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So, I'm wondering if anyone wants to post some "ideal" eating days?

What's the most nutrition you can get from YOUR calories? What do you eat to hit 100% (or almost 100%) on all vitamins and minerals and etc. daily?


Bonus points for keeping it 2000-4000 calories and cheap! :D


(I think this thread may help people out, who are worrying about deficiencies they can't quite pinpoint.)

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100% by what standards? 

USDA recommends 1500mg of sodium every day. I think this is way too much. 

USDA recommends about 15g of omega-6 fatty acids. I think this is way too much too.

Likewise I think other nutrient recommendations (like vitamin K) are way too low. 

A bit over 4000 cals though!




Brazil nuts are generally recommended as they won't fruit without it apparently. Selenium is taken up by plants grown in selenium rich soil so in USA high plains of Dakota etc. are a reliable area. Less good place is Ohio with some of the lowest levels in the USA. Most areas of the USA are considered to have adequate soil levels.


I think it's actually a third of a brazil nut gives over 100% USRDA - so don't worry when you "run out".  Dates, melons, pumpkin and sesame seeds, leafy greens are good sources of zinc.  There is zinc in lots of different kinds of fruit.  Also, zinc is one of the minerals that I think is overestimated.

I have not used this program.


Can't seem to download.


What do people like and not like about it?


Where are they getting there data from?


Is it North American based?


Does anyone have a link that actually works?


Take Care,

I don't always like calculating, but if I do Cronometer is the best.  You can adjust all of the nutritional targets to fit what you want.  You can create foods/recipes with your own input.  You can create reports which will show targets over a certain time frame.  My only complaints are I wish it followed individual long chain fatty acids and the linux could work a bit smoother.

The database it uses is from the USDA nutrient database.

Worked for me, but if you have linux you need to look up special in...





What do you mean by following indvidual chain fatty acids?


Do you use this often or do you forget to use it?


Thanks seems like a lot of work went into this program.


Take Care,

I mean that cronometer follows omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, but not whether the lipids are long, short or medium chain.  It doesn't differentiate between DHA or EPA, for example - which doesn't matter for vegans really, but it would be nice to know this.  nutritiondata.com does track this.


About every few months I'll track everything I eat for a few weeks, but then I get tired of it so I don't bother.  I mostly do it out of curiosity or I use it to track other people's food and show them what they are eating.

Never get 100%, like ever, because my nutritional targets (what I have decided should be optimal) are pretty much impossible to attain :P

If your using standard CRON-o-meter targets you should probably looking into adjusting them.

Good question :)


Theres a few different reasons: -

1. The foods of today aren't the foods of 100 years ago or 100,000 years ago, and even organic is totally inferior.

2. So far i've never found a place where I could get 'optimal' levels of everything from one location. For example here in Cambodia I never get as much vitamin B1, B5, B6, C (my target is 5000mg for C), E or selenium or zinc as I'd like.

3. My targets are pretty dam high and I require specific foods, such as brazil nuts, or foods that are ridiculously high in Vitamin C


I based my numbers on a few different evolutionary predictions, disease prevention and reversal, and centenarian statistics.


I also don't trust that CRON-o-meter provides anywhere near accurate readings, especially while im in SEA - and the higher the better in my opinion.

To each their own, but a few (if not most) standard targets on Cron definitely need changing.

I like the Cron-o-meter because if I have a day when I feel like I did some bad food combining or can't sleep because I'm too hungry it becomes a great reference to see where I need some improvment. I'm still pretty new to eating this many calories so I do have to make sure I get them in!


Right now I'm less active and still adjusting to the high volume of fruit and veggies in my belly so I have been getting around 2,000 cals a day. I understand that when I become more active I will for sure need more cals to sustain my energy but right now I feel great and as I said, still working on stretching what can fit into my belly!


I have adjusted my macro nutrient ratios to 80/10/10 although it seems that it recomends more fats and protein then what I see on others screen shots of their cron-o-meter. This is what it "recomends"...


Calories: 2143





Based on those ratios, I can never seem to get more then 5% protein on any given day. I was eating about 12% fats and after lowering my fats down to around 5 or 6% I have better digestion this week. So I guess I'm just wondering if others that are having a 100% cron day have the ratios set at 80/10/10? Thanks :)



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