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The other day I bought some pomegranates w/o realising they were 3XXX, which I know to be GMO (or so I am told? ) But today a new batch of pomegranates was in, still same code, but there was a logo on the display case for the "pomwonderful" brand pomegranates.

has any1 ever heard of http://www.nongmoproject.org/ and is it valid? are these pomegranates non-gmo.. does the start of the PLU code with a 3 mean anything? thx let me know:)

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3 and 4 = conventional

8 = GMO

9= Organic

3 means irradiated

8 starting a 5 digit code means gmo, but no one uses them.

Yes chuckster is correct 8 is GMO but companies are not required to use it so they just label it as conventional because they are allowed to do so.

Mad about Mamey what does irradiated mean though? Does that just mean they treated it with radiation?

thx for the replies:) I clearly got mixed up because I was misinformed:)

At this moment there are basically no GMO fruits with the exception of Hawaiian Papaya



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