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Hello, my name is joel and I am from Peru. It was about 5 years that i directed my attention to healthy diets because of my mom´s recently diagnosed cancer. So in order to help her I tried to improve our way of feeding ( no miilk, less bread, less meat but still few fruits and vedgetables) But with these changes My food related emotional stress became bigger and bigger gettin to a point in which I simply could not stop thinking in things other that food. This led me to have frecuent indigestions and the subsequent loss of weight. But in the las six months I have come to a point in which I can´t digest any food if I eat a bit more than my satisfaction point. and the amount I eat is less and less everytime and opf course, my loss of weight is getting worse. SO I am begging for help to know if becoming a 80/10/10 eater will help in my condition. I am oncerned I by eating lots of fruits I will get enough calories to regain my weight and of course I am afraid that I will have indigestions because of this great amount of fruit I will need to eat. Byt the way I am 5' 10" and my weight is 118 pounds

 PLEASE HELP ME . I am desperate.

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First of all get rid of all gluten in your diet--no bread or anything containing gluten.

>SO I am begging for help to know if becoming a 80/10/10 eater will help in my condition.

Yes those ratios are healthy and will help you!  Other things to consider too, a read through Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! will give you the right start.

Hola Joel como estas? Bienvenido!

a) read the main points posted by ednshell below and check those out properly

b) Bro, if you are living in Peru you need to know that the SALT in Peru is poisoned by the government with Sodium fluoride and it's derivatives obtained from unclean unrefined phosphate mining waste products and can contain uranium, mercury, lead and other poisons in toxic quantities. The sodium flouride itself is highly poisonous brain and bone damaging chemical that does not belong in the human body. I don't know where you live but you need to find sal de maras, or sal rosada del Cusco pero crudo not processed. The best thing to do right now though is to absolutely cut ALL salt out of your diet 100% immediately and get lots of filtered water and see if your digestion, appetite and overall sense of well being improves within a few days.

I have seen children and adults there with their whole mouth rotted out and teeth so brittle you can break them by touching them because of obvious flouridosis. What do you think this means to the bones that you CAN'T see. I think the dose they are putting in the salt is WAY higher than they say. This law was put in place in 1984 and nobody has the rational competence to understand the issue remotely well enough to re-examine the implications of what in my opinion is nothing less than a genocidal chemical weapon to brain damage and subdue and give cancer to the population especially of south american nations.

You should get a water filter too - I have done a lot of research and tried out many different products myself and I have come back to one that is not perfect but for the level of cleansing of the water is the best and that is the Berkey water filters. You can buy them online from the USA and there is no import charge ningun impeustos for importation to Peru because it's for water purification. The best one is the Berkey light with two filters, but the PF2 filters as well they remove other variants of arsenic. In Peru there is a lot of mining I don't know where you live but there is a lot of contamination of ground water supplies, for example right now in Arequipa they have a lot of problems with water supply, and in Peru you will also notice since the 1990's cancer clinics are popping up on every street corner from Lima to Puno like pimples on a MacDonalds eating teenager. There's no doubt (China Study) that this is due to increased affluence and consequent increased in meat and dairy consumption (as it is traditionally viewed as comida para los ricos) but also the fluoride addition to the salt supply. You will spend about $250 on the water filter, and it should last a long time (many years) except the PF2 filters. If you can't afford the extra PF2 filters just get the basic unit it will do a great job. They have the best lab results I've seen better than much more expensive systems, no electricity, very little maintenance. The only down side is they are poco frajil so you have to be careful with them but treat them well they work great.

The best fruits in Peru you can get in season are bananas and papayas. They are economical compared to other fruits and platanos organicos are only a little bit more expensive. The papayas will need sugar in smoothies  as they don't have enough calories on their own but usually bananas are good. I lived on those for a year.

After that Peru is the country of Potatoes! you shouldn't have any problem to get good potatoes for example papas amarillos I was paying S/.3 per kilo in 2013, but not more than S/.8 per kilo for an expensive variety. Rice is also cheap. There is no gluten in fruits or potatoes. Lentejas are also good and you can easily buy it there.

But that's my advice:

1. Get rid of gluten to see if it helps but try to get tested to know for certain (find a good clinic, many clinics are lying to people there and telling them they have or don't have something when they didn't test or are lying to get business. I personally know people there who were diagnosed with cancer, went through chemo only to be told later by another clinic they never had cancer to begin with and this is common practice to make money).

2. Eat fruits, add some sugar if you need to so you get enough calories. Unfortunately the refined sugar there is not the best but if you are in Lima you can go to the organic market in Miraflores on Saturdays and buy organic Panella it's like dark brown sugar.

3. Potatoes, rice, lentils, carrots, and other basics. If you need to gain weight, you can often find really nice advocados there too when they are cheaper in season the prices are pretty good.

4. NO PROCESSED SALT. No fluoride salt whatsoever. get a clean sal crudo.

5. Water filter - get the best water filter you can - in my research that's the Berkey, and the light is cheap and effective and lasts a long time, easy to import, easy to assemble. Drink plenty of water each day.

Check your B12 levels, check your iodine levels and D3 levels as well as everything else in a comprehensive blood test with the best clinic you can find. Get sunshine.



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