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So during the summer I transitioned to poo-free, but I went to get a haircut today, and the lady who cut it insisted on washing it. She was looking at my hair and thought I had some kind of product in it, probably because my scalp has been pretty flaky, and my hair a bit greasy, since transitioning. After she gave it a good wash and cut it, she told me I need to take care of my hair because it's very thin, or else I might lose it...! My hair has always been thin, but is this something to be concerned about, or should I just give it more time?

For those who are successfully poo-free, how and when do you clean/care for your hair? I've been just cleaning it with water once a week, scratching and then rubbing all over my scalp. I then brush it and sometimes comb it just once and then wear it up every day before cleaning it again. (It's been looking better up than down.) Sometimes I brush it again if it doesn't look good, but that just seems to make it oilier.

Any tips to improve my flaky, greasy, poo-free hair and scalp? More or less brushing/combing? Maybe eliminate the scalp-scratching in the shower and just massage or run my fingers through, or even just get it wet? Wash it/wet it more or less often?


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I haven't washed my hair in over a decade....................
Wow, nice! (Have you washed your scalp? ;) )
Heya Alex!

I've been Poo-Free for a long time. Even before I started eating what humans were meant to, I only washed with Dr. Bronner's soap once a week or so. I believe it has a lot to do with what you consume, how much water you drink, sunshine, exercise and stress levels. When one of these are in flux I will usually see a thinning in my own hair (currently I am getting little to no exercise and my stress levels are off the charts- my hair is a lot more thin than usual).

Sunshine seems to help the most though. If you are still experiencing warm weather, try going outside and doing some yard work to build up a sweat- then go take a nice hot shower and wash your hair with just water thoroughly. It always helped me.

This is simply personal experience, my friend, as far as scientific evidence, I do not have any. I hope this helps :)

Yours in being
-Rudy :)
Hmmm, yes, stress, sunlight and exercise have definitely been out of balance. That probably explains some of the thinning. Thanks, Rudy!
You should consider changing the title from poo-free to shampoo free to avoid confusion. :)

Yep....had me going! ha ha

I haven't had a poo in over a decade...............
Thanks, Adrienne, you're an inspiration!
I went water-only no-poo this summer as well and I'm in love with my hair now. When I'm really lazy or busy I wash every two weeks; any other time I wash every week.

I found that it helps to comb and massage the scalp before washing since it loosens any gunky stuff. Definitely continue with the scalp-scratching + massage in the shower - it'll help with the flakiness and greasiness by removing dead skin cells. What might also help is starting the shower with warm water and gradually decreasing the temperature as you're rinsing.

As for your hair thinness, I don't think it's a problem. Some people have thinner hair than others. Mine thickened a bit, but I don't think it's necessarily a positive outcome, just the way my hair would naturally be if I hadn't doused it with chemicals.

If you have any other questions, feel feel to ask me anytime! :D
Hmm, I like your idea of combing and massaging before washing. I'll give it a try - thanks, Quill!



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