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Just curious what some of your guy's politcal views are and which american candidates you like.

I suspect a lot of you like Bernie Sanders but personally I'm a libertarian at essence and am supporting Rand Paul. I believe in freedom 100% and that everyone is accountable for themselves for the MOST part. Maybe I should say 99% because I do think there are people who can't take care of themselves and don't have loved ones to support them or cant get enough help from private charity so theres room for some welfare policies. I will compromise on that but ultimately its important to create as many jobs as possible while upholding the protection of property (overall environment being most important). You can only create jobs by making it easier for job makers to succeed (aka business owners especially small ones and news one). I do believe in trickle down economics when its done properly. If you want to tax the extra big companies more I'm for it but no one should pay over 50% of their earnings unless they received major amounts of subsidies paid out of your and my pockets.

The more wealth created the more surplus to help the less fortunate and I mean the ones who are legitimately poor off unlike many who take advantage of freebies the government gives out.

Economy is the most relevant thing to quality of life abroad and regulation should only revolve around protection of liberties, health (like workplace exposures and air purity) and like I said before, environment and property. These are just some examples. I believe in lower taxes for everyone except big companies that have benefitted from tax payer subsidies like oil, big pharma and bankers. They should pay more until its been judged that they've compensated by the supreme court. 

To get rid of lobbying lets get rid of government power so theres nothing to lobby for!

Reduce politician's pay checks!

I'm very passionate about my beliefs and care to hear yours. Please go easy on the name calling.

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I usually vote for a 3rd party, but I voted For Ron Paul last time.  But Rand is too different from Ron.

I've been paying attention to politics since 2000, but in my videos, I try not to say too much about it,
because you'll always turn people off.  The most political I got was recently, here:

*  Food Lobbiest vs "Nanny state" on CNN (I talk about Libertarianism)


*  Biggest scandals are ignored:

Hillary is the worst.  She represents everything wrong with politics.  Believe it or not, she started her career campaigning for libertarian-republican Barry Goldwater but she has since been swallowed by the belly of the beast they call Washington.  This is why we must have term limits on all elected officials if we are to ever fix the system.

Bernie has good ideas in regards to foreign policy, but socialism involves complete trust in government and politicians are very untrustworthy.  Socialism just doesn't work on a national level.

I don't like Rand playing the political game to get elected, but he is his father's son - he's principled and sincere.  He supports less policing of the world, term limits, a constitutional amendment to balance the budget, against the war on drugs, and for less consolidation of the power in Washington and more to where it belongs - states, local districts, and communities.  He's the only one worth voting for the way I see it.  

Can you say WHY Hillary is SO bad? 

Have you heard from Ben Carson?   (said yesterday) "Rome fell because they adapted women's rights"

Or Ted Cruz?

(and I assume you're not counting Trump)

Bernie describes himself as a democratic socialist. You cannot paint people with one broad stroke of a brush like that. SOME of his policies that he wants to implement could be labeled as socialist... such as healthcare for example. and if you were to do any research into the subject you would see that these systems WORK EXTREMELY well in other countries. thats just a fact. The biggest problem here is americans constantly buy into the fear that we will lose our freedom and american lifestyle if we dont take military action. we would have a LOT more money to spend on other programs if all our money didnt go to war to allow war profiteers to roll in the cash. People need to realize his foreign policy is the only one that looks out for the american people instead of the people who profit off war and the people who only have one goal in mind: keep us at war. Bernie is our only hope to make sensible decisions when it comes to make a decision about whether we should go to war, or not. This is proven because he is the only candidate to vote NO on the iraq war that bush led us into. If people could pull their heads out of their asses and realize how big the military budget is, and that most of our money problems that our country faces could be eliminated if we didnt spend all of our nations money on war. people need to realize their freedom is not at stake like the government makes you believe, and, the average american is not profiting from war. Only the super elite profit while the average american pays for them to go to war. we think we need to go to war to keep our freedom.. except thats what we were told when bush waged a false war. Bush said there were nuclear weapons and "god" told him to go to war. what a crock of shit that was. 

