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Does anyone have experience with trying to stay vegan in the Peace Corps?

They mention that you should be flexible, however I do not want to consume any animal products.

Any advise would be much appreciated!!!

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Belong to a religion that doesn't eat animal products. In truth I dunno what the peace corps is. but if you find out let me know because i have a similar issue with leather military boots

You cannot change what a dead animal is u can only change your reliance on dead animal products.

Look into WWOOFing--willing workers on organic farms.  Can still see the world, yet will be around those who at least have some appreciation for produce.

Windlord: Thats sounds great too! But I was hoping to use my environmental and biology majors to help out with conservation of the environmental resources or endangered animal populations...

mmm, I like the way you think.  

Might want to talk to Tarah Shannon, one of our PK's.  She's worked with Sea Shephard, and might know of some other organizations along your lines.  

Great idea!  My Mum was in the Peace Corps and the family she was staying with killed their dog for a special dinner in her honor, she felt that she had to eat it but felt quite torn inside and saddened about it.  I would not put myself in that position, there are other ways to see the world. Teaching English abroad may be an option too.  

JC: I feel the exact same way! I want to help out, but not lose my morals or health in the process.  I was hoping that wherever I would be sent there would at least be lots of rice..? 

Thats so funny too, because thats when I want to go too :)

That sounds great! Thanks so much :)



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