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Alright, so this is whats happened to me so far in my life when it comes to having to listen to and deal with my family who partake in the standard "AMERICAN DIET". They are a HYUGE buzz kill. Always commenting on my fruit smoothies looking like sh%@ and *where I get my protien from*. How long I plan on staying on this "diet" and when I'll start eating REAL food!!!.... <(-_-\) come ON MAN!!! Always making the "disgusted" face when they see me eat my fruits and veggies. Like... WHAT THE HELL MAN! I have no choice but to live with these people and deal with their bull.

My aunt is the most ridiculous. Calling me a stinkie hippie 24/7 and making me feel like I've got a screw loose for choosing a raw vegan life style. Am I going crazy? Every day I am confronted with negativity towards my choice of living!!!

Thankfully I've got the good people of 30BaD to have my back, or else I would have had such an AWFUL experience transitioning. It is so frightening seeing everyone's baffled reactions and confused/disgusted looks when I say I'm vegan. I feel so alone out here... all by myself. WAH!!!! :'(

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They obviously don't realize it, but they are being extremely disrespectful.  I hope they do come to realize it one day and feel properly chagrined.

And I don't buy the "we're just concerned about your health" excuse, either, because this is really about being controlling.  You're not hurting them by doing what you're doing.  People just want to control your choices - never let that happen!

SPEAKIN' THE TROOTH! Over here Lisa! Yes... the controlling factor is present, ESPECIALLY with my aunt. Buuut I won't let her bring me down or make me feel a tad bit guilty for my decisions and how they are "affecting her" booooo... I won't believe it for a sec. 

Keep on doin' what chyoo do Lisa. Love you for the positive reinforcement! 

I'm sorry! I wish i could help :( well, when you're living so much healthier, with more energy, and better looking, they'll all be jealous!

Haha. yesss. 

I'm like this when I look in the mirror.... "Heeeey... good lookin'..." and then I do a little shake and uh shimmy in the mirror. haha


Thank you Nic! <3

you just soothed my mind bro. (@_@ )... thanks... I have to read your comment again so my mind can be soothed again. haha

I purchased The China Study and 80/10/10... gotta wait 3 weeks until I can purchase a juicer. DAMN! haha thank you Jon for the good vibes. Needed it.

and yes... it is extremely sad.

couple of things that you could try to either 1) convert them too or 2) get them off your back.


If you have been doing all raw, high carb for at least 2 months (without cheating) then have everyone go get a cholesterol test. That might give you some very simple ammo to hold up in their face.

Or, if they are not hunters (thus not used to blood & guts) this will work well, have then "harvest" their own meat dinner starting from its original form. Yes, have them butcher a pig, gut it, butcher it. freeze parts, cook the rest. If they are horrified, assuming that they try to do it then you harvest your dinner from it's original form. Walk out into the yard, pull half a dozen plums from a tree. Come back in the house then wash and eat. Thats right, let that plum juice run down your arm. See if that fruit blood makes them sick.

Ok, that last paragraph was a little rough so I would stick to the easy "who is healthier", but for the healthier option you HAVE to make sure that you are eating plenty of calories and a wide variety of fruits and veggies so you blood panel looks heaven sent.


Good luck!

Arrrgggh!!! Talk about it girl! Just talk about it. You know what i've noticed that the only people who ridiculed and sort of disrespected my choice of lifestyle are those whose health is hanging by a piece of fragile thread. Tip just look at where their health is right now as compared to yours. My dad has been giving me a really hard time ever since I chose this lifestyle (he even offered me some meat, gosh). But he's diabetic, has heart problems, from the looks of his eyes and skin he may have some kidney problems spends hundreds of dollars each month on prescription drugs. Yeah right so funny. 

I love the community here too. Very supportive and motivating. 

Wow, you go girl!! congratulations!!

you'v done so well. I know it is very hard to do, I try to say 'i dont criticise your food choices or push my views on you so please do the same.' Every one has there on choice. Some people are just mis informed. they cant help it its the way in which they were brought up. all we can do is love them.

Love and light x

I went through the same thing, My family wasn't as harsh even though 3 years later still say my smoothies look like baby s***. They have accepted it more the longer i stuck with it and when they realized that it wasn't "just a phase".  So stick with it and in the end you will have the last laugh as you see each and everyone of them end up in the hospital for some disease and then maybe just maybe they come to you for some advice on how to get healthy.



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