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this just in from steve hindi's shark (www.sharkonline.org).
the organization paid for an anti-pigeon shoot billboard, but clear channel canned it. there will be an investigation as to why.

you can read the details which are copied below.

if you don't know what pigeon shoots are, go here:
you'll find humanity at its worse once again.

but you can do something about it!
you can write to attorney general cobett and gov rendell.
the links are right there on the www.pashame.com website.

in friendship,

Clear Channel Kills SHARK Anti-Pigeon Shoot BillBoard

NEWS RELEASE  Mar. 2, 2010

Contact: Stuart Chaifetz   (856) 428 2635 Media@sharkonline.org



SHARK Calls for Independent Investigation into Possible Unethical Behavior 

On Feb. 9, 2010, SHARK signed a contract with Clear Channel Outdoor for a billboard to be placed on Route 95 in Philadelphia, starting the week of March 15. We paid the full amount, $2,626, up front, and everything was set to go

There were no signs whatsoever that Clear Channel had any problems with the billboard (the billboard only has a picture of a bloody feather, and a website: www.PAshame.com). In fact, on Feb. 23, SHARK signed a new contract with the company, as a billboard placement spot had opened up earlier and we were able to get that starting the week of March 1.

We even promoted the billboard at our press conference, held on Feb. 24, at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, which was covered state wide in newspapers and on TV. The press conference focused on the horrors of two pigeon shoots that had happened the weekend before, and that we were asking Governor Rendell and Attorney General Corbett to take action.

We were shocked when we received an email on March 1, the very day the billboard was to go up, from Clear Channel saying that they were pulling the billboard because of "content on the website."

"I knew immediately that there was something bigger going on here," states Stuart Chaifetz, SHARK Media Coordinator. "They had this billboard for weeks and never said a word, then suddenly there is a problem with content on the website? And it just happens that they didn't realize there was a problem until after we hold a successful press conference which put the spotlight on the Attorney General? I put a call into the President of the company, to find out what was really going on.

"On March 1, at 1:04 PM, I received a call back from George Kauker, President of the Philadelphia Division of Clear Channel.  He told me that he was personally rejecting the site based on "copy," which he said was allowable under the contract.  I returned that there is no copy on the billboard, just a website address. When pressed, he then admitted that the real reason why he killed the billboard was because he felt the website was an attack against Attorney General Tom Corbett.

"I asked him if he had actually seen the website, because there are no attacks against the Attorney General on PAshame.com.  All there is is a letter asking Mr. Corbett to use his authority to stop what we believe are illegal pigeon shoots, and information on how people can contact him and ask him to take action. That's it. But he didn't care. He said he would not allow it and that was that.

"My personal opinion is that the anger expressed by Mr. Kauker was unwarranted and had no proportional relation to our business deal. That he had no idea what was actually on the site leads me to believe that someone had read him the riot act about this billboard, and that he was then taking it out on us. I am just thankful that he was honest and upfront and admitted that this was all about protecting the Attorney General."

These are the facts of the case:

· Clear Channel approved our billboard, and received payment for it in early February.
·  The very day before the press conference, a new contract was signed with Clear Channel to get the billboard out earlier.
· A few days after the press conference, when the Attorney General took some heat in the media, the President of Clear Channel           
   Philadelphia personally kills the billboard.
· Mr. Kauker admits that he was breaking the contract in order to protect the Attorney General.
· The Attorney General is running for Governor. It is possible that he or 
his allies would be concerned that an issue as emotional as live  
   pigeon shoots could cause him political harm.

Serious questions remain about whether Mr. Kauker was truly acting on his own volition, or if he had been asked to break the contract from either Mr. Corbett, someone in the Attorney General's office, someone from Mr. Corbett's campaign for Governor, or some other political figure.

"As we are now witnessing in New York - how powerful politicians use their authority for personal reasons - it is not impossible that some one in Pennsylvania used their power to stop this legal transaction," states Chaifetz. "This is why we need an independent investigation. Mr. Kauker should be put under oath and let's find out if there is corruption behind this."

SHARK will be sending a letter to the Attorney General asking him to assign an independent prosecutor to look into this. If he refuses, we will then take this to the U.S. Attorney. This violation of free speech, and violation of good faith business arrangement, cannot stand unopposed.

Please visit PAshame.com and forward it to all you know!

This is what the billboard was to be:

Kindest Regards, 
Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team
"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society.   Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same defective fabric: violence.   Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves."   - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader, founder of the United Farm Workers

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I really like your idea Harley.  I'm sure it would be a big hit.  Better to feed these cowards to the lions than innocent animals.

latest update from www.sharkonline.org

in friendship,



February 21, 2014
Another Pigeon Shooter Exposed -
Carl Badenhausen

The Philadelphia Gun Club(PGC) commits horrendous acts of animal cruelty when they hold live pigeon shoots on their property that borders the Delaware River. 
Today we expose another PGC member and pigeon shooter-
Carl Badenhausen.