Our government, which is largly influenced by the most wealthy war profitters, is very good at making the american people think we need war to protect our lifestyle and our freedoms. They are good at instilling fear into the hearts of americans. "fear is the path of the dark side. fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering" -yoda While we vote for another president who is going to keep us at war so we can have our freedoms, there are people being blown up daily, people living on a battle field, because some greedy ass american wants in on the oil action and anything else that will benefit our country. We cannot continue to fuck the rest of the world over for a false protection of our freedoms. 

SOME countries can pull off SOME small forms of socialism but they won't be able to do it for long.

I live in canada and let me tell you the free healthcare here is bad. I would prefer a private market where services and product can become cheaper instead of more expensive when government gets involved. Also I don't like paying for peoples heart attacks when they eat fast food their whole life while I have a incite to eat healthy.

Explain how they love to lie please and also explain how their policies make the economy worse. No blanket statements or platitudes please.

I'm strongly considering writing Putin in or maybe rand paul i dunno lol.

Let's get one thing straight, both democrats and republicans are two heads of the same dragon.  They swear to uphold the Constitution but instead uphold the interests of those who own them - their donors.  Clinton and Bush are the establishment.  These are the people who shove the food pyramid down your throats and these are the people who would take your parenting rights away for feeding your children a raw diet if one day Monsanto decided it was hurting their profits.  These people seem like genuinely good people (although this is debatable) who want the best for you and your family on television but these people are so devoured by the political process that the words they utter hold no substance and the speeches they give are carefully scripted to play on your emotions.

Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are Christian-fundamentelists, so they can come off as a bit "out there" to those who hold different beliefs.  This is why I don't consider them to be legitimate candidates.  Trump will also fade away, but for a different reason.  His whole appeal is that he's entertaining and outspoken, but people will grow tired of him and his ego and that new car smell will eventually wear away.

I agree completely.  I think most people do.  That's why it's sad that a 3rd party can't get 3% of the vote.

In the mean-time.  Why is Hillary the worst?

Jeb responded to the mass-shooting by saying "Stuff happens"

I could go on all day.  Can you quote Hillary?

You mention that protection of environment being a priority so what are your thoughts on climate change?

As a outsider looking in at US federal politics, I see how rich corporate donors heavily influence the debate on particular issues. Two examples are climate change and gun control.

A small highly vocal, organized and funded minority blocks any sensible changes to US gun laws even though the majority of the US population would like to see some sensible changes.  Why does anyone for instance need an arsenal of guns?

The same applies to climate change. In spite of the vast majority of scientists involved in the field agreeing that the current rate of change to the climate is due to human behaviour in large part, many key Republican politicians believe that climate change is a UN conspiracy to control the world! Instead if you connect the dots you will find that powerful lobbies funded by the fossil fuel industry have funded a campaign since the early 90s to block any significant policy changes - the reason of course is if significant change was implemented coal and oil would face extinction. The Koch brothers are a great example. They have heavily funded the Tea party which seems to believe the UN conspiracy  narrative. 

Unfortunately such views have been copied by here in Australia by the conservative party which has resulted in less meaningful action than is required. Our recently dumped Prime Minister stated publicly that 'coal is good for humanity'.

The US federal political system is controlled by money and the masters are those that fund the parties.

At the 2012 Presidential campaigns the leading candidates had to raise over 1 billions dollars each. It will be even more for the 2016 campaigns.

Some countries have animal rights parties, and if possible I'd vote for one of these. They probably wouldn't win but it would demonstrate that there are votes in supporting animal rights.

Otherwise I would probably write in a politician such as Cory Booker, with a reputation for advocating veganism.

Some countries have animal rights parties, and if possible I'd vote for one of these. They probably wouldn't win but it would demonstrate that there are votes in supporting animal rights.

very true and sometimes they do win:

Passion gets Animals Represented in NSW Parliament

in friendship,




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