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PLEASE can anyone help me?? - Swollen LYMPHNODES and HEARTRASE :( Sorry long post!

Hey my dear fruity Friends,


I'm sitting now here my with my family and I'm really desperate ... :( It's because of my health.

I have now swollen lymph nodes on my throat/ under my ears for about one month. I think they occured after a bikeride with my dad and it was a bit windy, but I'm not sure if it was exactly the catalyst (phuu..my english :o) I hope you understand me haha). One side of my neck got really swollen, then we went to a doctor and I let made a blood work. The results were that I have NO bacterial infection. The other thing was that my iron levels were very low (42 micrograms). The doc said that the swollen lymphnodes will disappear with the time and I should be patient. Now I have them for exactly 1 month and one side of my neck (lymph node) is still swollen - in the morning more than during the day and the evening. The other thing that worries me quite a bit is that I had bad heartrase since once week. (I haven't been active for 3 weeks now because I wanted to give my body the time to heal) Now I feel since last week that my heart has to work more than normal. If I read a book on the sofa or sleep (which I most of the day now..) and I stand up and go to the toilet I feel that my heart is racing like crazy. I feel it really strong in my throat and and it's really fast. Sometimes it also races if i'm just lying aroung and doing nothing...but especially if I move, go to toilet or step stairs I feel this stupid heartrace...it's not always but sometimes.

Do you think this could be a result of my low iron levels?? I read in the internet that low levels can cause heart race..


Yesterday was worst! In the morning I stood up, felt normal, but then suddenly my heart raced like crazy.. I sat down and called my dad who was still sleeping. I told him that I'm afraid to get a heart attack and I said that I WANT TO GO TO HOSPITAL (my goodness, I had never thought that I would tell my dad that I WANT to go there), but I was so down. My dad said I should calm down .

(I have been eating 100% raw for exactly 14 month - lot's of bananas, raisins, apples, sellerie, looot's of greens too. the last months I ate about 3000 to 4000 cals each day.)

Then I ate all different kinds of fruits that we had at home because I wanted to make sure that my body gets all it needs. But my heart race got worse and I told my dad again that I think I have to go to hospital. I have to say that my dad is a 95 % raw vegan for the same time as I am and he would never eat meat...but then he said: "Before we go to Hospital I drive to the city and get some meat for you!" And I said YES... oooohhhhh my God, can you imagine, I said YES??? I can't believe it myself! I've been a vegeterian since I'm 8 years old! But I was so desperate and thought if this is my last chance to stay away from hospital I'll do it. So my dad got some sausages and meat and I ate it desperated and disgusted. But after a few minutes ... MY HEART RACE WAS GONE!!! How on earth was it possible??

I don't want to believe that the dead body from an innocent animal helped me!!!! I DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE IT AND I KNOW IT IS WRONG, it's wrong, it's wrong!! I don't want to eat my friends!! I know for 10000%%% that we are not designed to eat meat, NEVER EVER!


But do you think that it was the iron that my body needed? I have no explanation!

Since this piece of meat my heart race is much better, but not gone... I try to combine my food well and with lot's of vit C to enable the absorbtion... but it didn't help me the days before.

Today in the morning my lymph node on my neck was more swollen then the days before. Could it be because of the dead animal body that i ate?


I'm really desperate today, I know in my heat, my heart, my sould that raw VEGAN food is OUR FOOD..it's so logical for me and I had never thought that I would have problem with it because I really was THRIVING on this lifestye. I take now Iron-pills for more than one week but they didn't help me at all(according to chronometer I was ate  25 mg of iron every day)..


Have you also experienced heart race - swollen lymph nodes?? Do you think it is because of the diet or do you think it has nothing to do with it?

Could I have any deficiency accept the iron deficiency? Iodine or selenium..? I don't know...or is everything caused by the iron def??


If I have no bacterial infection, what else could cause my swollen lymphnodes? or was it the wind on the bike ride?

I don't eat salt - so does my heart need salt to work properly?


I would be SO SO thankful if anyone could tell me their thoughts about it or if anyone had similar experiences.


(Yesterday I had a discussion with my mum.. she said she could never forgive herself if I get ill because of my raw vegan lifestyle in a country were we have access to all products -dairy, pasta, pizza, bred etz...you know all this wonderful foods ;) and that I should eat "NORMAL")

I'm a littel down now..


Sorry for this long post!