Badenhausen is President of Morris Forms (which specializes in School Forms and Report Cards) and was Chairman of Buildings and Grounds for Evergreen Cemetery, in Morris County. He belongs to the Morristown Rotary Club and he’s another wealthy guy who takes government hand outs for crop subsidizes. Worst of all, he shoots pigeons for fun at the PGC.

Badenhausen leaving a live pigeon shoot at the Philadelphia Gun Club in 2013, along with a picture we found of him on the web. 

Badenhausen is also a lawbreaker (and not just for participating in live pigeon shoots which violate Pennsylvania’s anti-cruelty statute). In this video, you will see Badenhausen after he left a recent shoot at the PGC, driving on Interstate 95 with his license plate covered, which is unquestionably illegal.

Please politely and respectfully contact the Morristown Rotary Club and ask their opinion about Badenhausen’s participation in horrific animal cruelty. You may also want to ask about him driving with a covered license plate.
You can write a post on their Facebook page HERE  
or send them an email on THIS page.  


One of the PGC's victims. She fell hard to the ground and died, her blood splattering the rocks around her.

SHARK has documented birds that have fallen to the rocky shore and die in extreme pain as blood flows from their mouths. We have seen wounded birds desperate to escape the PGC arc over the river - and then fall into freezing water. simply put, the PGC is a place of nightmares.
Badenhausen joins an infamous list of pigeon shooters we have exposed, such as Leo Holt, John Sigler, Bruce DiDonato and Richard Shakelton (click HERE to see their, and other pigeon shooter profiles on OperationBrightLight.net).

Even Sean Corr, the lawyer for the PGC (and ally of Bucks District Attorney David Heckler), has bloodied his hands with innocent life at the PGC.
SHARK's Recent Videos
Kindest Regards,  
Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society.  Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same fabric: violence. Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves." - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader, founder of the United Farm Workers

latest update from www.sharkonline.org

in friendship,



February 26, 2014
Ex-Cop Assaults SHARK President at Pigeon Shoot
SHARK Calls on PA Attorney General to Investigate, Prosecute Assault

Saturday, February 22, 2014, a live pigeon shoot was held at the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) which is located at 3051 State Road in Bensalem, PA. SHARK was there to protest, document illegal acts committed by the PGC members, and rescue birds.

Many PGC members illegally covered their license plates. Many also wear masks to further hide their identities.

PGC shooters, wearing masks, driving with illegally covered plates

After witnessing numerous vehicles entering the club with covered plates,  SHARK Investigator Stuart Chaifetz called the Bensalem Police. A short time later, an officer arrived and entered the PGC to investigate. When she exited the PGC, she told Chaifetz that she saw no plates covered. She then explained that an officer would have to witness the covered plates in order to cite them.

At the conclusion of the pigeon slaughter, a caravan of four cars drove down the long PGC driveway and prepared to turn on to State Road. The caravan was led by PGC head of security and former Bensalem police officer David Clee. The second vehicle was driven by someone wearing dark glasses and a mask. That vehicle had covered plates. SHARK president Steve Hindi moved in front of the vehicle to prevent it from illegally entering the public road as the police were called. 

David Clee, then exited his vehicle and physically assaulted Hindi to force him out of the way of the vehicle, thus allowing the driver to illegally drive onto the public road.

David Clee (left) assaulting Steve Hindi

Clee didn’t just commit assault - he committed assault so that a shooter could illegally drive onto a public road with covered plates.

Even though the assault was captured on video, we expect that Bucks District Attorney David Heckler will do nothing other than perhaps charge Hindi.

Heckler has close ties to the PGC through its lawyer, Sean Corr, and has used his authority in a predatory manner against SHARK in the past, including allowing a man who pulled a loaded handgun on Hindi to not be charged with a gun crime.
SHARK's Letter to PA Attorney General Kane
SHARK sent a letter, detailing all of Heckler’s prosecutorial misconduct, to PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s office asking for her to take over this case.  

The following is an abbreviated version of the letter. You can read the entire letter HERE.

Dear Attorney General Kane,

I ask that your office investigate and prosecute an assault case pending in Bucks County, wherein I was the victim. I am requesting state intervention because Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler has shown himself to be both biased and willing to use his office to punish those who oppose him, specifically, me. I do not make such an accusation lightly. The evidence is clear and overwhelming.

My organization, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) has been protesting live pigeon shoots that are regularly held at the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC), located in Bucks County since December 2009. Sean Corr, the lawyer representing the PGC is also a Bucks County assistant solicitor. Mr. Corr has also participated in pigeon shooting at the PGC.

Corr has a very close relationship with District Attorney Heckler. Heckler recused himself from a case involving Corr after Corr was accused of having stolen a campaign sign belonging to his sister’s opponent in the 2012 elections. Corr’s sister is State Representative Marguerite Quinn.

According to an article published in the Bucks County Intelligencer, it stated the following:

“District Attorney David Heckler said he will likely forward the complaint to the state Attorney General because he has contributed to Quinn’s campaigns in the past and Corr has helped with Heckler’s campaigns.” 

