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Hi everybody.

I'd like to be eating just pineapple shakes for a wek more or less and I'd like to know what you think about. I say shakes because I can't eat it directly; it causes me a lot of little wounds in my tongue if a eat more than one. I have tried to eat it without the center of the fruit and it's better for the wounds but I think I'm losting  a lot of its properties.

Peter has told me to eat at least 2000 or 2500 calories which it means more or less six pineapples a day. I have saw that 100 grams of it contains 50Kcal, so 1 pinapple for about 1kg will have 500 Kcal.

What do you think?

Thank  you.

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Just make sure they are really,really ripe when you buy them they should look like big yellow /orange glowing lantern with no green at all. Pineapples are super hard to find properly ripened as once they are picked they do not continue to ripen (produce sugar) people will say they do but truth is they do not. The less ripe the pineapple the more bleeding gums and tongue you will encounter as there is an enzyme (bromelain) sometimes used as meat tenderiser which break down proteins in your mouth causing bleeding. If you can get good ones go for it but to be honest I think you would be better off using a less problematic fruit.

Ok, thank you Steven Adams, Christian and Peter Csere.

I'm afraid Pineapples here in England are not completly ripe at all :( But I think  they become a little more gold than when I buy them. It's more or less a week since I buy them that I eat them.

I haven't thought about digestion, good point. I'll try just one day and I'll see. Most of them are just a little gold and with a lot of green.

I've just arrived for a long trip for Asia and I couldn't eat many pinapples because of the wounds. I thought it would be possible to 'drink' the pineapples and now that I can do it it's no possible because they are not enough ripe. So funny...

Ok, thanks again.

Hey nekete, 

First of all, make sure you are getting enough calories in a day with about 2500 minimum for females and 3000 minimum for males.  If you exercise, eat a little bit more.  

30BaD FADs: Why 2500/3000 Calories A Day? - 30 Bananas a Day!

Now if pineapple gives you sores in your mouth, it is probably not an ideal food for you as you seem to be showing some kind of allergy.  

I am personally allergic to pineapple and do not eat it in any form.  

If you want to do a fruit island for a few days or weeks, then try something like bananas or papaya or mangoes.  

Peace, PK

Thanks Pk.

I don't think I'm allergic. That wounds in my tongue were produced by the bromelain, I'm not sure if this bromelain is so 'bad' because the pineapple is not yet completly ripe or just because the bromelain always cause wounds.

I'd like to be on a mono-diet of mangoes. I did it when I was in Thailand a few months ago. Ripe and sweet and juicy mangoes... mmm... I like it, but mangoes here seem to be a kind of joke or something like that, and the price is quite expensive. I think there ar no papayas in here.

Well, thanks for all everybody. Maybe I'll try to be on fruits 100%.

People who are latex sensitive may be sensitive to pineapples and in some rare cases, bananas too.  

So yes, unripe pineapple, latex content, and or bromelain could cause problems for some people.

IMO, it may be the latex that gives me a problem.  

Peace, PK 

I would eat a little more than that. However, I don't think I could tolerate a pure pineapple island. I could however try a mono-combo like pineapple banana island or pineapple-mango island. 

Enjoy yourself

Well, today is the day... :)

Finally I've decided to have my mono diet day on pineapples. I've bought six, the most ripe I saw in the supermarket.

I'd already "drunk" one when I took this pic. (and another one before)

I'll take two more in a few hours and the final two before going to bed. I fell it's a few food, maybe 8 it should be. I'm not hungry anyway.

Well, finished my mono diet on pineapples. I've liked it :) I also had liked to still go on today but I couldn't find ripe pineapples, I just see two of them that finally I bought. So I've had an extra half day of mono diet.

It's a shame beacuse I'd like to be on pineapple monodiet for at last three days, even on week.

If the pineapple tears up your mouth without blending it, it's best not to blatantly ignore our body's signals.
If you physically can't eat something whole because it injures you, that's probably a pretty good sign you shouldn't be eating it.
Just something to think about.

Absolutely do not do it!  That is what I think! :D

If your mouth burns, it will burn your tummy.  Pine-apple does not ripen once picked, look it up.  If you do not live where it is grown then chances are very slim that you will find one that has been specially flown in ripe.

Do not try to trick your chief officers by doing smoothies! :D

Oh, I'm sorry but my English is not enough good to explain properly what I think about the pieapples and me :)

So, simple sentences will be the best.

First. I had the wounds on my tongue and just in my tongue once and it was when I had eaten three pineapples.

Second. The central part of the pineapples is where there is the most of the bromeline. So if you don't eat it your tongue will be better.

Third. I had no problem with my tummy nor with my mounth or my tongue.

Fourth. The problem is chewing it, not to swallow it.




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