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Pineapple leaving my mouth feeling raw and irritated?

I love pinapple ...but when I eat more than maybe..1/3 of one I get this raw(no pun intended) feeling in my mouth and then my mouth is sensitive to anything with the slightest bit of acid in it for the rest of the day.  Am I allergic or somthing?  Will this eventually go away?

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There not ripe enough. I place my pineapples in a paper sack with bananas and let them yellow there. It doesn't completely solve the problem but I can now eat a whole one with very little effects.
This is pretty common (I've experienced it, too)--there are different theories on the cause. It's hard to get a truly ripe pineapple anywhere except where they grow. Blending them seems to help, if you want to eat them. And some people just can't eat more than like 1/2 of one.
Apparently pineapples should be picked fully ripe as they lack a starch reserve like some other fruits so they won't ripen or get any sweeter after being picked. A yellow colour at the bottom indicates that sugar has developed in the pineapple and it's ready to eat. All the pineapples I have available where I live are under-ripe so I don't buy them.
I have been hearing that they don't get ant sweeter after they are picked but that has not been the case when I put them in a bag with bananas. In the store here they are green skinned and white fleshed plus they are crisp and don't taste very sweet at all. After about a week or so enclosed in a paper sack with ripening bananas I noticed the skin became more yellow in color and the flesh became a deep yellow plus it was soft and sweet. But the irritating mouth thing still happens after about 1 whole fruit versus a half of one.

Just my experiences
I haven't really tried to ripen them myself too many times but if you've had success then maybe it's worth another go!
Happens to most people. what you gotta do is cut it up a day b4, put it in a ziploc bag, then leave it for 12 hr+ (longer the better) then eat em. or better yet, b4 u eat em, rinse em first! this will help and allow u to eat a full pineapple.
That makes sense, Ill try that with my next one.
I've never seen any pineapples that were ripe when I bought them...but they ripen on my counter it looks like.
I have the same problem. Ripeness surely helps. In the grocery stores where I live you can buy them peeled and cored (or cut up into chunks) and in clear plastic containers, that way you can judge the ripeness by how bright yellow it looks. (I find the color of the skin and even the smell can be misleading when determining ripeness.)
Also frozen seems to be okay, I use frozen pineapple (and berries) for smoothies.
I know none of these options are as good as ripe straight off the tree but I looooove pineapple so I make some exceptions.
U guess I will just have to be a ltitle more patient and let them ripen further :D
I had the same problem so I did some tests and research and the answer was that the soreness and bleeding is all because they're not ripe. This is the nature telling you that your food is not ready yet.
And pineapples will NOT ripen after picking. No matter what you do they won't ripen. They will get softer - YES. They will change colour - YES. But they definitely will not get ripe. Period.
Sugars in pineapples come from the plant and there is no starch in the fruit itself so it won't ripen after picking.
To make sure your pineapple is ripe you have to smell its bottom :) If it smells sweet and appealing, then it's good. You can also try to pull one or two leafs. If it's easy to do then this will indicate the ripeness. Colour of a pineapple will NOT tell you anything about it ripeness because different types have different colours and they all will get yellow, brown or orange with time anyway.

When you eat a pineapple start from the bottom, because it’s always more ripe (closer to the stem). Sometimes you may be OK eating the bottom half of it while the top part will be unripe.

All fruits are picked unripe if they are for export. That is because the high sugar content would cause them to spoil quickly. While some fruits can ripen after picking, the pineapples can't, hence you may have problems finding them ripe in your grocery.



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