Heckler’s self-professed need to recuse himself from the Corr case demonstrated that there was a verifiable ethical conflict between the two men, and how important the Heckler/Corr relationship was. This conflict, however, did not stop Heckler from directly interfering on multiple occasions when animal cruelty charges were filed against the PGC by a duly appointed Humane Society Police Officer. 


The second time Heckler abused his power when he filed assault charges against me when I was attacked by an employee who worked for the PGC. Even though the assailant made multiple false statements, changed his story repeatedly, and I had the testimony of police officers to back up my case, Heckler proceeded with the prosecution.

After a two-day jury trial, I was found not guilty of all charges. Even the judge questioned why these charges had been brought. That’s how bad the case was, but because Heckler has the power, he forced me to pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

The day after the trial ended, the same man who assaulted me committed another assault against SHARK Investigator Stuart Chaifetz. My assailant was so angered that he had lost his case that he first went on a verbal tirade against Chaifetz, who was sitting in a small boat on the Delaware River, and then he attacked the boat itself. Even though this incident was filmed, Heckler not only refused to prosecute the assailant, but he all but threatened to charge Chaifetz with violations of the wire tapping law for filming his own assault.


As the video from this latest incident shows, I was clearly assaulted, yet if Heckler keeps control of the case there is little doubt that not only will the assailant go free, but it is likely that I will face charges. 

The reality is that it is not justice that is practiced in Bucks County, but the predatory and vengeful abuse of power by a corrupt District Attorney.


Steve Hindi
President, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
630 640 1889 

Gotta love Bob Barker!!!

so when you can't beat 'em, sue 'em!

or as steve hindi puts it:

Simply put, they can’t beat us on the field, so they will use their wealth to try to shut us down in court.

in friendship,



February 27, 2014
SHARK Sued by Pigeon Shooters!

When fighting wealthy, politically connected people who love to slaughter innocent animals, there is the danger that once you have proven to be effective, they will use their wealth to slap you with a frivolous lawsuit.

SHARK has been very effective in fighting against the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) and former President Leo Holt. Now, they have both sued us.

Read the PGC lawsuit against us HERE

Read our response to the lawsuit HERE

The charges, as you can read, are ridiculous; the PGC and Holt accuse us of being violent and that we’ve “emotionally harmed” PGC members. 

“Emotionally harmed?” How can you emotionally harm someone who commits horrific animal cruelty - people who 
take pleasure in the suffering they cause to animals?

Two PGC members laughing at us while we rescued wounded birds they had shot for fun.

The lawsuit specifically mentions our effort to ask the Jackson Laboratory why they have Holt as the chair of their board when he has personally been videotaped killing pigeons in his own hands. Click on the picture below to learn more about Leo Holt and watch the video of him torturing birds. We think it was a pretty fair question.

Leo Holt at a pigeon shoot at the PGC. He picked up a number of wounded birds and swung them around, apparently to try and break their necks. It didn't work very well. The birds suffered even greater torture in his hands.

Some of the outrageous charges in the lawsuit are that I am a “terrorist” who belongs to the Animal Liberation Front. Absolute lies. It’s shocking that a lawyer would put something that is demonstrably false into a lawsuit, but once you realize who that lawyer is, it all makes sense.

This is Sean Corr, lawyer for the PGC and the lawyer of record for the PGC/Holt lawsuit. He was standing right next to Holt in the video mentioned above, holding the umbrella for Holt (as if he was his manservant) and watching Holt brutally try to kill the wounded birds.

More importantly, here is Sean Corr as he is about to physically assault me at a PGC shoot. That's right; the lawyer who claims I am violent committed an act of violence against me. That's how outrageous this lawsuit is.

    Click HERE to watch the video of Corr assaulting me. 

Corr dares claim we are violent when he reacted with such violence and anger toward me? The PGC dares claim that we are hurting them emotionally when the pain and suffering they cause to tens of thousands of living, feeling beings is so vast that not even the full might of the Delaware River can wash it away? 

They are hypocrites, liars and abusers of animals on a monumental scale. And yet they are allowed to file such a malicious and groundless lawsuit that will drain us of precious resources.

SHARK has had a presence at every pigeon shoot held at the PGC this year, from November 2013 to last Saturday, February 22, 2014. We will be there for every shoot for the rest of their shooting season, which ends in the spring.

We have regularly made the long trek from Illinois to Pennsylvania. We’ve arrived at the PGC before the sun has fully risen and have left after it has set. During these shoots we’ve rescued dozens of birds that would have died cold and alone on the rocky shore of the Delaware River
or would have drowned in the Delaware River. We’ve documented unbelievable animal cruelty.  That’s how serious we take our commitment to fighting against live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania.

A dehydrated and emaciated pigeon that was rescued at the PGC shoot last Saturday. This was the first fresh water this bird had to drink in days. Without SHARK, her fate would have been a slow, cruel death on the Delaware River.

