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Parallels between breastfed infant and HCLF raw vegan diet. Our natural diet.

Hi Everyone!  I just posted this on my blog and will likely make a video about it soon on my new YT channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkhVansW8Zl_g3e5evdsx6Q, but I wanted to get your thoughts on it before I do.  If everyone thinks I'm crazy I may not make a video! :)


I decided to give up meat and all animal products in June of 2012.  Not long after I discovered the HCLF life and I have never looked back.  My second son was just under 2 months old.  I was exclusively (no supplementation) breastfeeding, on demand, because I believe mother’s milk is the natural food for babies (and children).

This post is not meant to put down anyone who formula feeds, it’s just my observations and experiences with how I fed/feed my children, and how I noticed similarities when I changed my diet.

Maybe I am crazy for putting these things together.. but even if there is no science to back my observations, I still think they are worth noting.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this so please feel free to comment..  It’s fun to get the conversation going…

Cutting to the chase.. Here are some of the things I noticed when observing my newborn baby’s breastfeeding experience, that lead me to believe eating a plant based diet is the natural next step.

1. Breastmilk is sweet.  We all have a sweet tooth, and we are born with itEmbrace it.  Instead of secretly eating sweet cakes and cookies, I switched to ripe fruit.  I embraced my sweet tooth, but replaced the source of the sugar to a natural one.  I ate (and still do) an UNLIMITED amount and I feel incredible. 

2. Breastfed babies have odourless gas including burps, and their poop smells.. SWEET (its a distinct smell but certainly not stinky, its sweet).  I have smelled the gas and poop of formula fed (and even supplemented) babies, and it stinks, bad.  Not on a natural diet though! I am saying it.. my SH*# stopped stinking

3. Frequency of pees and poops.  My baby peed often and pooped a few times a day.  I noticed when I changed to a HCLF diet, I was peeing more regularly because of the foods having a high water content, and I also started drinking more water.  My urine became clear and odourless, just like in a newborn breastfed baby!  I began pooping a few times a day, effortlessly.  What goes in, shortly after comes out.  This is how it should be! When eating meat, dairy, and junk food I did not poop every day, its scary to think of all that nastiness built up inside!

4. Ease in digestion.  Newborns wake up and sleep in cycles, in the day and in the night, this is normal! New moms.. don’t get caught up in the race to “get your baby sleeping through the night.”  Breastfed babies wake up at night for many reasons, but one is because breastmilk is very easily absorbed and digested.  It moves quickly through their little bodies, and this is why they need to feed so often day AND night.  They are also growing rapidly!  Feeding them multiple times in the night may seem  stressful, but when you remember that it’s because their food is being used and they need more, it’s understandable.  Same with plant foods!! When we eat them, we don’t get that sluggish full bloated feeling.  The food moves quickly through.  Now, I was not waking up hungry through the night, but I did notice how easily I was able to digest this new food.  If you are eating a high fat vegan diet I feel it would take longer to digest.  But a high carb low fat vegan diet will definitely move quickly through.  Also.. when you give a newborn baby a bottle of formula before bed you may notice that they give you a really long stretch of sleep… Rejoice! Not so much. They are in a longer stretch because their bodies are working hard to digest this foreign substance, it sits in their stomachs.  Not natural. Not healthy.  A very long heavy sleep for a newborn can increase the chances of SIDS as well.  I remember many times eating a big piece cheesy lasagna, with garlic bread, and a caesar salad with a creamy dressing for dinner.  Maybe a cupcake (or two) for dessert.  All I wanted to do after was sit on the couch and watch tv.  Not healthy. Not natural.

5. Perfect body weight.  I never worried about my baby being too small, or too heavy.  I knew that by eating his perfect diet, he is at his perfect weight.  Both of my boys were very lean babies, but if you have a pudgy baby and you are exclusively breastfeeding this is also normal! The fat from breastmilk on babies is different from the fat gained when formula feeding.  Formula fed babies have a higher likelihood of becoming overweight children, and this can carry over into adulthood.  Eating a plant based diet as an adult, I noticed my weight moving toward a much healthier number.  Over time I lost 50 lbs in baby weight and am quite comfortable where I am today.  Eating a plant based diet will bring you to your natural healthy weight in the long term, but you need to be PATIENT!  When I ate meat, dairy, and processed food I felt I was slowly moving  away from a healthy weight.  Now I feel I am headed towards the fittest time of my life.

6. No prep time.  Breastmilk is ready straight from the tap.  No need to cook, heat, shake or stir.  Its perfect just the way it is.  Pick an apple off a tree and pull a carrot out of the ground.  Our perfect food is equally that simple and effortless.

All I know is that a ROOM FULL of dead animals would look and smell like nothing but what it is, death.  But, a room full of ripe fruits and vegetables would look and smell like.. beauty and LIFE.  This is all the proof I need.

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It would be interesting to see a study that compares the breast milks of women on different diets. I presume that the milk by a vegan/HCLF mom would have superior nutritional values compared to the milk of a SAD eater.

Yes I wish there was something like that out there, I think this would really bring more parents into this lifestyle.

Like!! So many studies I want to pay for...If I get rich, this is so going to happen. Now we just need some PhD scientist to do the work!

Thanks Lauren! :)  Well contact me because I want in on it too! I'd love to be involved with putting together such a study.  The only thing that would concern me is that I still think breastmilk is better than formula, even with a SAD diet, I wouldn't want people to think that their milk is no good.  Also.. there are countries in the world where women have little to eat, and very little variety, but their babies are still growing and thriving on their milk.  So it leads me to believe that our bodies can still make really good milk even if our diets aren't optimal.  But I would love to see some science behind it either way!  Maybe we can contact Colin Campbell??



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