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I'm about to go to a sushi restaurant with my family so I looked at their menu online to see what I might order and there is absolutely NOTHING that I can order! The only thing that they have available is an avocado salad. I have seen this salad before and it only has a little bit of lettuce and a crapload of avocado. Basically, its just avocado. THe problem is that everyone that works there doesnt speak english very well (we've been there before I was raw) so I dont know how I could even describe what I want to them. What should I do? Should I order the avocado salad or am I better off with a vegetarian roll? 

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I know you've probably already gone, but for when future similar situations arise:

I like to look @ my options:

-You could just order the avo salad.  Not too big of a deal or ask for 'extra' lettuce/ or other veggies or salad w/ it and eat less of the avo, if you want.  Or ask for a 'side' of raw or steamed vegetables, too.

-If you're not very sensitive to foods like vinegar/salt, order the veggie rolls.  I think this is a good option, but some have bad food addictions stemming from MSG and other preservatives found in a lot of (most) restaurant food.  But this is one option.

-If you'd rather not go, due to stressful situation caused by them, maybe consider not going.


It's sort of picking between either: 1)Having peace about totally sticking to your diet plan or 2)sticking to it pretty well but also joining the family in a meal and enjoying that aspect of life.

Hope it went well.

I agree with what others have suggested. Eat beforehand or take your own food with you, or order some rice or a simple salad. What desserts do they have available? The sushi restaurant near me has fruit salad as a "dessert".

Also, you don't necessarily have to go out to EAT to socialise with your family if it makes you uncomfortable. Suggest a different activity perhaps.

I always eat enough fruit before going out and now I also bring my own salads or peeled cukes to an event and munch away..if they don't like it, tough noogies..I don't give a rats ass...and now, my own brother is starting on this path and when someone gets sick, who do you think they are calling? oh yeah..it's me and Michael. So, start giving a damn about yourself and *!@# the world. Seriously, it's nobody's business what you eat..how old are you? I mean they need to be educated or vegucated..it might be up to you to do that..you got this way for a reason..I am hoping it's not just for weight loss, bc that won't be good enough for a parent. I say you start showing them effective videos and tell them, I will send you all a post card from happy and fit land and write on it, wish you were here..the end.  Set an example and be your own person..they will have to start going around what you want, not the other way around..nobody is worth it that much..I mean, you are with yourself 24/7 and they will all be gone one day..time to live for you and this is something that is helping you, the animals and the planet..end of story! Good luck..but really, if you start thinking like me, you won't even need it!!! It is not about luck, it's about asserting yourself and getting what YOU want and need in your life!!! Speak up, bc nobody will do it for you!!!!

ugh, honestly this is why kids run away from their parents and just can't get along..It's time parents start to understand..when my kid wants to have dairy..I show them a video on the truth about dairy..then they don't need will power, they just don't want it..there ya go..it's like magic when you get educated..Ask them why aren't they interested in what you are doing? And turn the whole thing around..start getting angry with them for eating what they are eating..is it disrespectful? somewhat, but they are doing it to you too and you want and deserve respect too. My kids ask me for respect and I honor it. 

yea just bring your own food

you are nor responsible for anybody else's emotions

pull some non violence on them

I had the veggie roll yesterday.  I've spent all day today drinking tonnes for water as I feel so dried out. I even brought Braggs into the restaurant so that I would have to have the salty soy sauce. Should have brought fruit.  Ah regrets. Live and learn.

You could always just ask for a plate full of some vegetable or fruit if the place uses it as one of their ingredients in some dish. That's what I do sometimes.
Like a plate full of lettuce, or something with your avocado salad. 

If they do not speak english and you do not speak japanese you can ask somebody who does to write you a note explaning what you eat asking them to prepare something like it for you. I am sure there are members here who can help. Tarah Shannon mentioned something about Japan if I am right - I would start with her. Enjoy.

Asian places tend to have fruit smoothies. Maybe order just veggies, no dressing. or go low fat cooked, as a last result.

I think that even as a 37 year old independent woman, what i was really afraid of when i first went raw vegan, was that my arents stoped loveing me. but when they first saw me eating ten bananas and thriving on them. not being anorexic, as they were afraid of, they started to accept me(and kept loveing me), and now my 80 years old sweet little parents are running around supermarkets to find me those mango-things i like so much.

You have to have faith in them and even if you dont really eat in the restaurant, you  know  that you are truly there to be with them, and that the food is secondairy.Enjoy your family

5 options in my book.

1. Get an early night. Say you want to get an early night. Say you the smell of fish makes you feel ill. I don't think anyone there would be happy to sit down at an indoor durian party 'for the sake of fitting in'.

2. Go and don't eat anything. Ive done this many times. Close friends understand and accept. 

3. Go and eat 20 plates of vegan sushi. Ive done that many times and pointed out how fat everyone is and how Im the leanest and fittest person at the table and yet the most carbs.

4. Go and order fatty raw sushi rolls and feel greased out for the next day. Ive done that too many times lol!

5. Bring your own food with you.

The funny thing is that sadly the people we are dining with won't accept our choices most likely. I refuse to hang with those people any more, family or otherwise. Whats the point of sacrificing our lifestyle rights to meet the status quo obligations of yet to be conscious people?

Its a personal choice. Following your heart will let you make the right choice. Either way, you won't be getting a triple shot of methyl mercury and cholesterol from having a vegan menu option!




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