Losing this case is not an option. Unfortunately, the process of fighting is designed to sap our resources. This is the purpose of a frivolous lawsuit.

The pigeon shooters know this. They want us to pay mightily for daring to defy them. Simply put, they can’t beat us on the field, so they will use their wealth to try to shut us down in court.

Please consider making a generous donation so that we may both fight this lawsuit and continue to fight pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. You can donate online HERE or mail a donation to this address:

  SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness
      PO Box 28
      Geneva IL 60134

Thank you for all that you’ve done to support SHARK. We sincerely hope you will join with us once again as we engage the animal abusers on this new battlefield.
Support SHARK When You Shop on Amazon.com

another lawsuit.

in friendship,



April 15, 2014
The Philadelphia Gun Club Files
Second Lawsuit Against SHARK!

A few weeks ago I told you that the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) had filed an absurd lawsuit against SHARK for our legal protests against their cruel pigeon shoots. That suit was filed in a Pennsylvania court. 

Late last week we found out, through a news article no less, that the PGC and eight of its members have filed a federal lawsuit against us!

It’s not just SHARK as a group they are suing, but also five of SHARK’s personnel as individuals. This includes myself, Janet Enoch, Mike Kobliska, Stuart Chaifetz and Brandon Bohn. 

The PGC is seeking millions of dollars that, if awarded, would destroy not only SHARK, but our families as well. That’s how serious this is.
 That’s how angry the PGC is that SHARK has fought them so hard and effectively. 

SHARK investigator Janet Enoch holding a wounded pigeon she rescued from the PGC on March 8th, 2014. Though the PGC planned on holding more shoots this season, they did not thanks to SHARK's hard work. Janet is being sued for more than $1,000,000 by the PGC and its members.

The PGC isn’t suing the local “humane” societies who have not saved a single pigeon. They are suing SHARK because SHARK is the only organization that has dared to stand up against them, and if you dare to stand up to the wealthy members of the PGC as we have, then they will use their power to strike back at you.

SHARK investigator Stu Chaifetz saw this pigeon fall into the Delaware River at the March 8th shoot. Tragically, she died in the dirty water after being shot. Stu is now being sued for more than a million dollars by the PGC. 

The federal lawsuit is filled with inaccuracies and false and malicious statements.  The PGC is also attacking our First Amendment protected right to protest and are trying to crush our freedom of speech. They have no defense for what they do to thousands of innocent pigeons every year so instead they are attacking us.

The lawsuit states “Additionally defendants have visited the business premises of both Drs. DiDonato and Natriello for purposes of disrupting their practices and turning people away.”

Here's what really happened; in June, 2013, SHARK held legal, non-violent protests on public land in front of the offices of pigeon shooters Karl Natriello and Ed DiDonato. These protests were absolutely protected by the First Amendment. 

This is why the PGC lawsuit is so dangerous; if they have their way, we'll all lose our First Amendment right to protest animal cruelty.

Should we have stayed home and not risked their wrath? That would have been the easy path, the safe path, but that would have be cowardly. It would have meant that innumerable more animals would have been shot, wounded and drowned in the freezing water of the Delaware River.

Just look at the face of this baby pigeon we rescued this year, a pigeon who suffered unimaginable pain just because the PGC members shoot and kill her kind for the pleasure it brings. If saving her life meant that we have to face off against the PGC in court, then so be it. Better that we fight for an honorable cause than hide in shame.

SHARK personnel and I, who have been struggling against the PGC and saving lives, are now under attack by the PGC. We need your help so that we can win this battle.

Please consider donating to SHARK so we may mount a vigorous defense not just for all of our First Amendment rights, but for the animals we are fighting to save.
Kindest Regards,  
Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society.  Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same fabric: violence. Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves." - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader, founder of the United Farm Workers

update from www.sharkonline.org

in friendship,



March 7, 2014
Bensalem Police Protect Law-Breaking
Pigeon Shooters
Video Goes Viral - 45,000 Views in First Day

Watch it on LiveLeak

Watch it on YouTube
On February 22, 2014, SHARK investigators documented vehicles with covered license plates entering the PGC. The Bensalem Police were called. An officer responded, and entered PGC property. Upon leaving, the officer stated she had not seen any covered plates, and that an officer would have to personally witness the infraction to cite the driver. We believe that claim is nonsense.

When the shoot was over, SHARK witnessed vehicles leaving the PGC with covered plates. Police were again called and I stepped in front of one vehicle to prevent it from illegally entering the roadway. David Clee, a former Bensalem Police officer working for the PGC physically assaulted me - grabbing me and pushing me out of the way - enabling the driver to leave before police arrived.

David Clee committing assault

Just as the first police officer arrived to investigate the assault against me, the PGC gate opened and another vehicle with covered plates prepared to leave.  The driver and occupants all worn surgeon's masks to hide their identities. SHARK personnel immediately alerted the officer and the gate closed.

