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Pictures of the male and female that have eaten more fruit than anyone in the last 5 years..

Durianrider and Freelee. We NEVER restrict fruit carb cals. No tricking our bodies by eating bigger salads to fill up. No compulsive exercising to lean up. No distracting ourselves with emotional drama so we dont eat. Just BIG meals everyday of whatever we care for. We use our bodies, we have fun and we are borderline obsessed with feeling great and making MASSIVE contributions to society. We stay hydrated, we get the early nights. We train smarter vs harder. We learn from those getting the sustainable results we desire.


These are NOT overnight transformations. Like a mango tree, it takes a few years for the fruit to show. People want some 2 week hydro fruit and wonder why it tastes crap and dies after a few months. The longer it takes to build, the harder it is to crumble. I see it in cycling, people do a lot of drugs and are hitting it for a few years and then they disappear vs the person that trains smart and lives right and becomes an athlete for LIFE.




Here are our most recent photos. From yesterday/last month. Some people say we are too fat/too lean. Its funny. You either 'get too fat' or 'too lean on fruit'. Society doesnt know really do they. But yeah, here is us. Who else do you know in the last 5 years that comes close to eating as much fruit and living the lifestyle like us? How come they look similar? How come we have ZERO long term fruity crew with genuine excess weight issues? Thats a good question to ask yourself if your a newbie and or not reaching your goals after a year or 2. Stay strong and charge on. Those that persist get rewarded. Those that flake, well they end up back where they started. 



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Harley, I quote you all the time. You are my inspiration. :) Thank you. You and Freelee teach me patience, something that I forget to have at times! Will remember to try to have it. It's a virtue, right? ;)

Its funny, the more sweet fruit Freelee ate, the faster the blubber dropped off. Why? Cos all of a sudden Freelees fitness when up and when your fitness goes up, your metabolism goes up and everything gets sweeter.


So what works for 100% of people 100% of the time? 811 and eating more to live more +having a long term goal and focus vs 'I want 2 decades of abuse to heal in 2 years..'.

i would love to know this number too. i know numbers are silly, but i really think that so many girls and guys on this site would benefit from having the hard facts on the most glowing example we have of health in our community! So, how long, whether it was weeks, months, or years, did it take for Freelee to lose the excess weight that she gained after going 811rv? thanks in advance :)

Hannah why don't you ask me? lol  The *hard* facts are that it came off gradually over the last 3 years after the initial gain. I got on the scales for you, I'm 51.5kgs. I've come down from over 70kgs (i jumped off the scales in fright at the time as the number went over 70).

Sorry freelee, i didn't mean to sound like i wasn't asking you dirrectly, i had just seen DR's reply to the question and went with it, lol.


Thank you for the speedy reply. i guess "hard" is the wrong word, and how long is kind of the wrong question, too. what i should ask is, how long after you gained did it start to come off?


sorry this sounds so nit-picky, i'm just hoping this gives all the girls a better understanding in regards to this not being an overnight transformation!

haha hey no it's cool it just seemed funny. Thats why I put a lol after it.


Yeh I understand where you are coming from (seeing I've been there). It started coming off really after the first 6 months or so (if I remember correctly). My weight didn't increase after that (oh possibly a kg or 2 in Asia from Durian & lack of activity), but generally just slowly but surely decreased.

thanks !


i thankfully have only managed to put weight on by stuffing myself past comfort, but i feel like there is a general unrest about weight gain--obviously, hence this post in the first place, lol--so i thought the info might help those who are "there" right now :)

Freelee, I have always loved your little "belly shirts." Do you have them specially made or do you sew?
thanks, mum actually sews them for me :)
Well they look great! She obviously knows what she's doing. :)

I wish they were available at our store http://www.cafepress.com.au/30BaD

I really have to clean that shop up a bit. 

so inspiring (-: it makes me soooooooooooooo happ to know that i've finally found the way that I can eat as much as my heart desires and in sometime radiate with health and happiness like freelee and DR (-:



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