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i have tried to stop before, and i succeeded for about 4 days. then i went back to it. i WAS drinking decaf, but researched how horrible that is for you (cuz of the process they use to make it decaf). so now i'm drinking regular coffee. i just missed the creaminess, the warmth, the flavor. i don't notice an increase in energy, so i wouldn't say that's a factor. i know it leeches calcium from my bones....so i take a calcium tablet (plus i am a risk factor for osteoporosis.....small white female....and my mom has it too). i have been 80% raw for about 8 months. if you guys could please tell me how coffee can be bad for my weight (as far as possibly making me want to binge on bad foods? what does the acidity do to me?) stuff like that is what i'm interested in. i will research as well, just thought i'd ask anyone here incase they have been through this struggle and maybe know a bit about it. thanks!

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hey peachypoo, i know what you are talking about. I am there myself.. Well, what i read is that coffee as well as tea with caffeine hinders your iron absorption. for example when you eat and drink cofee together your bodywont be able to take up the iron from the food. you should wait an hour after your meal before you drink coffee..

i usually substitute it with green tea so that is an option. Green tea is healthier than coffee.

i also heard people say that coffee messed up their metabolism and colon movement.


Peace, PK

And mine, my sofa legs^!^ The guy never took interest in his scratchin post.  

Peace, PK

coffee over time will burn your adrenals i know it happened to me drank coffee for 30 years

i did not quit coffee i ate enough banana so i did not want coffee  i was reaching for coffee for energy and mood

banana will give you both if you eat lots of em  .. carbs not caffine i say

first thing water then fruit and then some kind of fun movement   do not drink it first this was a key for me

coffee messes up sleep and thus hormones  you get loads of cortisol putting you in flight or fight 

in short coffee sucks !  fruit is the answer   stuff down the fruit in bigger way youll need it to stop the coffee its a very strong addiction


I agree... If I don't let myself have the coffee first, but instead have warm water with lemon and then some fruit, I'm surprised to find I don't really "want" the coffee.

Definitely recommend trying this approach if you want to stop drinking coffee!!


here's my positive experience with the same solution! =)

Well it seems you already know about the osteoporosis risk.  Osteoporosis tends to be silent even painless disease that many people do not know they have and or live in denial.  But besides fractures, osteoporosis puts you at risk for loose teeth and or losing your teeth.  

So coffee can bleach your bones and teeth from the inside as well as cause problems on the outside such as stained teeth and a stinky mouth.  

The caffeine can cause high blood pressure in some people, heart palpitations,  and arrhythmia.  You can google those results.  

Coffee is bad for kidneys.     

Coffee is a high oxalate food that can cause a host of short term and long term problems.  Read more about oxalate induced health problems here:

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact - 30 Bananas a Day!

For more inspiration as to why we avoid teas, coffees, alcohol  drugs, and do not recommend some things like garlic and spices, this website might be of interest:

Raw Food Living|Raw Food Diet & Recipes|Organic Raw Foods

Also, as the above website will explain, we do not recommend supplements outside of medical emergencies.  There may be evidence that calcium supplements do not work and or can cause problems like kidney stones.  Some calcium supplements are actually not derived from organic sources that the body can assimilate.  The come from ground limestone and or coral.  

If you are worried about osteoporosis, think about eliminating the causes such as eating animal and dairy products, grains, and because of their high oxalate content, legumes and beans, tubers and potatoes, and some cruciferous veggies like kale and spinach,  most cooked and processed foods, and teas, coffees, and chocolates.  

When eating low fat, the body is able to better assimilate all nutrients including calcium.  

We need about 1000 mg of calcium a day in part because almost all body systems and tissues and or functions require calcium, not just our bones and teeth.  

So make sure you are eating enough calories....

30BaD FADs: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day? - 30 Bananas a Day!

Eat simple meals, but focus on a rainbow of fruits over a period of time, and eat about 1-2 heads of lettuce a day.  Romaine lettuce is very high in calcium, and eat about a handful of nuts a day.  

An average orange might have between 60-70 mg of calcium a day.  Eat a meal of 10 large oranges and you are already at 700 mg.  Eat one head of romaine lettuce for 200 more mg.  About three oz of cashew nuts comes in at about 30 mg.  Fill in the calorie gap with about 10 bananas and 60 mg of calcium and you have easily reached your caloric goals with 1000 mg of calcium.  

This diet is low fat so you assimilate the calcium better, and low in anti nutrients like oxalates which can prevent calcium assimilation and no need for supplementation.

If you have an addiction and get withdrawal headaches going off coffee, again, eating some mono meals of oranges can help.  Oranges have natural pain relievers, are anti inflammatory  and have some compounds that are similar to caffeine and can help some people with withdrawals.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

Not saying this applies to you personally, PP, but how many times have we heard coffee drinkers say: "I just can't function until I've had my morning java!"  

As if it's some sort of mandatory ignition switch to start the day?  That alone says something about it's unhealthy stimulant powers, IMO.  

How much better to live well and be up and raring to go on nothing other than sugar, water and sleep.

thanks to EVERYONE!! i really needed that. i am bookmarking this so i can re-read it over and over again. i'm 80% raw, but that other 20% is mostly cooked veggies (like cabbage soup)....and of course the coffee and creamers (coffeemate flavors). my goal is to be 100% raw. i DO have DAYS where i am 100% raw. i love all the input from everyone, and thanks especially to Peter and PK for their in depth explanations. now i have a little voice inside of me thats saying "just wait and quit coffee AFTER you've used up all your Coffeemates (i have 4 of them in the fridge)"........but i know that's just an excuse. why not dump that stuff down the sink instead of down my throat?

Let's stop drinking it together :) 

I am just gearing up to 80-10-10 yesterday was my first semi-day, I've been wanting to stop drinking coffee for months. I've done it before, started again a few years ago. It's not a habit I wish to continue.

I only had one cup this morning. Tomorrow I won't make any.

Pour that Coffeecrap down the sink! (I drink mine black so I don't have that extra piece like you).

Are you in?? We can hold one another accountable here ;)

you bet i'm in!!! :D i'm happy about this, but sad too! lol! after i get over this, i'll feel much better i know! and yep, drinking it black has GOT to be better....but then we still have all that acidity etc etc etc to worry about. so............okaaaaay......i will join you in this. today i did better....i only had 3 (big) cups of coffee instead of 5. i even wanted to make some in the afternoon (like i usually do) and i didn't do it. i did better than i thought. but tomorrow will be super hard cuz it's the MORNING.

I know.. I'm a morning drinker as well. 

But the advice further back about having fruit first thing in the morning, it's good stuff.

Before you even THINK about making a cup of coffee, drink a few cups of water. I will be having hot water with lemon juice in it. Then FRUIT. DO NOT DRINK COFFEE before you have any fruit!!! 

It might be tough, but last time I quit coffee it was really just getting through the first 3-4 days. Remind yourself multiple times WHY you are not going to drink it. If it helps, reread the posts here about how unhealthy it is, whatever works for you :)

BE strong :))



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