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I'm about to go to a sushi restaurant with my family so I looked at their menu online to see what I might order and there is absolutely NOTHING that I can order! The only thing that they have available is an avocado salad. I have seen this salad before and it only has a little bit of lettuce and a crapload of avocado. Basically, its just avocado. THe problem is that everyone that works there doesnt speak english very well (we've been there before I was raw) so I dont know how I could even describe what I want to them. What should I do? Should I order the avocado salad or am I better off with a vegetarian roll? 

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Here are a few more options, in addition to what DurianRider said...

  1. Convince your family to bring the sushi back to your home to eat so that you can eat your fruit while they eat their sushi. If they really want to eat with you, they will be happy to accommodate.
  2. Convince your family to go to another restaurant where you can get a salad
  3. Order some herbal tea at the restaurant. This way, it looks like you "have" something to eat, but it will not do much harm to your body.  
  4. Get the avocado salad. You don't have to eat all of it (as people here said already). 

I always find that not eating, or bringing fruit to the restaurant is very awkward. Best of luck,


just go along carbed up,take some apples or other fruit and just have a good time with everyone,let them enjoy themselves etc,and as said above your be setting an example by just doing your thing,maybe try and not talk to much about being vegan,i mean s'times its cool and s'times you just know when to just chill,you dont want to get into a heated argument its supposed to be a fun time with friends etc....

ask for a "special salad"  made of lots of lettuce and any fresh fruits and veges that they can add to it.

sometimes with this sort of thing it seems like worrying too much causes more imbalance than anything else. Just eat what you want, neither of those choices is going to kill you.

If it were me I'd just go and ask for a couple big bowls of steamed white rice :) No harm imho. One thing that's important imho is that you shouldn't worry too much about what others think and trying to make things perfect. If others are ignorant of your life style, you can present them the facts but in the end its up to them to change. Go and enjoy yourself, eat HCLFV and just relax. :)

Just eat your fruit meal before hand and then order the small avo salad at the restaurant

um.... and you can't order the avocado salad because?

your body does need some fat after all - even on 80/10/10 (fat being one of the 10's)

just ask them to toss in extra greens/lettuce since that's all you are eating.

avocados now & then are fabulous :)

+1 family and friends should always be there regardless of your life style choices.

Good response.

It has much more to do with a matter of principles. The thing we must make them undertstand is that we are the weak ones and therefore they have to show us consideration. We cannot suffer the sigth of dead animals or be surrounded by such food, therefore you ask them to have mercy on you and beg them to bring you to a vegan restaurant. If they love you they will understand you're shortcoming and accept to go to a place where you won't feel sick to your stomach. The key point is just admitting that you are the sick one (we are outside the norm of society) and gently asked them to be compassionate. This way, you stand your ground without directly hurting them. If they are unwilling to bend to your plea, you must understand that they do not love you or have consideration for you and you're better off not wasting one more moment of our short lives with such people, be that family or friends. I, for one, rather have one true friend than dozens of pretended friends.

I have always had different eating patterns than my family. First it started as vegetarian, then vegan, than raw vegan, fruitarian for a while, then backwards, and now I'm LFRV. Obviously this frustrates them. But I never skip out on family eating situations. I simply state my preferences and try to give it as little attention as possible. I focus on conversation and maintaining good relations. And by no means is my family easy. My parents grew up in Southern Italy on farms. My mother herded sheep and pigs, which were for slaughter; her family had a butchery as their business. My father raised chickens and grew vegetables. Both became accustomed to raising, slaughtering, and eating animals. They are cheese, meat, oil lovers. OF COURSE this is hard for me to deal with as a LFRV. But, by not attending my family meals on special occasions (like Christmas, Easter, etc) I am essentially slapping them in the face (very against Italian traditional values, heavily influenced by food). I am creating more tension and negative feelings toward myself. It is better to go along, but stay your ground and keep your integrity. Always do so without imposing your beliefs and staying non-confrontional. It's not worth it. It is a way of practicing the strength and determination you have with this lifestyle. It's better to embrace these situations as practices rather than running away from them. Anyone can simply "not go." That's the easy way out. But, throughout life, you will be confronted with situations where you have no choice to leave or not attend, and it is better that you are prepared for it. This is an opportunity to practice.



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