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They only list 2 types. Native and Japanese. The calorie count is very different for the 2 types so I need to get it right.

Does anyone know if these correspond the fuyu and hachyia which is which.

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both fuyu and hachiya are japanese, 'native' are tiny ones that grow in north america.

by weight of edible section a fuyu is about 70 calories and a hachiya is 100-150 depending on size.

That is great, thanks,

I put it in as Japanese. The Vit E content is great. I took what he had at the farmers market but I must go earlier and try to get a box of them next week

Has anyone ever experienced sores in their mouth after eating a lot, say 2lbs straight of persimmons? I;m not sure if its from persimmons or just my body detoxing or something. Once I think I cut the roof of my mouth with a fuyu and it just took a long time to heal. But, wanted to see if anyone else had this experience with persimmons before?

I like my persimmons as soft as possible, at least a little because they can be injurious, using a knife can make hard fuyus a tad more friendly

If you eat them before they are really soft they will give you a very uncomfortable feeling in your mouth. You will not do it again.



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