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Paleo Fad Diets have now been debunked 71 videos rip it inch by inch


Watch these and post your comments below on what do you think. Some vids might be to scientific. They were sent to me so this is not my work but quite interesting.

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can't wait to 'sink my teeth' into these like a rabid wolf...or i guess a rabid human cuz our teeth are razor sharp.

I am up to 42 in the series. Quite interesting. Seems like no one has done something this extensive.

sweet! share as much as you want all over. The word needs to get out.

I can't help but wonder why people think its such a good justification to do something because our older, less evolved, more barbaric (as if we aren't uncivilized enough right now) ancestors did it. Talk about a huge logical fallacy. 

yeah, I find it an insult to  my intelligence. Since when should we look to the past as a shining example of how to live, aren't we supposed to learn from our mistakes? Good videos. Thanks Rain.


Watching it now! Awesome thus far!! thank you!


RAIN, thanks for posting. This is absolutely epic! I'll plug my favs from the series so far.. The substandard research skills of the blogger (I'll avoid the courtesy of addressing her by name) who tried (not-so-successfully) to debunk the China Study is nicely illustrated in the following vids (substantive analysis begins @ 5:49):


(the following I'll add is a positively stoic analysis of a horribly designed study that some paleos like to argue shows vegetables make you fat)



Amazing job.... but  he keeps saying that cereals are good basically...  

Starches are good. Fruit is best. To say that starches are bad when people are running 2:03 on them just isnt correct. They are powerhouses of energy. Its just that fruit does a better job.

If people are gonna cut starch then they MUST eat fruit.

If they cut fruit they MUST eat starch.

Otherwise they end up living on raw chocolate and raw icecream and then writing books about how the vegan lifestyle isnt healthy! lol!

I'm only on the second video, but, umm, doesn't Doug Graham also embrace the 'appeal to nature fallacy' the video's narrator keeps using as evidence against the paleo dieters? Doesn't Doug Graham, in 80 10 10, also work backwards to determine that LFRV is the ideal diet for all humans because it would have been our natural diet?

I don't think the problem with paleo, in this respect, is that there's anything wrong with trying to go back to see what our original diet would have been, because it only stands to reason that this would be our ideal diet. I think the problem with paleo here is that they don't go back to our original diet... they go back only as far as they need to go (to caveman times) to justify eating piles of animal protein. (>_<)

Okay, I'm going to stop being critical now and go watch the rest of the video series. (^_^) Thanks for sharing!!

"The design fallacy" (vid #3)? Oh ho, them's fighting words...

This guy can wax scientific all he likes, but there is NO scientific evidence that evolution is entirely random and undirected, as he states in vid 3. That's more an article of his 'scientific faith'. If he wants to believe that, bully for him, but he shouldn't try to pass it off like some scientifically proven reality.

He also seems to be promoting beans because they're cheap, and 'nutritionally equivalent to meat'. (>_<)

Ok, this time I'm reeeeally done being critical. I promise.



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