I love you all, you are all great people... SEND YOU LOT'S OF LOVE!



your Desi


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Hello Desi,

So sorry to hear about your health problems! Did you have your B12 levels tested? I'm no doctor but I've heard that low levels of B12 can cause anemia and some of the symptoms you're describing. Maybe you should try to get some B12 shots and see if that helps.

Hopefully someone here can offer more advice and I hope you'll feel much better soon!

Hi Pau, thank you so much for answering!! Yes, you are totally right, when I noticed the problems with my heart race I also immediately thought of B12 and googled a lot about B12 and Iron. Mybe I have not enough B12 and so my body can't produce enough good blood... Today in the morning my dad was at the pharmacy and bought shots.. this afternoon I had my first shot. To be honest I had no time to let my b12 levels checked because it would have taken a few days and so I just hit the shot in my leg :) I've never had b12 injection before.. I feel a little better now and I hope so much it's from b12.. hopefully!

Thank you very much for all!! best to you

Great! I really hope it's the B12 helping too. Keep us updated with how you feel for the next few days/weeks? It might take a little for your body to get back to normal if it was the B12 indeed.

All the best :)

Lymph nodes move out toxins.  You've been eating well, body could just be taking out the old stored trash.  Usually, it's good to just get extra rest and hydration and wait out symptoms like that.

I agree with Pau on b-12.  It's a very common deficiency, even among meat-eaters, and it can mess with your iron levels.  One piece of meat is not enough iron to immediately affect your iron or b-12 levels or to stop your heart from racing.  My guess is that your heart is not racing consistently, and it stopped racing coincidentally after the meat. Your heart could be racing simply from the fears that you are having about your health.  Or it could be something else.  But it is very unlikely to be connected to whether you ate or did not eat one piece of meat.

Thank you so much for you reply, dear!

Now this really makes sense to me..if a lack of b12 can mess up my iron levels, i could be very deficient in this b vitamin. I have not supplemented it before and I had never checked my levels, but now it is definitely time to let them check! Today I got my first shot to be on the safe side..

Hmm..yes you're right, I don't have this heart race all the time, it just appears whever it wants :( and then disappeared again. Only yesterday in the morning it didn't seem to stop and I was so, so afraid.

I definitely never never want to eat meat again, and if you say that my heart race possibly did not stop because of the piece of meat - this calms me really down. Eating meat is TOTALLY against my HEART and EVERYTHING. I never want to do it again, never!

Yeah, I think drinking a lot of water will be very beneficial.. i'm just really worried because I have this problem now for almost one month and I really want to be health again..

Thank you so much for taking time and answer me!! Wish you all the best, desi

don't eat sausages, if you're gonna eat meat, atleast eat clean meat, sausages and hams and all those deli-type of meats have a ton of additives that aren't good for anyone, at any state.

Go organic at all diet types.

If you need iron, go for lentils in order to stay vegan, Lentils has always been a high scource of iron in my country, regardless if you're vegan or not, if you had low iron, doctors would say to add lentils to your diet and only suppliment you if there was some other issue than dietary.

As far as it goes for lymphnodes, i can think of a very big variaty of stuff that that can mean, from STD to viral infection, so i won't really comment on that

But as far as it goes for your iron levels, add lentils.

Hi Molly!


Ohh yes, you are SO RIGHT!! If someone had told me a few month ago that I would eat a sausage, then I would tell him that he is totally CRAZY!!

The thing was that yesterday was a public holiday and all shops were closed, only the petrol-station was open.. and had sausages. SAUSAGES would be the least meat I would ever eat, really...

I regret it so much that I ate it, because it was soo disgusting and I know what meat of this poor animals do to our bodies!! I NEVER want to eat the flesh of my friends again. it is 100% against my opinion!

Thank you very much for the advice with lentils! I have been eating cooked lentils now for 4 days, but yesterday morning was just horrible... :(

Maybe my iron levels need a few month to go back to normal and I can't fix it within a few days. But I will definitely add the lentils to my meal! Thank you so much!

Peace&love, desi

Hi everyone!


So on Saturday morning i was at the doc again (I chose another one, cause the first one didn't have a clue at all - just told me I should drink a "meat-soup" to get strong again, pffff ..)  and the diagnose now was that I probably have the "epstein barr virus" :( .. I should give my body a rest and eat lot's of vit C ... no problem haha :D

Thank's God I already feel better now and my neck is not swollen so badly anymore .. I think that the B12 shosts I got were so helpful too.

thank's for your all your support!

peace&happiness, from desi



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