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 Ive been doing rawtill4 for like a month now but people are telling me i became "fatter". i know that there will be an initial weight gain and i absolutely dont mind gaining weight on a high carb diet because i am aware that this diet will make me healthier long term. i just wanted to know some tips on how to deal with people(family, friends) telling me i got "fatter". 

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Hey Julian! This is a tough one! I am going through the same thing right now... almost a year in & I've gained 50lbs. Which is quite substantial & hard to deal with on it's own, without having it brought to my attention by "well meaning" friends, family, and people I barely know:)

I have a background of water & juice fasting, so I understand why it's happening - but trying to explain to people that you're healing a broken metabolism is difficult. Luckily I live far from relatives, but when I did visit my mom and dad - I just confidently explained what I was doing and why. Confidence is key! They understood to the best of their ability, and being that I am 39 years old - couldn't say much...

With friends and neighbors it varies, depending on our relationship. From full disclosure to a cryptic smile with "I'm doing an experiment". Some days are harder then others - I've been asked if I'm pregnant too many times to count. Once by my father-in-law, who thought for sure I was even when I said no... oh well one day I will look back & laugh when I'm healthy and no longer on the weight roller coaster! Good Luck! 

50lbs isnt that much. I know a girl that gained 70lbs and actually looks healthy now. Id say she would drop another 10lb over time and settle around that.

Pretty amazing how the body heals after anorexia/dieting/calorie restriction etc.

I agree, I have seen examples on this forum of people who gained at least 50 lbs. They may not look rake-thin, but they certainly look healthy and within a normal weight range.

ever recovered from an ED, Haz?   Anyone who questions a rawbee gaining weight after an ED needs to think of how much weight a formerly starved person would gain eating 3,00 cals of burgers every day. I guarantee the subject would gain twice as much weight, the type that doesn't come off easily like fruit fat. The person would probably have a slew of illnesses as well, like diabetes, acne, acid re-flux, constipation, irritable bowl, the list of lovelies goes on . . . 

Point being, no matter how healthy you eat, shoving in 3,000 cals per day after years or even decades of eating hardly any calories or nutrients at all is going to require time for your body to adjust. It doesn't even really make sense that we would be able to reverse the damage done to our bodies and fix our ruined metabolisms, I've never heard mainstream nutrition experts tote a plan to restart one's metabolism and be thinner than ever eating unlimited calories, only in the 80/10/10 universe is that mentioned. 

The last thing people like Julian and I need are you guys throwing a critical eye at us in disbelief of our raw devotion. "Ohhh they must be hiding something"  Wellll, wouldn't it be easier to solve the problem if we were? Would anyone  waste their time posting on this thread if we all knew what to do all along??  

If you think 50 pounds is bad you would fall on the floor with shock if you heard how much I have gained. 

@MistyRaw, Thank you very much for the tip.

I've gained about 35lbs in 6 months and I'm not at all worried about it, considering I come from a severe calorie restriction background. I restricted for years and years and was 3 stone underweight. I know i'm looking a little puffy at times but I know it's mainly water retention and my stomach is as flat as a board in the mornings.

Many people seem to think it's unhealthy to gain that much but considering I'm only at a healthy weight now for my height, I'm willing to wait for whatever time it takes my body to heal.

As someone else said in one of the other threads I was reading recently, you only have to look at Freelee's first videos to see how much more rounded she is. So good for you Kelly in sticking with the lifestyle despite the weight gain:)

Thanks!! I think it so important to support each other, and understand everyone is going to have a unique experience at first depending on their background.

Good for you for sticking with it and staying positive:)

I have gained 43 pounds so far, 20 of it I needed, the rest nope. BUT, I am feeling better and am healing lots of health ailments. I am sure there's lots of other things healing I am not even aware of. I am a personal trainer part time and am scrutinized daily for my weight gain. I no longer care nor explain myself. I just started having the energy to workout again and can easily lift the same amount of weight from 2 years ago. Yes there is this layer of yuck, but underneath I know is some awesome muscles developing. Kudos to those who stick it out. Longevity is key.

Your problem is the cooked carbs. Odds are your adrenals aren't up to par, so your sugar metabolism will be lacking, and you might even have a hypoactive thyroid which is only gonna worsen your rate of metabolism. Either way, dumping a load of cooked starches (complex sugars) into your system is not gonna heal anything.

You want to get your adrenals (and perhaps thyroid) going, that way you will metabolize sugars whether they are simple or complex. From a healing perspective "rawtill4" is inadequate, starches will never heal you. When you no longer show any symptoms and you're cleaned out after a good detox (we are talking months or years), then you could dabble with some grains here and there. 

Thanks for the suggestion, ill try going fully raw for a month and ill see what happens. Thanks.

Can you link any references to this information? I would like to read more about this. 



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