Top: A Bensalem police officer arrives just as a PGC vehicle with covered plates tries to leave, while a SHARK Investigator films the scene.  Bottom: Two Bensalem police officers watch as the PGC vehicle leaves.

Two more police officers arrived, including a sergeant. The PGC gate opened again exposing the same vehicle with license plates still covered.  SHARK personnel again alerted the police, yet the officers allowed the vehicle to leave.  Everything was captured on video.

This was a moment of truth for the Bensalem Police. There were multiple, clear violations of law. In spite of personally witnessing violations, the Bensalem Police do nothing. This special treatment of the wealthy and politically connected members of the PGC is why illegal pigeon shoots are allowed to continue.  Thanks to our cameras, the public is becoming educated.
Another Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Shooter Exposed: John Allan Ross
SHARK is announcing the identity of another pigeon shooter from the notorious Philadelphia Gun Club. Meet John Allan Ross:

Ross as he was leaving the PGC, along with a picture of him we found on the web, and a victim of a pigeon shoot.

According to this page, Ross was “…Corporate Chief Operating Officer for the Deutsche Bank Group,” and he is “a Trustee the Jewish Museum, the Metropolitan Opera Guild, and Hobart & William Smith Colleges.” 

What Ross really likes to do however, is shoot at emaciated pigeons launched from small boxes and let them bleed to death on the rocky shore of the Delaware River.
Watch this video to see the tragic results
from what John Allan Ross does for fun.
The Masked Shooter’s covered
license Plate, Uncovered

When PGC thug David Clee assaulted me, he did it to so that a masked PGC member with covered license plates could leave the driveway.

This is that PGC shooter and his covered plate.

Covered license plate from the front of the vehicle

We remembered seeing that vehicle at previous PGC shoots, so we searched our archive and found another time that he attended a shoot.

Though he was masked then, his license plate was not covered.  

Uncovered plate from the back of the vehicle from a previous shoot

All that work and trouble to cover his plate was for nothing.  More to the point, we think we recognize who that shooter is and are currently going through our archives to identify him. Hopefully we will soon be exposing another PGC shooter in the near future!

Foiled again - another vehicle with
a covered plate, uncovered.

Here is another vehicle from the PGC who has recently been covering his license plate. Too bad for him we’ve already captured their plates on film! 

We believe he delivers food for the PGC.

The Passcode for the Philadelphia Gun Club Gate

This is the gate that blocks the entrance to the Philadelphia Gun Club driveway. There is a keypad with a code that opens the gate.

The passcode is 1877. 

We are not revealing at this time how we received this information.

update from www.sharkonline.org

in friendship,



March 16, 2014
Philadelphia Gun Club Attendance Plunges

I am pleased to inform you that our relentless efforts against the notorious Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC) have dramatically reduced the number of shooters attending their live pigeon shoots.

That means that in spite of corrupt officials refusing to enforce anti-cruelty laws, thousands of lives are being saved!

At the start of this shooting season, there could be up to thirty vehicles packed with men and women who could not wait to spill as much blood as possible. At the shoot last Saturday, March 8, 2014, however, there may have been more workers at the shoot than participants. There were a total of twelve vehicles, and six of those were workers or service people.

The tide has been changing throughout this season, as we have attended every shoot. Animal abusers don’t like our cameras and the exposure that follows.

A month and a half ago when we secretly filmed one of the PGC members, Carl Badenhausen, driving on an Interstate Highway with covered license plates after leaving the PGC. We released
that video on YouTube and two weeks later, at the following shoot, there were less than half the shooters as the previous one; eleven vehicles with at least four cars belonging to workers.

Carl Badenhausen driving on an Interstate Highway with covered license plates.

We didn’t get comfortable with that success. At that next shoot, when a masked driver in a vehicle with covered plates attempted to leave the PGC, I stepped in front of it to block it from driving illegally on the road. The PGC’s hired thug, David Clee, physically assaulted me and the PGC driver fled as fast as he could.  

With Badenhausen exposed and then our blocking of their vehicle, the weak and cowardly PGC members, so fearful that the public might discover their identity, chose to stay home in even greater numbers this past Saturday.

Last Saturday’s shoot duration was the shortest we’d ever seen. It lasted less than two hours, with only sporadic gunfire throughout. PGC shoots used to start at 9 a.m. and last all day. This is a tiny fraction of the length of the shoots they used to have before SHARK’s campaign.

You may recall that we enjoyed similar success in dealing with other Pennsylvania pigeon shoots. Numerous shoots no longer exist because we continuously exposed them, including Straustown and Pike. We wore down the attendance at Wing Pointe from more than a hundred, to a handful of killers. 

Fighting against pigeon shoots can’t be done in a comfortable office. You have to be there, on the ground, in the freezing rain and snow with your feet in the dirty water of the Delaware River. It’s difficult and exhausting, but because we have been there, lives have been saved.

