30 Bananas a Day!

Please critique my diet, and help me improve it & heal some health issues.

Long story short:

*Long-term vegetarian (about 10 years); vegan since April 2011 (was raw vegan for April and May before finding out I was pregnant and returning to raw+cooked vegan throughout my pregnancy).

*Three months ago, I gave birth (at home!!) to my first child, a beautiful baby daughter. :)

*Two weeks after that, I got a horrible gum infection behind one of my wisdom teeth, and after trying to treat it naturally for about a week with no success whatsoever, I got a prescription for penicillin and the infection went away.

*About one week later, my baby started showing signs and symptoms of horrible colic...I immediately cut out all grains, cruciferous veggies, onions, garlic (all alliums), soy, corn, beans...and realized that this left me with raw food so I decided to go "80-10-10" again.  But, my fat intake was more around 20-30% because I thought I needed extra fat due to breastfeeding. 

*Somewhere during that time, baby and I developed thrush (baby got it in her mouth, I got it on my nipples), and I also developed a yeast infection.  I had no experience with this because I had never had a yeast infection before in my life.  Treated with natural remedies, didn't work.  Then tried Monistat...didn't really do much good (seemed to treat symptoms, but didn't make yeast go away).

*On February 29th, I went 100% raw 80-10-10 with no overts whatsoever.  By the end of March, baby had no thrush, but my nipples stayed about the same...then found out that I actually had a staph infection on my nipples (due to poor latch and damage to the nipples).  Started treating them with triple ointment (anti-fungal, antibacterial, and hydrocortisone--yuck)...didn't really work, though I wasn't using the ointment as much as I should have been.  As for the yeast infection, well, I thought it went away because the pain mostly subsided.

*A little over a week ago, I re-introduced overts (because I thought I had no more yeast).  Still WAY under 10% of my total calorie intake.  I also started adding cooked rice (or cooked rice pasta) to my evening salads to help increase carbohydrate intake.  We were also traveling during this time, so a few times we got take-out Chinese food of steamed rice, steamed veggies, and their salty sauce on the side (no oil).

*My yeast infection has returned with a vengeance, and my nipples are thrushy again.  Also, because I've been adding cooked carbs almost nightly, sometimes (maybe 3x per week), I consume salt.  I gained 4 pounds in one week (I'm almost positive it's from the salt/water retention), I have low energy, I'm FREAKING ITCHY EVERYWHERE, I'm moody and have no patience, and just want to feel healthy.

Here is a sample of my daily diet:

Breakfast: 7 bananas, 5 ataulfo mangoes, lots of baby spinach all blended in a smoothie.

Lunch: 40 dates, one cup frozen strawberries made into dateorade.

Dinner: Giant salad of 1lb. red leaf lettuce, 3 spiralized zucchinis, chopped miscellaneous veggies, either 1oz of raw walnuts or 1/2 a small avocado, 2 cups white rice/rice pasta, and a blended dressing usually made with tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, red chard, lemon juice, miscellaneous condiment spices (chili seeds, garlic, cumin, oregano...that kinda stuff).

I'm trying to be really honest with myself so I can figure out what is causing these issues and how to heal them.  Is it the salt?  Is it the cooked carbs?  Is it the tiny amount of overts that I've re-added, even though I'm under 10% fat?  Is it the spices?

My goals are to continue losing weight (I'm 5'1.5" and 128lbs today, though I was 124 last Tuesday...down from 155 at my heaviest a few years ago, and 157 a week before I gave birth), to heal this yeast/thrush, to stabilize my moods and have more patience, and to have enough energy to want to get outside and exercise during the day and not stay cooped up inside all day.

Please, those of you who have been there/done that and are long-term 811ers, any advice you have to offer?  I need to hear it without any sugar-coating.  Thanks so much!

P.S. I have trouble getting enough sleep (baby is nursing all night long, lol), enough water, and enough sunlight.  Might as well tell the whole story. :-/

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Anybody? *bats eyelashes* ;)

Ah the joys of parent hood. ;)

# I can't speak from personal experience but it sounds pretty clear that your doing some great experiments and fruit comes up the winner each time? What makes you think you need to eat more fat when breast feeding? Wouldnt the body just use body fat instead? Ive never really looked into it but doesnt breast milk stay the same fat,protein and carb profile? I know flavour can change depend on diet but thats about it isnt it?

