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I'm truly perplexed. Recently, I have been accompanying a gentleman of 87 yrs. old to his doctors apts. For the last 10 yrs. he has eaten mostly fruit because he felt meat and other foods were not suiting his body anymore. He still eats little meat and little bread. The only pill that he is needing to be on is Lipitor for the hi cholesterol. Just lately, he also began to get HGH injections for longevity and other reasons. By the way, very costly. After one week of HGH he began to feel a bit dizzy. Three weeks later the dizzy spell was much stronger and yesterday he began to get an extremely intense pain on his right hand. Twice the doctor insisted that it was because the amount of fruit is raising his insulin level. He insists that he eat lots of protein and 6 egg whites with one yolk everyday. What????? This is crazy.

Years ago, I also read an Anti-Aging book from a doctor (can't remember the name of book nor the doctor). The whole book was about eating Salmon and eliminating fruit from the diet because it caused high insulin>free radicals>oxidation>aging. This doctor also sold a very expensive skin care line in Nordstroms and other stores.

I am tempted to make a banana and date smoothie of the HGH doctor and meter the insulin level right in front of him. Do doctors avoid doing that simple test???? I really am curious as to what they base themselves to question place fruits in the same scope as table sugars and all the other sweet poisons out there. This doctor even dared to say that Aspertame was good for you. Can anyone tell me what they are using to back up their diagnosis? Diabetics are told this everyday!

Thank you:)

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I'm NOT a doctor, but fat in the bloodstream will eff yo, **** up. Since insulin is a hormone, it makes sense to me that taking HGH seems like a fantastic way to monkey with your endocrine system- in a BAD way.

Sounds like your doctor is a quack, but tell your old guy to stop eating meat because of it's fat content (even the lean stuff is no good) and to leave the EVOO alone and to start smashing more bananas.

Traditional MDs are so clueless. It's the FAT in the bloodstream that makes people diabetic. Not the sugar. I like Dr. Neal Banard's work. Check it out.

I doubt he said those words, as in "aspartame is good for you". If he said that aspartame has benefits as aspartame itself (like has some nutritional value) then he's a quack.

If he meant it as in "it won't harm you" and "you don't get insuline spikes" ye, he's right on that but i wouldn't trust aspartame no matter how many scientific researches prove other wise. (there is a theory aspartame has been boycotted in order to hit mega-companies like coca cola) 

Your friend and you are totally different though, what works for you might not work for him and vise versa. You can do the test just to know for yourself.

The fact your friend has been taking cholesterol meds on a fruit diet is weird... 

I thank all of you for your quick and most helpful responses:)
Much to my dismay the doctor did actually say "Aspertame is good for you". It wasn't my battle to fight, but I did challenge him and he had no answer to what I had to say.
I appreciate all the info and links. Info that I truly value and stand by. It's is always good to hear it over and over again, since their is so much false/inaccurate/misleading/dangerous info out there coming from so called medical professionals that took a Hippocratic oath and do no other than insult our intelligence with ignorance and selfish greed.
However, what I don't understand is what source or foundation do physicians use to diagnose/prescribe/alter a fruit diet when it is so easy to prove them wrong with a simple glucose test that requires no lab work and can be done in a matter of minutes or few hours.

Thank you again:) I guess I'm just venting....

i don't like that doctor already -.- *facepalm* uuuuuuurg.... some people need to go through re-examination if they are still qualified/sane enough to still practice medicine... i'd love for a re-exam to happen every 5 years or so...

Yes Vice,

I completely agree!!! They should be re-examined every so many years at the least! And I also know and agree that the priority is his high cholesterol and the damage done by the HGH to the endocrine system. I'm taking it slow in guiding him in the best direction. Being 87 yrs. old, lucid, coherent, a successful business man that has lived on his own for 20 yrs. I need to be very tactful and patient. The advantage is that he has great respect for my experience and knowledge in regards to higher nutrition.

I was wondering if you are aware of any link to info (someone like Dr. Neil Bernard) on the endocrine system. Thank you for your support:)

Thank you so much Mantika (and everyone else) for your support and your most welcome replies:)



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