Compare this to the two local "human societies," the Bucks County SPCA and the Women’s Humane Society. Both these organizations have MILLIONS of dollars and rake in even more every year. They both exist within miles of the PGC, yet neither of these wealthy groups have saved any lives at the PGC. Not one pigeon. That’s the sad fact of the matter; the rich groups get richer and those organizations doing the hard work, like SHARK, struggle to survive. 

Top: Meet "Jaime," a wounded pigeon we rescued at the last PGC pigeon shoot.   
Bottom: From a shoot last year. SHARK pulled 17 dead pigeons out of the water and off the shore during a PGC shoot. The difference between a well-attended shoot and one where the PGC members stay home is weighed in lives spared from hellish torture.

We hope that you will consider our hard work, the positive effect it is having, and the lives we’ve saved and consider sending in a donation so that we may continue to fight this just and honorable cause.
The Masked Pigeon Shooter Exposed
In the previous section I told you about the pigeon shooter who was so desperate to avoid being discovered that not only did he cover both his plates, but he’s worn a series of ridiculous masks, such as this one:

William Comly, masked.

His name is William Comly. 

Comly works for Brown and Perkins. And he doesn't want you to know he's a pigeon shooter.

We first met Comly in 2009 at the very first PGC shoot SHARK attended. Here is a picture of him back then with fellow pigeon shooter and tax cheat, Bruce DiDonato.

William Comly, unmasked.
At the beginning of the week, we will have a very disturbing story that demonstrates the overwhelming corruption in Bensalem Township that includes not only the police, but also part of the supposed Pennsylvania humane movement. You’re not going to believe the degree of sleaze that we are up against!

an excellent update from www.sharkonline.org:

Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Shoots Grind to a Halt!

in friendship,



April 2, 2014
Philadelphia Gun Club Pigeon Shoots

Grind to a Halt!

As you know, SHARK has worked tirelessly to stop illegal, horrific live pigeon shoots held at the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC). Twice a month from November to March, wealthy and politically connected animal abusers slaughter birds for fun. Each club member shoots at dozens of birds. Over the course of their five-month killing season, there are thousands of victims. Some are killed, but many others are left to suffer slow lingering deaths on surrounding properties and still others are left to drown in the Delaware River that borders the club’s property.

Back in 2009, when our attention was drawn to PGC shoots, there used to be thirty or more vehicles with multiple shooters inside. Our cameras scared a number of them away, especially when their faces started showing up on our websites and YouTube videos.

Sean Corr (left) and then President of the PGC, Leo Holt at a pigeon shoot in 2009. Holt viciously killed pigeons with his own hands. Watch the video of him doing that HERE. At this same shoot, Corr, who is the lawyer for the PGC, assaulted SHARK president Steve Hindi. Watch the video of Corr's assault  HERE.

In late 2013, the PGC sued SHARK, apparently believing that we would pull back out of fear. We instead shifted into high gear. In February, a SHARK investigator filmed pigeon shooter Carl Badenhausen, illegally driving on Interstate 95 with his license plates covered.

Carl Badenhausen driving with covered plates on I-95 in PA. You can watch the video HERE.

The shooters weren’t expecting us to do that. Once they saw that we were willing to document their illegal activity beyond the confines of Bensalem Township (where the PGC is located, and where the police turn a blind eye) they realized there is no escape from SHARK. The shooters got scared, and only half of them showed up at the next shoot.

A masked driver with covered plates, later revealed to be William Comly.

We shifted gears again. At the next shoot, three of us stepped in front of a vehicle with a masked driver and covered plates about to leave the PGC to block it from illegally driving on the road. The killers weren’t expecting us to do that either. It took an assault by one of the club’s security people (a retired Bensalem police officer) to clear a way for the vehicle to quickly make a run for it.

David Clee, PGC head of security, assaulting president Steve Hindi. 

At the next shoot, March 8, 2014, even fewer shooters attended, just a
half-dozen shooter vehicles. That shoot was so small it lasted only a couple of hours, meaning that hundreds of birds that would have been killed at a normal shoot were spared a tragic fate.

After having decimated the attendance at the PGC shoots, to the point were only a handful of people attended, we wondered what would happen at the next shoot.

Two weeks later, March 22, we upped the ante once more by having large, three-foot-tall signs made showing the faces and names of PGC shooters that we had identified. We know how much the PGC members despise being outed, for they know their bloodlust will be embarrassing if exposed, so these signs were a way for us to show them that we will continue to fight their violence and cruelty. 

At around 7 am, someone driving an expensive Porsche sports car, apparently a shooter, left the PGC compound. This was a clear sign there was going to be a shoot. A short time later, the PGC’s head of security showed up, as he always does for a shoot. We were prepared, and we waited…but nothing happened. After a while, the head of security left, and there was no pigeon shoot that day. A month after we filmed Carl Badenhausen, two weeks after we blocked the masked driver with covered plates, the PGC was set to have another shoot, yet it did not happen.

We thought that maybe the shoot was delayed to the following week, so this past Saturday, March 29, we were there again, this time with even more signs of PGC shooters, 11 in total. 