# 4lbs is nothing. I urinated 4lbs last night. I know becasue I filled up a 2liter juice container plus a bit extra.

Body weight NEVER goes constantly down unless one is dry fasting. (NEVER recommended!!)

You can even gain weight water fasting. Wont be glycogen, fat, muscle though...

Get used to your body weight going up and down. Its TOTALLY natural. Biggest Loser on TV tells us that even an ounce is terrible! They don't explain basic human physiology and that the human body is a water machine that is NEVER constant weight EVER. 

Eventually on this lifestyle you will be down to 90-100lbs. You will have to focus on muscle building and sufficient calories so you don't drop down even lower. I mean look at ALL the longterm fruit chicks. Any tubsters? All of em look 'too thin' by most peoples standards though. 

Worrying about excess weight on this lifestyle is like worrying one is going to get too cold wearing polar expedition thermals whilst running a marathon at midday in Bangkok.

Thank you for replying!  Quick question...in your experience/research, what would lead to yeast overgrowth quicker...cooked carbs+low salt or a very small amount of overt fats (always under 10%)?  I know that cooked carbs have a higher glycemic index than delicious, amazing fruit, so maybe that's the culprit?

Whoa...maybe I just answered my own question.  Maybe it's the *combination* of cooked carbs (with a high glycemic index) PLUS an overt fat in the same meal?!  Oh hell, who am I kidding?  I have no idea, lol!  I think I'm just gonna cut out overts again until I'm 100% sure that the candida is gone for good.

Fat is the best thing to cut from our dietary habits if we are eliminating things to find out what the issue is.

Do the basic math with cronometer etc and work out a template that works for you. Overt fat makes my legs feel heavier the next day. I rarely eat overt fats thesedays. They are helpful for gaining body fat though so if I had a big bike expedition coming up I would load up on the fats to have more body fat fuel to tap into.

The fat we eat is the fat we wear. Any fat we eat, we have to burn it off but first its getting stored as fat anyways!

Carbs dont't get stored as fat. They get burned off via dietary thermogenesis hence why there is ZERO fat long term high carb low fat eaters.

Its hard to tell people that though, its like Im trying to talk on the phone at at sell out Bon Jovi concert mid song. Its hard for people to hear what Im saying cos there is so much other noise around.

I hear what you're saying!  Yeah, I'm definitely cutting out overts again.  Thanks again! :)

Back in my high fat raw days I noticed that eating fats with carbs was causing me a lot of issues, especially with breastfeeding.  Have you noticed your daughter having any reactions to your diet?  I noticed that the higher the fat in my diet, the more my daughter would nurse and not seem satisfied.  Your daughter is still very young, but can you sleep while she's nursing?  It may be a great help to you to train yourself to sleep while she's sleeping and to stop her from nursing when she falls to sleep...   I would definitely suggest trying to get more sun.  As for the spices, are you doing that for the anti-bacterial effect?  If not I would get rid of the garlic and the chili's.  I also wouldn't worry about your weight, whatsoever...

I haven't noticed her reacting any differently when I re-introduced overts...but it's such a small amount...maybe 6 or 7%.  Her thrush has not returned either, from what I can tell.  She's generally a, um, kind of fussy baby anyway, though, lol.

I stay in bed through the night, even while nursing.  She sleeps in bed with us, so all I have to do is give her the breast...but I do have to hold my nipple in her mouth while she nurses or else it falls out and she screams, so I can't actually sleep while she's nursing.  I need to take more naps throughout the day, but it's difficult...there's always stuff that needs to be done, ya know?

No, I wasn't doing the spices for the antibacterial effect...I just like them in my salad dressings.  I can cut them out if they are leading to the yeast issues. 

Do you take a DHA supplement?  The only supplement I take is a sublingual B12, but Dr. Fuhrman's book "Disease-Proof Your Child" has me worried that without walnuts, my baby girl won't get enough DHA through my breastmilk.  Any advice on this? 

Thank you, Mera!!  I hope your tooth is feeling better!

From experience with Candida overgrowth ... cutting out the overts for a few months, avoiding cooked foods, and also dried fruits (e.g. dates) REALLY helps ... and including plenty of tender leafy greens with your fruity meals to slow the sugar absorption is great (romaine lettuce is awesome because it contains a good amount of chromium which I've read also helps with efficient sugar absorption).

Oh, and eating really slowly (chew well) ... I stopped blending as I found I did not digest the fruits as well.

Love, DJ

Ack, I have no idea how to get enough carbs/cals without dates!!  LOL!



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