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For instance, when I ate several apples every day my pee smelled a lot like apple, and when I ate a bell pepper the other night my poo smelled like bell pepper. It also happens with a few other fruits. Does it mean that I am not digesting them well? Or doesn't it mean anything?

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Unless there are visible signs that you're not digesting well, from my understanding it means your system is running very cleanly

Yeah, that happens with watermelon though. But if visible sings are bad, then why is not smell bad? To me, they seem related.

that happens to me as well, one time i ate two pounds of strawberries n the next day my poop smelled like it lol. 

Im acctually wondering about this too. 

If your pee has any smell and/or colour you are not hydrating enough. When I used to drink strong coffee my pee would smell of it. Currently I can't fall asleep if I feel like I need to pee, so I don't drink much water in the evening, therefore only my morning pee smells.

I used to think I drink a lot of water because I would drink every time the word water popped up in my mind or I saw a sink. So I starter measuring how much water I drink (I use 1L bottle) and it turns out that I drank much less then I thought I did (2 times less). It is a good idea to make sure you drink at least 1.5-2 litres of water a day (2 quarts, 64 oz)

Thanks for the tip! I'll try measure how much I drink, and try to drink more.

No problem, just make sure to drink some time before and after you eat, not at the same time. 

Normal urine has a clear yellow color and a slight ammonia smell. Urine forms when your kidneys filter excess water from your bloodstream, along with waste byproducts. As red blood cells age, hemoglobin in the cells breaks down and forms a yellow compound called urochrome, giving urine its yellow tint. Some compounds in foods and medicines temporarily give urine unusual colors and odors. Most urine odors mark changes in diet but not changes in health.

P.S. By "most odors" the quote refers to smells that are food related.


People who eat a diet high in raw fruits and less cooked and processed foods have less bad smells.  Some people even claim their poo smells fruity.  I think mine is neutral now, not good or bad.  

Another way to tell if your poo is normal is by this chart...

Peace, PK



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