I am very pleased to announce that yet again there was no pigeon shoot. In fact, a local source informed us that the shoot had been cancelled! 

This is a huge victory!!!

Thousands of lives have been saved due to the shrinking shoots, and now even more pigeons will not be subjected to a living hell. Adding to the victory, we now know what works for keeping these cowardly shooters away and we are fully prepared to implement these strategies and more if they shoot again next year. Everything has changed in the battle against the PGC’s pigeon shoots.

This change has come by the sheer force of will and determination by the SHARK team. I am proud and humbled to be able to work with this small, but oh-so-very dedicated group of people. We’ve stood up against a corrupt district attorney, mayor and township council, corrupt police and local media that has no interest in exposing the truth and in the process rocking the political boat.

SHARK investigator Janet Enoch rescues a wounded pigeon that was drowning in the Delaware River during a pigeon shoot at the PGC. No one does this but SHARK.

Our victory has not come cheap; SHARK has spent a lot of money fighting the PGC. You may remember that animal protection hero Bob Barker gave us a substantial grant in 2009, asking us to focus heavily on Pennsylvania pigeon shoots. We’ve done that and more, but now we can really use your help.

Already in 2014, the Illinois team has travelled more than 13,000 miles to expose PGC shoots. We are still facing a meritless lawsuit by the PGC which is intended to financially bleed us. In the meantime, two “humane” organizations, the Women’s Humane Society, and the Bucks County SPCA, each of whom is located near the PGC, and each of whom has many millions of dollars in the bank, have done nothing and saved no lives. 

Do we like having to travel thousands of miles to fight vicious animal cruelty while these local humane groups sit on their hands? No! Why do we do it? Because of the suffering and the pain caused to thousands of innocent animals every year. How can the directors of these supposed humane groups collect huge paychecks while all that blood is spilled just miles from their offices? 

SHARK rescued this baby pigeon from a shoot held at the PGC. Someone had cut her head with a knife, torturing the bird before she ever became a target for vile fun.

That is what makes SHARK different; we act and we save lives. Please support us and help us to continue to win victories for the animals.

finally! the tireless work done by SHARK (www.sharkonline.org) has moved legislators into action!

if you are in PA, support them and put an end to this barbarism.

in friendship,



June 27, 2014
Pennsylvania State Senate Judiciary Committee Advances Bill to Ban Pigeon Shoots
Animal Protection Group Applauds Vote -
Calls on Entire Legislature to Finally End Cruelty

For years, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) has video documented and exposed live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania, wherein emaciated birds are launched from small boxes and shot for fun. Shot birds that are retrieved are dumped, they are not eaten. Many pigeons escape the shoot area wounded. These victims will die slowly from their wounds, exposure, infection, starvation or predation.

SHARK had two investigators in Harrisburg for the committee meeting yesterday morning where the amendment to ban pigeon shooting was successfully added to HB 1750, which would ban raising dogs and cats for human consumption.

"Senator Richard Alloway made an eloquent speech about the amendment and how its purpose is to simply stop animal cruelty, not take away anyone's 2nd Amendment rights as the NRA claims,” states SHARK Investigator Mike Kobliska who was at the hearing. “SHARK has video-documented many dozens of pigeon shoots and as someone who has seen the violence first hand, it was very gratifying to see the support the legislation had in the committee. Now we must work to make sure this bill is made law.”

A year ago SHARK released a video in which TV legend Bob Barker asked Pennsylvania’s legislators to pass a bill to ban these horrifically cruel shoots. This video includes heartbreaking footage of one pigeon that was shot and landed by our videographer before dying. Her terrible suffering showed the bloody reality of pigeon shoots.

In a rare show of solidarity, many hunters and NRA members nationwide join the animal protection community in demanding an end to pigeon shoots. This can be verified by viewing comments to SHARK’s pigeon shoot videos on YouTube.
You can view the Barker video HERE  

“We are asking every resident to stand and help us end these shameful shoots which stain Pennsylvania's reputation,” states SHARK President Steve Hindi. "Using living animals for target practice is barbaric and must be ended once and for all."
You can watch the committee hearing online HERE.   
The Pigeon amendment vote starts at 11 minutes 30 seconds on the video 
Pennsylvania residents - please contact your state legislators ASAP and ask them to support  HB 1750.

You can find out who your legislators are HERE

Two victims of a live pigeon shoot. Please help us ban these cruel shoots!

update from SHARK www.sharkonline.org

Adolph Antanavage is a judge?!! he kills helpless pigeons! no one needs judges like that ... in fact, no one needs people like that. see the text below to see what you can do about it.

in friendship,



SHARK Calls on Cruel PA Judge to Resign

Watch the video HERE
SHARK has video documented Adolph Antanavage shooting at numerous live pigeon shoots. This is a man who really enjoys shooting, wounding and killing innocent birds who are used as living targets. 

As you can see in the following pictures, Antanavage has shot pigeons multiple times in front of a Confederate flag that waved proudly at the Wing Pointe canned hunt club in Berks County.

