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Alright, so this is whats happened to me so far in my life when it comes to having to listen to and deal with my family who partake in the standard "AMERICAN DIET". They are a HYUGE buzz kill. Always commenting on my fruit smoothies looking like sh%@ and *where I get my protien from*. How long I plan on staying on this "diet" and when I'll start eating REAL food!!!.... <(-_-\) come ON MAN!!! Always making the "disgusted" face when they see me eat my fruits and veggies. Like... WHAT THE HELL MAN! I have no choice but to live with these people and deal with their bull.

My aunt is the most ridiculous. Calling me a stinkie hippie 24/7 and making me feel like I've got a screw loose for choosing a raw vegan life style. Am I going crazy? Every day I am confronted with negativity towards my choice of living!!!

Thankfully I've got the good people of 30BaD to have my back, or else I would have had such an AWFUL experience transitioning. It is so frightening seeing everyone's baffled reactions and confused/disgusted looks when I say I'm vegan. I feel so alone out here... all by myself. WAH!!!! :'(

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Aren't they sweet, caring, loving and want the 'best' for you..:)

One of my friends told me Sunday in front of like 10 other friends that he thinks I'm gonna DIE within 10 years! I laughed and said we'll see.. let's talk again after 10 years..:)

Gah... I know. I'm truckin' through like a champ though. I am always going back to Durinariders channel and 30BaD for some comfort and reassurnace.  I love all of you guys truly!!! <3

I rode my skateboard about 7 miles two days ago just to get out of the house and away from the annoying ignorance of my family. I love them, but it was getting too much for me. I came back from skateboarding happier and energized and I ate my watermelon with dignity!!! and... again they looked at me wierd, and my aunt made a comment about it. BAH!!! 


In the words of Durianrider "SOLDIER UP!!!" 

Rani to quote rob schneider YOU CAN DO EEEET!!!!! 

The pressure is certainly ON though LOL. Man what's your aunt's glitch? name-calling? How old is she? 

Just remember the north star is the clear and demonstrable results that people who really do it all get to experience. Envision the fitness, the energy, and the blood tests that no one can argue with! It's all yours if you stay the course. 

Rock on,


YES!!! I CAHN! DOO EET! hehe... I shall RAWk on forever! \(*o* )/ I have the correct mind set to ensure total health. I will read the facts and take out the paleo garbage I have been unsuccessfully brainwashed and addicted to for pretty much my whole childhood. VEGAN FOR LIFE!!!

Thank you RawBenny. I love 30BaD members like yourself. I can have actual conversations without any filter on REAL life subjects. Gotta love uh bruthuh! Check yuh later.

Your attitude is nothing less than inspiring...

oooh... REALLY?!?!?! hehe I am quite flattered. (^_^ ) I have the biggest smile on my face right now. Thank you Vicki! RAWk On mama. RAWk ON!!!

I'll teach my family yet! I'm no Looney! hehe

Challenge your Aunt to come running with you, nice and early tomorrow morning! When she refuses, tell her it's cause she's weak, unfit, and needs to go vegan. Say it with a smile, and then keep rockin the fruit. ;-D

haha richie you're a cheeky one

I know! I have constantly tried to motivate her to make the right choices. But there is only SO much I can do, and SO many times I can poke and prod her. Haha.

She came at me last night trying to convince me to switch back to REAL FOOD she said. I got a bit frustrated and angry and got her back with a rebuttal. I can't believe I'm thinking this but... me turning vegan has affected my relationship with my aunt. It's pretty sad to think that. But it's true. (I say this while drinking my watermelon smoothie.. hehe)

thanks BRO!! ;-P

I think lots of us are here to know there are others like us. The world can be cruel and unforgiving, but we have each other to keep each others backs!

Thanks 30BADers!

That's fer sure Trevor!!! (HIGH FIVE!!!) yayuh. 

YES!!! It sure DOES!!! hehe. I've been researching like crazy on how to obtain true health both mentally and physically. and being a full fledged Vegan is the way to go. No way jose am I going back to my old eating habits. NO WAY!!!

 Thanks for the positive feedback it makes me HAPPY! hehe



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