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I'm loving the summer fruits around at the moment, cheap peaches and berries in abundance. I'm disappointed in the water melons I have had. They do not taste sweet and have a powdery texture. I'm buying them and then storing them in the fridge.
Does this mean they are overripe?? They have bright green/black rind. I have tried them from various shops without sucess. The other types of melon all taste wonderful in comparison to these horrid melons.
I'm from uk, and have tasted better in the winter months.

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Sorry to hear that. It's prime down here in Bama country. Although, I did mistakenly crack open one unripe watermelon a couple weeks ago, but taped it back up for an exchange (yes srs).

Yes I am so disappointed and frustrated with the watermelon.  I seriously feel like it is a crime.  I feel robbed of one of my absolutely divinely favorite fruits in the world and I just can't get a good one.  I am seriously going to search everywhere I can think of to find a good watermelon.  I am so frustrated.


i get some really great ones at the mexican markets but i have had unripe melons before too. 

@ 10 cents a pound

yeah sunshine for that sale I went and bought 20 watermelons LOL.  Imagine the looks I got doin that, the cashier asked me if I mix the watermelon with alcohol making drinks out of them, I was like what why would I destroy my watermelon like that?  lol I eat them all.  But yeah Ive had some real good ones and some not so much, Im eating one right now that is alright, pretty much all but 2 have been good.  


the register people always seem shocked even though they see me every week and i tell them about it and benefits and they seem happy.  

yeah they were a dollar each about, most were 10-14lb melons.  Amazing when I can have a watermelon for breakfast everyday that is only a dollar and 1200-1700 calories.  

It's interesting because I bought two watermelons the other day and ate one that night and it was delicious.  The other one, I put in the fridge for a couple days and then ate it and had the same almost 'powdery' texture.  Maybe it is the fridge?  I never really thought of that.

Yeah I know lots of people love refrigerated watermelon and I used to but I started eating it at room temperature never putting it in the fridge now I don't like chilled watermelon I actually think refrigerating it makes it taste more bland and it robs the fruit of some of its flavor.  I never noticed this before until I stopped refrigerating it before eating it and then I thought oh I miss refrigerated watermelon so I put half a watermelon in the fridge (cause I had eaten the other half already) and ate it later that day and it had less flavor and it was the same watermelon that I ate earlier in the day.  So yeah I don't miss cold watermelon or crave it anymore.  I actually no longer eating refrigerated fruit at all because it makes me feel cold.  I only started noticing this again after I stopped eating refrigerated fruit and then decided to try it again. 

I personally feel like refrigeration makes any fruit worse.  Obviously you have to keep some cool so they don't spoil but there is always a loss of flavor.

A month ago I went to pick strawberries and eat as many as I saved for later.  They were absolutely delicious and sugary fresh picked in the sun.  When I got home I put some in the fridge and froze the others.  Within a few days the ones in the fridge tasted less sweet than they had before and the frozen ones are all very tart.

Yes so true!  I try to only refrigerate when I have to.  I wonder how money I would save on electricity if I was able to unplug my refrigerator! 



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