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 Ive been doing rawtill4 for like a month now but people are telling me i became "fatter". i know that there will be an initial weight gain and i absolutely dont mind gaining weight on a high carb diet because i am aware that this diet will make me healthier long term. i just wanted to know some tips on how to deal with people(family, friends) telling me i got "fatter". 

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I'd disagree about the point you made about starches..

watch this! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5wfMNNr3ak

fluid retention, a person can easily hold up to 10-20 lbs of waterweight depending on their frame and sodium intake. bone density, muscle density, glycogen, I mean i'm not saying that all of it is 50 lbs but a good chunk could easily be those things.... plus a few pounds of necessary fat for healing. This post doesn't provide enough info to jundge whats happening here.... weight height..calories, activity, sleep.. etc....

Wow Haz, your posts on this thread amaze me:

"Your body doesn't say "oop, got too fat. Must mean I'm healed" and then magically get Slim and Lean and trim and taut again."

I can tell you first hand that my body DID do that. I gained 60 fucking pounds and eventually when I got my B-12 shots, got my vitamin D going, got my stuff slightly in balance, my body started to shed weight very gradually and effortlessly. I didnt change a thing, didn't even work out and I lost 25 lbs.   If we can give our body the chance to recover and not be distracted by other illnesses it will put itself back into balance. Weight retention and metabolism is just one part of the project. Maybe don't spread the judgmental tone all over a space where people are honestly trying to find solutions to these life altering problems and looking for some hope and knowledge ;)

Mary-Louise and Haz, a read through Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! may clear things up a bit about how the 30BaD lifestyle works.

I started September 2013, 25 Pounds up so far. I was already 20 Pounds over weight. Not impressed lol.

You must have really done some damage to yourself in the past.

45lbs over a 20BMI weight? The ONLY way I could reach that weight would be to eat like I used to eat. Id gain that much weight even if I did the same amount of training I was doing now.

About a year and a half to two years ago I did a Master Cleanse and I had a month or so where I couldn't eat due to stress. I would puke up anything(no intentionally) and wasn't hungry. Then when I came Vegan I got very sick, I guess detox. I couldn't eat for a week, I tried but my throat was swollen up and filled with puss :| even water was difficult. Then I had another period where I got sick again a couple months later. I did better to eat then. It was frustrating because I know that I hindered my progress.

If I was to guess my BMI is probably around 30 now. Most of the weight has gone to my stomach. It's horrible and uncomfortable. I can't wear a dress or a skirt because my legs rub together and cause a rash :/

Now that the warm weather is here I am finally getting outside more, still gaining. 2 pounds a week seems to be the average. I need to cut down on the cooked food(financial issue), but I keep the fat low and don't use any salt.

I thought maybe some of the weight might be connected to hormone fluctuations. Could never remember to take my pill so my hormone were all out of wack. Got off the pill and got a copper IUD, going on my second month with that.

I have only had an issue with weight for the past 6 years. Before I was stick thin, favorite and most commonly had meal was pasta, mr. noodles, breads etc. Maybe it was all the carbs that kept me thin? Not sure what changed other than getting pregnant. Really hoping it could be hormone related and that things will balance out as my hormones do.

I told my parents as soon as I started this diet that I would gain weight on HEALTHY food and that it's bound to go away in a couple of months. I'f you bring it up really casually and confidently I think most people should and will be understanding?

Julian, sounds like you are hanging out with elite runners lol!

One has to be FAT to be called fat by SAD eaters. Don't worry mate, you will get 'emaciated' like us all in due time. ;)

Water retention is common when your testosterone levels start to function properly after bouts of calorie restriction/over training/booze consumption. The first thing to happen during the first week of a steroid cycle is water retention. When people increase their calories to healthy levels, testosterone levels go up. Add in glycogen retention, better hydration and increased T levels and you have some healthy water weight gains initially.

Bit like getting sore legs from running ones first ever 5k. Toats normal.

Julian I think it is part of your process to learn how to deal with these voices. It's a tricky situation. I know I'm fully past a "mental thought" that holds me back when I can genuinely feel what is untrue in a person's feedback and feel grounded in my truth. If you feel better, feel emotionally more stable, ground yourself in these truths.

i packed on 15 pounds of weight when i started 

its all gone now   now  i have very little fat on my body  @23 months

it began to drop off at the 14 month mark 

everyone who does long term is skinny neal benard durianrider freelee   (who puffed up first before shedding extra weight )

it always happens         but it takes time     its a lot of fun  after going through the puff up then laughing watching extra drop off   mother nature is the best    let her do her thing for you 

It is a law of nature... If you take in more energy than your body will use, then it will be stored.

If fruit didn't allow this, then it would be a useless food for survival.. The fact that it can be stored as fat is a good thing for scarcity and is documented in Orangutans for example, during fruit masting.

However, we are not experiencing scarcity, and are in the process of finally helping nature with her plan to construct heaven on Earth.. We can eat enough to fuel our bodies, we are not hamsters that need to store nuts in our cheeks.

I like the Buddhist idea of not storing food... I don't know the full concept but it seems that it all adds up to never giving up hope in nirvana.

Fear of the problem leads to us creating the problem... "not enough calories", etc... In paradise, there are no calculations...All that one can see and feel is right there, and it is the most beautiful thing in world.



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