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So, I have just found a dog who was terribly hurt, with an open wound underneath his mouth. he will only eat if i put something on the tip of my finger and put it in his mouth. i am trying to figure what to feed him (if anything). i fear he may die if i fast him, as my friend suggests. he will sometimes shake his limbs and lick his lips, asking for nourishment (or so i figure). i give him bananas blended with water and he calms down and goes back to sleep. the vet has instructed me to feed him raw liver. he said there's no reason to feed fruits to dogs, as they are omnivore. please help me!!  what should i do?

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Maybe switch to smashed up/blended up dates or datorade. It'd be higher calories volume-wise, so he wouldn't have to painfully eat as much to get enough cals in. For the wound, dab a little Neosporin on it two or three times a day. Once it starts scabbing, it will probably itch, so make sure he isn't scratching it and re-opening the wound. That's nice of you to take that dog under your wing. Keep us posted on his progress!

he wouldn't have to painfully eat as much to get enough cals in.

that may be so, but keep in mind he is very, very small (about 2kg)

make sure he isn't scratching it and re-opening the wound

he is not; he is a very calm dog; he is now sleeping all day long... but i suspect he has done so in the past; and that's how his injury got so serious.

That's nice of you to take that dog under your wing.

I am merely doing what I felt was my obligation at the time.

Keep us posted on his progress!

I will

Get some vegan dog food and blend it into a paste, maybe along with some banana if he likes the taste. Dogs are omnivores so are able to digest both plant and animal matter, they have higher protein and fat requirements than humans though so a fruit based diet isn't suitable for them. Vegan dog food is typically very 'unnatural' (it's basically isolated protein, isolated oils, flavourings and added vitamins/minerals) but the alternative is supporting the mass murder of one species to feed another that is just lucky enough to be held in a higher regard by humanity. 

I think Alex's idea is good.  Don't feed the dog just fruit.  And be aware that dogs lick their lips when they're uncomfortable or nervous or for many other reasons, not just cause they're hungry.

Dogs are omnivores, not carnivores.

Alex´s idea sounds most reasonable. Make sure he heals up as the first priority. Getting him to meet our dietary standards is second and can come later.

V-dog and Evolution are vegan. NaturalLife sells a vegan dry food. They are kibble, so you would have to paste them (with some water, etc.). There are also usually cans of wet vegan dog food at health food stores. Also, you can do a paste from scratch with some veggies and such (if you do a search for "vegan dog food recipes" I suspect you will get some) in a food processor; I did this for years. The dogs that own my heart have been vegan for 10 years (their whole life) and are happy, healthy, and thriving. It doesn't sound like you are having trouble getting them to eat, but if you were, you could add a touch of something especially yummy to them - like a nutbutter or something. Thanks for caring for someone in such need!

do you think this approach could work? could i prepare something using a blender or food processor from greens alone? please keep in mind that he is terribly hurt below his mouth, he was full of worms in there when i found him. i am spreading a white paste the vet has prescribed. do you think i should employ something else to heal his wound? he is also a bit undernourished and possibly has worms in his guts as well... he was very, very much in trouble when i found him. i just want to give him the best care i can. and any advice is appreciated.

I'm not a vet, but I would think you need to give him something for the worms a.s.a.p. - so you are feeding him, not the worms - then he can heal. Greens alone: might not like it - but if he does, cool. Good luck!

do you think it's actually possible to heal him on an entirely VEGAN diet? are there any actual cases where this has been done? my friend, who is herself (high carb raw) vegan, and who has saved several dogs in the past, has advised me to follow the vet's instructions and feed the dog with meat... she claims he will not survive on bananas alone, and he may even contract a virosis in this way... i wish there was a way to heal him without having to harm other sentient beings. is there any?

It's all about him getting energy and nutrients, and that's just as easy on a vegan diet as it is on a diet including meat, you need to feed him actual vegan dog food though (or make your own following a recipe, and give him a supplement) not just give him bananas or something.

i see. thank you for your answer. one of the most thoughtful i have seem so far. thanks a lot really.



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