Antanavage shooting pigeons in front of the Confederate flag 

To many, the Confederate flag represents immorality and depravity. This is especially true in Pennsylvania where the Confederate army committed heinous war crimes, including “slave hunts” where free African-Americans were captured and enslaved. Antanavage, however, seems perfectly happy being in front of the flag. 

 Left: Antanavage walking toward us at a pigeon shoot. Right: Antanavage at Wing Pointe

The problem is, Antanavage isn’t just your run of the mill vile pigeon shooter slaughtering innocent birds in front of a symbol of bigotry and oppression. In June of 2014, the Pennsylvania State Senate confirmed Antanavage to be a judge in the Court of Common Pleas in Berks County!

Adolph Antanavage committed horrific acts of animal cruelty at a private club where they proudly flew a symbol of bias, prejudice and hatred. This is why SHARK is calling on him to resign as judge in the Court of Common Pleas, for no one with that much staining him should be allowed to judge others.
Please politely call Paul Yatron, President Judge of Berks County, and ask him not to allow judge Antanavage to preside over any cases:

Antanavage smiling smugly after having shot pigeons at the Wing Pointe canned hunt club
Kindest Regards,  
Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society.  Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same fabric: violence. Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves." - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader, founder of the United Farm Workers

update from SHARK www.sharkonline.org

in friendship,



SHARK Calls for Major Action Against Labor Day Pigeon Shoot

Since 2010, SHARK has been on the ground fighting pigeon shoots at the Wing Pointe canned hunt club, where we have video documented some of the worst animal cruelty we have ever witnessed. SHARK has been the only organization battling this private club of wealthy, depraved slob shooters. As the annual three-day August shoot at Wing Pointe approached, we decided to try to change that. 

An innocent pigeon being destroyed at a Wing Pointe shoot.
Untold thousands of birds suffered this fate and worse

SHARK sent a letter to the Federation of Humane Societies of Pennsylvania (FHSP) and challenged them to finally take action and join us at Wing Pointe.  To our pleasant surprise, some groups responded. The Humane Society of the United State (HSUS), The Berks County Humane Society and Anne Irwin of the Bucks County SPCA held a press conference in Reading, the seat of Berks County. The effort paid off, and with the help of SHARK's graphic video documentation, there was some good, and long overdue media coverage exposing pigeon shoots.  You can watch video of the TV news coverage HERE.

Though SHARK is not credited in the story, the press conference would have been a bust had they not used our footage of pigeon shoots. 
A screen shot of the online video of the news story

As you may recall, we have heavily criticized the FHSP and its associated organizations for not taking an active role to educate the public to help generate more support for banning pigeon shoots. SHARK has challenged the FHSP and its associated organizations to get out to the killings fields, and to involve the media. We congratulate the FHSP for finally getting into this battle! Now we are urging them to come out to Wing Pointe on August 30 and 31 for Wing Pointe’s annual two-day Labor Day weekend shoot, and to bring the media with them.

Now, however, we are not just calling on humane organizations - we are calling on anyone and everyone - and on you!

SHARK is putting the call out to everyone; we want this to be a massive effort of humane organizations and individuals who are disgusted with the thousands of innocent birds that will be slaughtered this Labor Day weekend.  We will be announcing more details of our plan next week.

There will be a very special protest at the Berks County Courthouse on Friday, August 29, prior to the shoot on the Labor Day Weekend. This protest is against longtime pigeon shooter and newly appointed Berks County Judge Adolph Antanavage. In the picture below, you can see Adolph shooting pigeons at Wing Pointe with a Confederate flag waiving near him. How can anyone who slaughters and wastes animals for enjoyment (and violates PA humane law) in front of a symbol of racism and hatred be put in a position to enforce the law and judge others? We are demanding the ouster of Judge Adolph Antanavage.
Adolph Antanavage shooting pigeons at Wing Pointe

Most people in Berks County don’t know about the pigeon killing judge who stands with the Confederate flag. WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT! We need to let everyone in Berks County, and throughout Pennsylvania know what is going on. This is your opportunity to make a difference for animals, and for the American justice system!
Watch our new video exposing Antanavage HERE.

In addition to pressing for the resignation of Adolph - the pigeon killing judge, we will soon be launching TV ads on local Pennsylvania cable networks that will push for legislation to ban pigeon shoots once and for all (more on that soon).

In order to pull this phase of our campaign off, we need your financial support. Please help us put pigeon shoots in front of the people of Pennsylvania, and bring the cruelty right into their homes. It is time for pigeon shoots to finally end, and we need the support of every single person who cares about animals.

Many years ago, hundreds of people traveled far to get to the Hegins' Labor Day shoot, and that shoot was half the size of what will happen at Wing Pointe this year. It’s time to once again show our strength and resolve.

This Labor Day we are kicking off a major new phase in our battle against pigeon shooting in Pennsylvania.
Kindest Regards,  
Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society.  Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same fabric: violence. Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves." - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader, founder of the United Farm Workers



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