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              Please forgive me for any spelling mistakes since English is not my first language. But here's the story. I went raw till 4 and I gained weight. Big deal. My mother was not happy with the lifestyle causes it cost her "a lot" of money and I was getting "fat!" She thinks its on healthy and not realistic.

For me the transition was not hard because I was vegetarian for a year and half and vegan for half year before starting. I have done stupid stuff with my metabolism. But that's ok I'm making up for it.

I still leave at home and it's a constant battle with my mother because I am eating to many "carb" like potato, rice and lots of fruit and some veggies. So I came of it for 3 months and now I am back but she doesn't know. It bothers me alot that she is not supported because I love her really much.

But I know that she just scared for me to get big and my health. She reads a lot of books about health and she always telling me we need fat to burn fat I keep saying we dont and she gets mad. I got my sister on this life style and we both loving it! But heres my mother always on a marygoround with her weight and life style. But to be honest I still lover. Its just I'm having a hard time with her. I know it works I just need to give time and prove it to her.

What can I do to make this easyer since I am tired of hidding, I do know if I tell her she will get mad like last time and we will always be in a fight and I don't want that.

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sounds like a tough one. families are so complicated.

I think the biggest problem is that you're dependent? It may be a problem you just have to manage till you can eventually move out and look after yourself.

Probably best to not hide it, all you can do really is explain that you know its right long term, it will take time to get the results you want but you are committed to it. Some people can be very stuck in their beliefs.

Thank you Clark. I have done this life style before with there no loge that I was on RV4. But got no support. But I do agree I should not hide it.

I have family and friends that are the same way Eva. In the beginning when I first changed my diet and became vegan I put A LOT of energy into trying to explain myself to everyone. 99% of the time the energy I gave was not given back and everyone dismissed me as a crazy person or just plain weird. The way I act now is very different.

Sure, I love my family and friends dearly but I can not devote all my time and energy into helping them understand why I do what I do AND actually do the things I want to do in my life. This is because the things I want to do in life help me become a healthier person. My friends and family are not interested in becoming healthy. They just want to eat animals, hurt the environment, and not think about how their actions affect the amount of suffering on this planet.

Your energy is precious. Use it in the most efficient way you can think of. If you don't think you can through to the people that you love, don't. If they really love you they will try to understand. If not they are not worth your time.

Well said Brian :)

My mum and I get dismissed as 'crazy' people almost daily...(sigh)

Those people really are a waste of energy. Most don''t give a hoot...(another sigh) 

Thanks Brian

My family is not the usual family my father a meat eater my mom vegetarian / vegan my sister and I are Raw vegan till 4!  Everyone has there own eating way.

How old are you?

I'm at University 

Yes it dose thank you One body all vegan :D

Eh, it's hard with family.  My family still thinks my diet is nuts, but it's been a good year now - I'm not dead yet & I'm still in-shape, so the results speak for themselves.  If that's an updated picture of you in your profile pic, then you are awesomely in-shape & your mom should follow more of what you do if she is struggling with the ups & downs of losing weight.  But, people don't see that - they just see what you're doing as not only very different, but possibly negative because how can you survive on fruit alone without disastrous consequences for your body?

As you've found out, change is a personal, internal process.  You can't make others change, and if you go around advertising it, people freak out.  They feel the need to defend their own diet, despite the results they are (or are not) getting, because that's what is normal to them.  Fruitarian is a pretty weird diet if we're being honest here, but again - the results speak for themselves.  My teeth aren't rotting out, my hair isn't falling out, I'm not a stick figure, I'm not fat...in fact, I'm doing the same as I was on vegan, paleo, and all the other stuff I've tried over the years, just with slightly more energy.

I'm not convinced there's any one magical path to good health, but rather multiple ways with different combinations of food (and everybody's body is different!), but everyone likes to get all up in arms about which is better & which is worse.  The trouble is, a lot of people arguing against these are struggling with their own health issues like obesity & diabetes, and since change is difficult, it's easier to tear them down than try the out.  And it's okay to be separate...I do my thing & my wife does her thing.  She's actually allergic to most fruit, so there's no way this style of eating would work for her, but she does great on a whole-foods based diet & can keep up with me just fine.

If your mom likes to read about nutrition, have her start reading up on flexible dieting to ease her into a different way of thinking.  Whereas a vegan diet is more socially accepted these days, fruitarian is still pretty far out there & sadly we don't have an awful lot of scientific food studies to back us up, but if you've used Chron-ometer or similar tools, the nutritional profiles speak for themselves.  There's nothing magic about it, nutrition is nutrition.  Fruit just happens to go down easy & make you feel awesome all the time.



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