mean I"ll never be shredded? I'm fine with not ever being shreded heck it might work out that anyhow form my obesity prior to all of this excess skin etc... 

but yeah I do stiill wonder if that low carb diet I did screwed me for eyars. I dont want to believe that here 4 years later my metabolism could still be trashed from that but maybe? but the lead up to that diet i drank like a fish and ate whatever I wanted so who knows maybe this will all just take more time. Hard to believe but maybe.

Running & cycling does not ruin your metabolism. 

It is possible you are still healing your metabolic damage from your low carb dieting. 


Jacob, could you please clarify what you mean with your first statement? This is a thread to support Jim, and others who may search under this topic, so I want to make sure we’re being as helpful and accurate as possible.

It’s basic human physiology that our metabolisms become more efficient with endurance exercise, just as it is that our metabolisms become more efficient with reduced calorie intake. It’s this function of our physiology that has enabled the human race to survive under challenging conditions. The extent to which our metabolisms become efficient matches the amount of endurance exercise we do, or the degree to which we reduce our calories.

The word “ruin” is somewhat subjective, but it is of course entirely possible to severely negatively impact your metabolism with all kinds of behaviour, the key ways being chronic sleep deprivation, extreme emotional stress (abuse), extreme physical stress (types and amounts of exercise), prolonged hypo-caloric diets.


I know, we’re always doing our best to do what’s “right” but that seems to be an ever-moving goal post with nutritional science!


For what it’s worth, my view on all of this is one of severe metabolic impairment. The low carb diet thrashed your thyroid, you then (or concurrently, I’m not sure of your timings) took up the distance running which naturally reduces the metabolic rate, and while this was going on you’ve had the considerable (unimaginable!) stress of bringing up six kids, all on inadequate sleep. This is a hormonal nightmare mate! And your body’s response to this immense stress is to hold onto fat, and to indeed gain more fat the more you exercise.


You say you think it’s just going to take time, but time under inappropriate conditions (i.e. the continuation of much of what I’ve mentioned above) is only going to serve to exacerbate everything. Four years may well have passed since your low carb days, but in that time you haven’t provided optimum conditions for your thyroid to get back on track. Change is what you need.


To be honest, I’m not even thinking of your aesthetics right now. Your health is what’s really suffering here with all this. Maybe you can’t feel all that yet, but at some point you will. Your thyroid is connected to pretty much every chemical process and reaction in the body. (If you have sleep issues outside of the disruption of having six kids, for example, that will inevitably be due to poor thyroid function - this is one of the first areas in which this tends to show up.)

What do you think about what I’m saying? Does it at least intellectually make sense? Does it resonate in any way? Your thread was initially about portion control and food quantity, so this is perhaps all rather unexpected from your point of view. Have you started to look into all this? If you’ve got the time/energy, you can verify everything I’ve stated above and I’m sure find plenty of blogs and anecdotal accounts of people who’ve gone through the same stuff.



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