30 Bananas a Day!

The Pleidian
aliens have a message, This is excerpted from a an alien named ALAJE


 Earth people have to learn that everything is connected with energy and everything you to others or to nature comes back, and
that is the cosmic law of cause and effect


Fruits and Vegetables have a higher energy. Eating animals is keeping your energy in a low animalistic vibration.


In addition you are eating the death fear energy
of the killed animals.


So if you want to be in tune with the high transformation energies you have to stop eating corpses. Earth people have to learn to respect nature,

only then you get the abundance of nature!


  The Pleiadians are cousins of the human race, however they operate in a much higher dimension,  
and they reside on the fourth / fifth dimension. The Pleiadians have been visiting the Earth for
thousands of years. They come from a star system which is called the Pleiades, which is
approximately 400 light years away from Earth.

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About 4 minutes in..

Yeah, now it's the Pledians - i remember the last time another group tried to pull that stunt: the Kanamits...yeah! Rod Serling the smartest voice on television hadta warn the public from getting on the spaceships - better be forewarned and see this! it's 5 min:

Love Rod Serling. I used to watch TZ when I was little but I wasnt allowed by my parents so when they came home I was always half in the show and I had to turn it off.
a deft disarming! (bow) ;-) ... but there are still unanswered questions -- so what's happening? "aliens", or just imagination:

Definitely not your usual garden-party activity:

All of them I have heard...they say people who eat juices will have easier time when dimensions change on earth.
Earth people have to learn that everything is connected with energy and everything you to others or to nature comes back, and that is the cosmic law of cause and effect.

I actually really needed to hear that! : ) Thanks for this post. That image is funny though! As in, it's drawings someone made, claiming them to be called Pleidians (goofy face). Also read that it's in the constellation of Taurus, which is represented by the month I was born in. Neat!
well suv,

it looks like at least some people on earth are getting the message!
look at this:

number of animals killed for food has dropped

in friendship,
They also say when the shit hits the fan go to the spaceships that radiate love. Do not go to the other ones that dont like the grey or the reptilians cause you will be slaves!!

Any alien that works with our dark government is up to no good!
Think what u like
Condemnation without proper investigation is a bar to all knowledge and growth.

To employ the word weird is to assume that one knows all. It is an arrogant word to use. This is not an attack, but a call for awareness of our words and how they betray our attitudes towards things.
smart kevin yes

explore possibilities

you never know



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