30 Bananas a Day!

The Pleidian
aliens have a message, This is excerpted from a an alien named ALAJE


 Earth people have to learn that everything is connected with energy and everything you to others or to nature comes back, and
that is the cosmic law of cause and effect


Fruits and Vegetables have a higher energy. Eating animals is keeping your energy in a low animalistic vibration.


In addition you are eating the death fear energy
of the killed animals.


So if you want to be in tune with the high transformation energies you have to stop eating corpses. Earth people have to learn to respect nature,

only then you get the abundance of nature!


  The Pleiadians are cousins of the human race, however they operate in a much higher dimension,  
and they reside on the fourth / fifth dimension. The Pleiadians have been visiting the Earth for
thousands of years. They come from a star system which is called the Pleiades, which is
approximately 400 light years away from Earth.

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Yeah I think that is what the Rainbow Gatherings is all about from what I've been told by people who frequent them.
you might
Lots of people have no idea that the detox process includes thoughts (can you even *imagine* the world as an ideal place? ask the self why not and then keep trying because how can you create a better reality if you can't even imagine it? ), feelings like paranoia about "aliens" and the military, and emotions like superiority complexes. You could also call it a growth process.

Hitler apparently, was not aware of this detox/growth process : ) which, as a vegetarian in a meat eating culture, he would have had. I heard that in the beginning, he just gave small talks around the country and even though he sounded alarming, not one person ever stood up and called him out on his worst ideas, even though they knew something was off and he had no power yet. So he just got bigger and bigger crowds who wanted to hear the entertaining, but crazy person who had something to say. Those crowds gave him legitimacy, thus, power. Sad.

People without the courage to follow their own convictions are fascinated by someone else who does and that someone feeds on that because it furthers their belief in themselves. It goes back to : always question any authority.

I've always been drawn to info about and from the Pleidians. I am open-minded so far. Not sure if I will remain so, but for now, it's all been good vibes. Thanks for the video.
True Very true. You think we live in utopia? so be it!!
Detox- you want to kill then you love everyone.. Hitler got stuck in the kill part..
greetings junglegirl!

you wrote:
Hitler apparently, was not aware of this detox/growth process : ) which, as a vegetarian in a meat eating culture, he would have had.

hitler was not veg by any stretch of the imagination. even when he was told not to eat corpse by his doctor because of a stomach issue, he still snuck in gamebirds.

here are some references:
(there are many more of course debunking this silly myth that is sometimes used against vegfolk)

as one of the articles quips, hilter was a vegetarian except when he ate meat. :D

in friendship,
Ok, then if he doesn't have detox as an "excuse" then it sounds like he was just a very confused person. Thanks for the links!
well jg i do think you are correct. he was likely confused.
it would seem that he did conceive of an 'ideal' world (a good firststep), but he never figured out that his conception wasn't ideal at all.

many have come up with an ideal society - thomas more (utopia), james hilton (shangri-la), aldous huxley (pala) all did. we even have some of our own 30baders starting to do this here:
(be sure to check out bliss' video, btw)

however, the question is how well does it align with the ideal of the universe?
when it don't, it just won't. :D

in friendship,
Which video?
I watched it just now - but why did you want me to see it?
because i think bliss does a rather nice job of creating a pretty good society - which may align nicely with the ideal of the universe - at least to a larger extent than many others that are around (as we are discussing on that thread).

(if i don't respond till tomorrow, it's because i'm aligning myself with my bed for the night :D)

in friendship,



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