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Please help! Need good and/or funny answers for a facebook post on my wall

I got this post on my wall from one of my "friends":

I have discussed with him very often, I need some help with good answers and best would be if some of  could comment this post. Maybe it is easier to listen to others then me for him.

Please be friend with me here:


Thank you so much for your help!

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Just added Chris Randall's awesome video, funny and educational :)

Ha! Thats perfect! Thank you so much! <3

geez lillie!

there are still people around who try this sort of medieval and puerile thing?!


philosophically, this is known as a tu quoque effort (ably identified for 30bad by josh fossgreen):



scientifically, here's a discussion started by jacob on the matter:

Plants and Suffering

you should find plenty of ammo there.


mathematically, tell your friend a better effort is to argue that plant eaters kill more animals like bugs and field mice and earthworms and whatever else. however, that's going to go nowhere either once one looks at the rather basic arithmetic (which the propagator of the nonsense got all wrong):

the mass murdering plant industry rationalization

besides, since corpse eaters need to feed their victims plant food they are responsible for far more killing.


in friendship,


Thanks Prad, I hoped for your answer. Yes, there are still people around and I didn't know what to answer on such a stupid thing.

Excellent links, thank you so much!!! <3

killed?!? no Harvested.    we are frugivores we help plants spread seeds when they give us fruit



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