30 Bananas a Day!

The Pleidian
aliens have a message, This is excerpted from a an alien named ALAJE


 Earth people have to learn that everything is connected with energy and everything you to others or to nature comes back, and
that is the cosmic law of cause and effect


Fruits and Vegetables have a higher energy. Eating animals is keeping your energy in a low animalistic vibration.


In addition you are eating the death fear energy
of the killed animals.


So if you want to be in tune with the high transformation energies you have to stop eating corpses. Earth people have to learn to respect nature,

only then you get the abundance of nature!


  The Pleiadians are cousins of the human race, however they operate in a much higher dimension,  
and they reside on the fourth / fifth dimension. The Pleiadians have been visiting the Earth for
thousands of years. They come from a star system which is called the Pleiades, which is
approximately 400 light years away from Earth.

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Imagine if the United States Armed Forces(or any army) where vegetarian do you think they would be able to kill another human being?
maybe not as much
HItler was a 'vegetarian' who ate meat.


WOW reading Goebbels diary huh, who did he have a crush on?
ok like what is so fascinating
Because they'd gain respect for life.

but they want us to fight by loving everything all and everything that happens to you
they would become light warriors..
that is a beautiful answer, sdal!!
it is also likely a correct one according to the hopi prophecy:

"when the land has been ravaged and the animals are dying, there will come a tribe made up of all creeds and colors who will put their faith in action, not words, and they will make the earth green again. they shall be known as warriors of the rainbow."

in friendship,
Lovely! Yes that is us I believe!



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